Everything You Need To Know About Star Anise Flavor


Star anise has a citrus flavor and derives its name as from the star-shaped shells in which the spice seed is collected. It shows up in many different cuisines and is now a significant product in every household kitchen. If you are wondering what does star anise flavour like, or how can you make money from it, this article is for you.

An overview of star anise flavor

Star anise is among the most complex and flavorful spices widely available in stores. The spice contains a wide range of aromas and flavors that may be brought out and increased based on how you prepare or use it.

What is star anise, star anise flavor?

The fruits of the Chinese tree Illicium verum is used to produce star anise flavor. It has a citrus flavor and derives its name as from the star-shaped shells in which the spice seed is collected.


Definition of star anise

Despite the fact that both spices are unrelated, star anise taste is commonly confused with anise flavor due to its similar flavors and names. The medicinal effects of star anise taste are well-known, as are its distinct flavor and culinary applications.

Uses and benefits of star anise flavor

Star anise is well-known for its therapeutic properties as well as its unique flavor and culinary uses.

Star anise flavor is a prominent component in Indian biryani, Vietnamese pho, spicy chai dishes, and garam masala, in addition to traditional Chinese cuisines. It’s commonly used as a seasoning spice in pastries, jams, and pickles in the United States. To add depth of flavor to broths, drinks, marinades, and soups, boil a full star anise pod. Star anise flavor has a number of active chemicals that contribute to a long list of health advantages and have been utilized in Asian traditional medicine for generations.


Benefits of star anise

Shikimic acid, one of the key components found in star anise, has been the main ingredient in the production of the antiviral medicine oseltamivir, often known as Tamiflu, for the past fifteen years. Aside from the acid, star anise flavor includes a slew of additional powerful compounds that have been connected to a variety of health benefits, including:

  • Reduces bodily stress (reduces sadness and anxiety symptoms)
  • Improves digestion 
  • Improves sleep
  • Antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties
  • Enhances bone health
  • Promotes healthy skin (excellent antimicrobial agent)
  • Balances blood pressure and circulation
  • The ability to combat cancer

How to produce star anise?

The star anise flavor tree is native to China and Vietnam, where it flourishes in the humid climate. It’s a perennial that has to be protected against frost. Only places where the temperature does not dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit may grow star anise with quality star anise flavor (-10 C).


How to produce Vietnam star anise

There are a few requirements for star anise flavor harvesting:


Star anise prefers dappled shade and partial light, but if you’re growing it in a colder environment, place it somewhere warm and bright. Choose a location that is protected from the cold and dry weather to maintain the essential oil that makes up the distinct star anise flavor.


Humus and compost-rich soil should be used. The soil should have a loamy texture and be well drained. It’s best if the soil is slightly acidic to neutral so that you can have the best star anise flavor.


Regular watering and keeping the soil slightly moist is necessary for growing star anise, however watering should be reduced in the winter.

Different types of star anise flavor 

There are many kinds of star anise flavor that exporters can supply, which, from price to quality, fits the demands of clients’ preferences:

Whole star anise: Spring and fall are the two primary seasons for growing whole star anise, which created the two main variables of whole star anise flavor. The fall time whole star anise is about 0.8 times bigger than the spring one, with a diameter of around 2 cm, but its essential oil content is significantly higher. Because of the purity and resemblance of this variety of Vietnam star anise flavor, as well as the nutritional content and scent, it has the greatest price among the others.


Whole star anise

Mixed star anise flavor is a mixture of crumbs, broken, and also the fruit stem of star anise. This type of star anise is harvested after plucking by removing all the leaves and dry at an appropriate temperature. The cost of this star anise flavor is generally the lowest among others because of the high broken and admixture rate.


Mixed star anise

Broken star anise, as the name implies, contains complete, broken, and even due to the full separation of the both leaves and stalks, star anise fragments have a lesser admixture rate versus blended star anise taste. As a consequence, the average selling price of broken spices is somewhat greater than blended spices. The lower the broken and crumbs rate in star anise, the pricier they are.


Broken star anise

Those are the 3 kinds of star anise flavor currently on the market.

Star anise flavor: How does it taste?

Star anise has a unique, warm, sweet, and spicy flavor that is akin to fennel seed, licorice, clove, and, of course, anise seed.


The taste of star anise

Because of the sweet star anise flavor, it is frequently used in savory recipes to balance out the taste; it goes well with citrus, onions, chicken, meat, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, and should be used in modest amounts. Some people also use it to make star anise tea, a very healthy and tasty drink.

Star anise flavor: Most dominant exporting countries in the world

As it is a native plant of China, star anise flavor exports are also dominated by China itself and other eastern countries like Vietnam and India:

  • China: According to Tridge, China is the biggest supplier of star anise flavor right now, with a market share of almost 22% ($63.5M in 2020). The Chinese star anise export volume has also been increasing gradually since 2013 and 2020 is currently the peak. Guangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, and Yunnan are the four primary star anise flavor bulk areas in China, with yearly supply ranging between 80,000 and 90,000 tons. Chinese star anise flavor is exported mostly to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.
  • Vietnam: The neighbor of China is currently the second best supplier of star anise. With a total volume of $42.3M, Vietnamese star anise takes up 14.6% of global star anise flavor market. Compared to 5 years ago, the Vietnamese star anise industry has increased almost three-folds in export volume. Vietnam has a total growing area of around 50,000 hectares, with most of it concentrated in Lang Son province, where star anise flavor is regarded for its superior quality of appearance and nutrition. The output of Vietnam amounts for around 10% of worldwide production, or 10,000 tons per year. The 2 major markets for Vietnamese star anise flavor are India and the U.S.

Countries producing star anise

  • India: Well-known as the “cradle of spices”, Indian star anise flavor is the third most imported variety in the world. In 2020, the total export volume of Indian anise reached $34.4M, accounting for more than 11% of the market. This number has fluctuated a lot over the years, but in general, after a 5-year cycle, this industry in India has also developed quite well. Indian star anise flavor is imported mostly by Malaysia, America and Bangladesh.

Star anise flavor: Its market price and deciding factors

As a professional businessman, you should always update the market price of star anise flavor and what affects them.

Market price of star anise flavor

The price of star anise flavor has risen in recent times due to a lack of supplies and shipping challenges. If you’re looking for a place to buy star anise in bulk for your business, star anise is perhaps not the greatest option right now. The price is usually in the region of 6 to 7 dollars a kilogram when the season begins, but this year has been different. The cost of high quality star anise flavor has increased to $9.00 per kilogram. The price of star anise from K-Agriculture, Vietnam’s finest star anise flavor provider, is shown in the graph below:

Product Quality FOB Price (Hai Phong port)
Whole star anise 10% broken, >2.5cm 84xx
Whole star anise 10% broken, 2-2.5cm 73xx
Broken star anise With leaves and stems 65xx

If you are finding for a reliable and stable supplier of star anise flavor with the highest quality out there, K-Agriculture is your best option. They provide high-quality star anise that has been gathered and processed in Vietnam at one of the most competitive costs in the market.

What affects the price range of star anise flavor?

There are some factors that directly affect the market price of star anise:

Specifications affecting star anise flavor

Just like every other product, when you want to buy star anise flavor in bulk, you must have a look at their specifications, or in other words, their qualifications and standards.

For suppliers who have the best star anise flavor, such as K-Agriculture, the best star anise supplier in Vietnam, some specs are as follow:

Whole star anise Admixture: 1% max

Moisture: 13.5% max

Color: Natural color

Size: Flower size 2.5cm up (80% min)

Broken: 5% max

Packing: Carton (net 10kg)

Container: 6.5 tons/20FT; 16tons/40FT

Broken star anise Admixture: 1% max

Moisture: 13.5% max

Color: Natural color

Container: 8.5 tons/20FT; 18 tons/40FT

Supply of star anise flavor

Covid-19 has rendered worldwide star anise flavor providers unable to operate continuously for the last two years, halting the complete amount of this spice’s exports. Natural catastrophes, soil, and rainfall can cause worldwide star anise output to be unstable. As a result of lower supply and consistent demand, star anise flavor providers’ prices are rising.

Demand for star anise 

During the Covid 19 pandemic’s lockdown, domestic demand for star anise flavor increased substantially, and this year’s stronger vaccination rates have led to trade barriers being progressively opened throughout the world, allowing the star anise business to recover.


Factors affecting star anise price

However, because most star anise flavor providers have just recently begun to reproduce with lesser yield in response to increased demand, buyers will have to pay higher star anise costs than normal.

Logistic charges

The epidemic of Covid 19 has a significant impact on the worldwide supply chain and logistics freight. Some of the challenges that star anise flavor in bulk suppliers experience include transportation disruptions and a lack of customs employees, causing logistic cost to double or even quadruple before Covid-19. As a result, suppliers must charge higher shipping expenses, raising the overall price of star anise flavor in bulk.

Star anise flavor: How can you find prestigious suppliers?

Some people, when thinking of finding star anise flavor suppliers, they feel upset because they think that it is a very hard and time-consuming process. However, in fact, it can be as easy as eating a pie by just 1 click with the support of technology.

E-Commerce platforms

Some well-known e-commerce platforms where you may find respectable suppliers:

  • Alibaba is the most remarkable platform, with an estimated 1 billion subscribers globally by 2021. Their mission is to bring together worldwide wholesale businesses.
  • Tridge is an e-commerce network that connects buyers and sellers of agricultural products from all over the world. This portal can help you identify reputable exporters with the best star anise flavor.
  • EC21 is one of the largest B2B platforms in the world, connecting millions of exporters and importers from all over the world.
  • Globalsources is a Hong Kong-based B2B multi-channel company that serves clients and suppliers both locally and online.
  • Indiamart: India’s largest B2B e-commerce portal, where you may find reputable star anise flavor suppliers in bulk.

E-Commerce platforms

When visiting e-commerce websites, insert keywords like “star anise in bulk” or “star anise flavor” into the search box and then click “Search.” You’ll discover a list of star anise vendors and their prices. If you’re looking for star anise flavor suppliers in a certain nation, select that country from the “Suppliers country” column.

Searching tools like Google

This is the easiest way that everyone can use to find prestigious suppliers with high quality star anise flavor.


Search tools

Thousands of results would show up in just a second. You can even direct the search result to a specific country just by typing the country next to your searching keyword. This is a prominent and convenient way, and very suitable to those who want to reach out to as many suppliers with good star anise flavor as possible.

Finding through brokers

It’s also a good idea to choose intermediary brokers who are well-versed in star anise flavor in bulk suppliers. You may ask them to conduct market research and compile a list of reliable star anise flavor providers from across the world for you.


Finding through brokers

However, the service comes with a hefty price tag. Thus, you might need to keep an eye on the work if you want it to finish quickly.

Agriculture Trade Fairs

A traditional method for your company to meet a huge number of star anise flavor suppliers from all around the world.

AgriTech Expo Zambia, Paris International Agricultural Show, and some other popular fairs are examples. More information on the scheduling of agricultural trade exhibits throughout the world may be found by searching Google or visiting the website “”

Top 5 suppliers that have the best star anise flavor

Xinghua Lianfu Food

Star anise is the native plant of China, therefore it is easy to understand that a Chinese supplier should be at the top of this list.


Xinghua Lianfu Food

Because of their years of professional experience in making and selling agricultural products, particularly star anise flavor in bulk, Xinghua Lianfu Food has been a renowned firm among Chinese. Their products have been of good quality, willing to fulfill diverse consumer requirements, thanks to the newest contemporary equipment and a skilled work team.


K-Agriculture Factory, which was founded in 1996, and is backed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, is today considered as a reliable B2B partner for high-quality Vietnam agricultural goods such as rice, spices, and coffee. Star anise flavor is among the most notable of these items, with a system of huge processing facilities in Hung Yen as well as a new one being developed in Lang Son province. K-Agriculture is renowned for its great star anise bulk, which it exports to major markets including India, China, and America.


K-Agriculture in Vietnam

For further details and the best wholesale price, please contact us via:



Whatsapp: +84855 555 837

Everest Spices

Everest is the best agriculture spices supplier in India. It has been providing Indian spices, including high-quality star anise flavor for over 50 years, expanding its market to 58 countries including the U.S, UK and Africa.


Everest Spice

If you are looking for a supplier with great star anise flavor in India, Everest is the best option.

Olam Food Ingredients

Olam Food International is a significant agricultural and food corporation with operations in 60 countries and a global client base of over 19,800 customers for food and industrial products.


Olam Food

Cocoa, coffee, dairy, almonds, and star anise flavor are some of OFI’s best known raw ingredient platforms.


Vinasamex is a significant exporter of Vietnamese spices to the international market.



Cinnamon and star anise flavor bulk are their primary goods, which are sold to high-demand markets such as Europe, Japan, and the United States…. Vinasamex intends to concentrate on developing high-priced organic spice products for a niche market.

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