Top 5 Star Anise Exporter In The World


According to the OEC, the top star anise exporter is from China and Vietnam. These two countries provide nearly 90% of star anise in the global market. This article provides you with the star anise market and top star anise exporter all over the world.

Overview of star anise export

Star anise is a valuable product that origins in China. Nowadays, Vietnam and China are the top star anise exporters in the world.

The characteristic of star anise from star anise exporter

Star anise has a star shape and it is made from the fruit of a Chinese and Vietnamese evergreen tree (Illicium verum). Star anise exporter typically sells star anise to China since it is a common element in Chinese cuisine and has a licorice-like and sweet taste. Herbal teas, cocktails, soups, braised meats, and poached fruit can all be flavored with star anise.


The characteristic of star anise from star anise exporter

Star anise is a spice that has the appearance of a little rust-colored star. It typically has 6 to 8 points, with each point having a tiny seed that serves as the taste epicenter. Star anise exporters frequently describe star anise taste as adding a sweet, licorice-like flavor to meals comparable to clove and cinnamon.

Which types of star anise to buy from star anise exporter?

There are two types of star anise that are available in the market: whole star anise, and broken star anise.

Whole star anise

Whole star anise is star anise with a 5% breakage rate and 12.5% moisture, this sort of star anise preserves its star form. Once harvested, it is subjected to rigorous treatment to guarantee that the finished goods only contain entire pods with no stems or leaves. Depending on the season, star anise exporter provides two types of whole star anise to the market: spring star anise and fall star anise.
From January to the end of April, spring anise is collected and then sold to star anise exporter. Spring anise is 2cm in diameter, smaller, and has more oil than autumn anise, making it of high quality and more expensive.
Every year, from July through September, autumn star anise is gathered at the start of the wet season. With a diameter of around 2.5 cm, its pods blossom attractively and uniformly. Autumn star anise from star anise exporter is less expensive and of lower quality than Spring star anise due to its lower essential oil content.

Broken star anise

Despite its different appearance, broken star anise has a similar flavor to whole star anise. It is not uniform in appearance and can be from nearly a full star to one of the eight points.


Whole star anise vs broken star anise

Although broken star anise is less expensive than whole star anise, the quantity given by a star anise exporter is limited. Because star anise is a highly prized spice, star anise makers take great care to preserve its shape intact in order to maximize profit. As a result, star anise exporter supplies whole star anise that constituting the vast majority of star anise on the market. The amount of broken star anise amounts for a little part.

Top star anise exporting countries

The star anise is native to SouthEastern China. Most star anise exporter comes from China and Vietnam. Star anise is produced in India to a lesser extent in Arunachal Pradesh. The crop requires special agro-climatic conditions found exclusively in traditional growing places, which has prohibited other countries from cultivating star anise on multiple occasions.


Top star anise exporting countries

According to Tridge, China’s star anise exporter currently supplied the largest quantity of star anise, with a market share of around 22% ($63.5M in 2020). Since 2013, the number of Chinese star anise exports has gradually increased, with 2020 being the current peak. Guangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, and Yunnan are China’s four key star anise in bulk locations, with annual supplies ranging from 80,000 to 90,000 tons. The star anise exporter supplies the majority of Chinese star anise to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan.
​​Vietnam is the world’s second-largest star anise exporter, accounting for 15% of the global market with an annual export value of more than $40 million USD. The Star Anise (Illicium Verum) is an evergreen tree native to Vietnam’s mountainous northeast region. Star anise exporter supplies star anise that is cultivated in a region of around 50,000 acres scattered over three provinces: Lang Son, Quang Ninh, and Cao Bang, with 70% growing in Lang Son. Star anise exporter provides star anise that grows in the shape of an eight-pointed star, with each segment containing a pea-sizing seed. Because of its sweet and spicy flavors and powerful flavor, it has been used as a popular spice in cuisine for ages. Star anise exporter provides star anise to be utilized in the baking, beverage, and medical industries.
In terms of India, the total export volume of Indian anise reached $34.4M in 2020, accounting for more than 11% of the market. This figure has changed a lot throughout the years, but in general, this business in India has developed very well following a 5-year cycle. Malaysia, America, and Bangladesh are the primary importers of Indian star anise flavor.

Things to know when working with star anise exporter

To import star anise from star anise exporter, the importer should have a deep understanding of the product, star anise exporter, and requirements in the exporting country as well as importing country.

Where is the star anise exporter located?

As mentioned above, star anise is grown in two main countries: China and Vietnam. Star anise from India only accounts for a small amount of exporting quantity. Therefore, you can buy star anise from star anise exporter in China and Vietnam. Importers should choose a star anise exporter that owns a processing plant and locates near the production region so that this star anise exporter can offer a lower price due to its geographic advantages.


Where is the star anise exporter located?

In China, star anise is extensively grown in the southern regions of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan. Guangxi is China’s native and primary production region for star anise. Guangxi produced more than 85% of all Star Anise crop production. To save logistics costs, importers should select star anise exporters with processing plants near Guangxi.
In Vietnam, the star anise is currently grown mostly in the northern border provinces of Lang Son and Quang Ninh. Cao Bang and Bac Can provinces have some tiny regions of star anise. As a result, considering a star anise exporter in Northern Vietnam is worthwhile.

Opportunities for star anise exporter in different countries

Working with star anise exporters in a country that is open and intimately integrated with the rest of the world is advantageous for importers.


When a star anise exporter intends to export star anise from China, an export license is required. An export license is a legal document that contains information on the star anise exporter, buyer, product, value, and transportation mode. As a certification, it allows a country to control and regulate the legality of star anise exporter.
The goal of these rules is to meet the demand of the local market, then to better fit the national economy and also regulate star anise exporter.
In China, there are two categories of export licenses: regular licenses and special licenses:
General export license: When a foreign trade company gets a general license, it does not need to apply for an export license every time it sends goods out of China. In this situation, the general export license is applicable for any transaction that falls within the permitted business scope. Because star anise is a general commodity, star anise exporter must apply for a general export license.
Special export license: The MOFCOM provides a list of prohibited items on a regular basis. If a product is marked as restricted, a special license must be obtained for each shipment.
Furthermore, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Certificate of Origin (E-FORM) is now valid for exports to the countries listed below: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos. It must adhere to the E-relevant FORM’s provisions. Importing star anise for Chinese star anise exporter to the ten previously named nations are eligible for preferential tariffs (up to a 5% lower tax rate).


The import duty for star anise from Chinese star anise exporter

The above table is the import duty for star anise from Chinese star anise exporter to some countries.


Vietnam is a country that is open and extensively integrated with the rest of the globe. The star anise export industry in general, as well as other industries in Vietnam, gained tremendously from various government incentive schemes as well as Vietnam’s FTAs with several nations and territories. As a result, Vietnam’s star anise exporter can benefit from these open policies and FTAs.
Notably, when boosting exports to Australia and Singapore markets, Vietnam’s star anise exporter benefits from free trade accords such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).
Vietnam applies a 0% export tax on star anise. This is a favorable opportunity for star anise exporter to export star anise. Moreover, star anise is not on the list of specialized management or licensing when exporting. Star anise exporter carries out export customs procedures as usual.
It can be said that the policy in Vietnam creates favorable conditions for star anise exporter in terms of both tariffs and customs procedures. Therefore, Vietnamese star anise has a competitive advantage over anise from other countries. Thus, anise importers should import star anise from Vietnam to take advantage of the preferential export policy.


The import duty for star anise from Vietnamese star anise exporter

The above table is the import duty for star anise from Vietnamese star anise exporter to some countries.

Price of star anise

If you want to import star anise from star anise exporter, you should keep the market price of whole star anise up to date in order to make informed decisions.
Due to a scarcity of supplies and shipping difficulties, the price of star anise from star anise exporter has recently soared. If you need to buy star anise in bulk for your business, star anise may not be the best option right now. When the season begins, the price is generally around $6 to $7 per kilogram, but this year has been different. The price of premium star anise has risen to $8.5 per kilogram.
It should also be mentioned that the Vietnamese star anise price from Vietnam star anise exporter is frequently greater than in other countries, such as China. It is because Vietnam produces the highest quality star anise on the global market. Vietnam has a competitive advantage over China and India in the production of star anise because it has the best soil and environment for growing star anise. To ensure the best quality growth, our skilled farmers care after the star anise plants. Vietnam’s star anise exporter presently produces the world’s highest-quality star anise, with which no other country can compete. The Vietnamese star anise cultivated in Lang Son, in particular, is so valuable that it is often referred to as “as precious as gold.” Therefore, Vietnam’s star anise exporter often quotes higher prices than China and other countries.


The price of star anise in the three largest exporting countries

The price of star anise in the three largest exporting countries is shown in the table above. Prices may vary depending on the time of purchase and market demand.

How to choose a reliable star anise exporter

If you search for star anise exporter on the Internet, you may be overwhelmed by the number of results. And if you work with the wrong star anise exporter, you will suffer a significant loss that will harm not only your time and money but also your reputation and the trust of your clients.


Reliable star anise exporter

So, here are some pointers to help you discover a suitable star anise supplier.

Find the information about star anise exporter from reliable sources

You must pay attention to all of the information you see on the Internet, therefore double-check the sources. Because companies or star anise suppliers can easily pay for a rank on some top-list websites, it’s best to find a list of star anise suppliers through government websites such as the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and so on to find leading star anise exporter.

Check the information about star anise exporter

Check the star anise exporter’s website first, then look for their presence on other marketing channels, talk to sales and ask for information/images/address of the star anise exporter’s factory, and so on. These can provide you with an insight into the manufacturer’s capability, and profession, and assist you to avoid scams.

Visit the factory of star anise exporter

This is the greatest approach to determine whether what you see and what the star anise exporter says are identical. Furthermore, you may inspect the quality of the star anise as well as the manufacturing process, as well as verify other important information such as export licenses, quality standard certificates, and so on. These standard papers are required by a reputable star anise exporter.

Top 5 star anise exporter in the world

Here are the top 5 star anise exporter that we highly recommend to star anise’s importers.

Lianfu Food – star anise exporter in China

Lianfu Food, a professional producer and star anise exporter based in Xinghua, a city in China, was founded in 1999 and has over twenty years of expertise. Dehydrated veggies, powder, and especially herbs and spices, organic vegetables puffed fruit and vegetables are among their offerings.


Lianfu Food – star anise exporter in China

They are HALAL. GAP, HACCP, KOSHER, and ISO9001 certified. Their market spans more than thirty nations in Europe and America, as well as Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa.

LONGCHUN SPICE – star anise exporter in China

LONGCHUN SPICE, based in China, has been a reliable Chinese star anise exporter since 1990. They consistently deliver 8,000 tons of high-quality single herbs and spices to the seasoning world across the world each year, thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and procedures.


LONGCHUN SPICE – star anise exporter in China

LONGCHUN SPICE is the right place for star anise importers to buy Chinese star anise and other spices.

K-Agriculture – star anise exporter in Vietnam

K-Agriculture Factory, created in 1996 and supported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, is now regarded as a trustworthy star anise exporter for high-quality Vietnamese star anise and they also supply other agricultural goods such as rice, spices, and coffee. Star anise is one of the most renowned of these commodities, with a large processing facility in Hung Yen and the second one under construction in Lang Son province. K-Agriculture is one of the leading suppliers that is well-known for its high-quality star anise bulk, which it supplies to key markets such as India, China, and the United States.

Being a giant in trading star anise products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest Vietnamese star anise exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.


K-Agriculture – star anise exporter in Vietnam

For further details and the best wholesale price for whole star anise, please contact us via:
Whatsapp: +84855 555 837

Visimex – star anise exporter in Vietnam

Visimex Corp., JSC was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of the NIC GROUP. They intend to build a sustainable agriculture firm that produces environmentally friendly products for both home and international markets. Visimex is dedicated to becoming an international star anise exporter that exceeds worldwide food safety standards, as evidenced by certifications such as HACCP, BRC, Halal, Kosher, and ISO 22000: 2007.


Visimex – star anise exporter in Vietnam

Visimex has encouraged exports to 70 countries, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, China, Korea, and Japan, and is rapidly contributing to Vietnam’s export turnover.

Everest Spices – star anise exporter in India

Everest is India’s leading star anise exporter, offering a diverse assortment of whole spices and blends. Everest maintains the highest standards of purity, freshness, and authenticity in every pack with over 52 years of experience. Everest’s exceptional purity is supported by research, innovation, and technology.


Everest Spices – star anise exporter in India

They had received several awards such as Super Brand, Consumer Reaction award, etc.

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