Facts About Star Anise Bulk Revealed By International Traders


Star anise bulk is not easy to find in the world due to its limited quantity and the high price. To engage in this potential spice market, traders should have a clear picture of star anise.

Brief introduction about star anise bulk

Finding a reliable supplier provided star anise bulk is not simple and needs to be carefully researched at least such basic information as its output, demand, etc.

General situation of star anise bulk

In recent years, the world market demand for star anise  is increasing day by day especially for organic products because of the spice widely applied in many fields and also its high economic value. Western countries use star anise as a substitute for fennel seed in the food industry as well as pharmaceuticals due to their lower prices and larger supply. However, the import regulations from large markets such as the EU, India, etc is very strict such as regulations on clean farming Bio Organic, global standards GAP, HACCP, GMP…, which forces producing countries such as China, Vietnam improve their production technology.

  • China and Vietnam are the two homeland of edible star anise bulk with the annual output in total of about 100,000 tons, in which China accounts for about 80-90%. However, Vietnamese star anise is much preferred for its better taste and higher nutrient level.

China and Vietnam are the two homeland of edible star anise

  • Star anise consumption: Consumption star anise bulk mostly in India, China and Germany for seasoning food, making tea, making medicines. Its consumption is higher and higher since the greater supply and its incredible health benefits, flavor. India has the highest star anise import volume, accounting for about 38% of the global volume equal to 56.6 MT followed by Germany with 18.7%.

Star anise consumption

Main types of star anise bulk

There are 3 main types of star anise produced in large quantities including: organic whole star anise, broken and ground one.

  • Organic whole star anise is one which is grown without the use of such synthetic chemicals as human-made fertilizers and pesticides, and does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic whole star anise is popular with its original flavor of nature and also the clean, fresh feeling it brings. Due to the purity and great health benefits this spice possesses, the whole star anise price is quite high ranging from 9,000-10,000 USD/MT depending on the quality and appearance of the seeds.

Organic whole star anise

  • Broken star anise, like its name, includes the full, broken and even crumbs of star anise with its admixture rate lower than the blended one since both leaves and stalks are removed carefully. As a result, the average price of this broken spice is a bit higher than that of blended ones. The lower the rate of broken and crumbs in star anise, the higher the price of star anise bulk is with the minimum price of 6,000 USD/MT.

Broken star anise

  • Ground star anise is dried star anise which is baked then ground into powder, used as the main ingredient in Chinese five-spice powder and many other Asian cuisines, especially in light soups, roasted chicken, …. To vary the flavor of this ground spice and intensify the taste of food, customers can add them with other seasoning or powder such as cinnamon, cacao, etc. The price of ground star anise bulk is the highest, fluctuating between 13,500-14,300 USD/MT.

Ground star anise

Typical types of star anise bulk suppliers in the world

When it comes to wholesale suppliers, they are often classified into 2 main types: ones who can produce star anise by themselves and ones who have to import from the former then redistribute to other suppliers.

Suppliers have their own growing areas

Vietnam and China are typical areas of star anise bulk due to their ideal natural conditions and long-term farming experience.

The total area of star anise growing in Vietnam is more than 50,000 hectares, focusing mostly on Lang Son province whose star anise is prized for the best quality of appearance, flavor and nutrition. Vietnamese output accounts for about 10% of the global production, equal to 10,000 tons per year.

Whereas, China has 4 main star anise bulk regions including Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong, and Yunnan with the annual output ranging from 80,000 to 90,000 tons. However, according to the OEC statistics, the export volume of China is only a bit higher than that of Vietnam, about 10% due to the huge domestic consumption in China.


Suppliers have their own growing areas

Suppliers can not grow star anise by themselves

Although India and Egypt can not plant star anise, the 2 countries ranked third and fourth in exporting this spice only behind Vietnam and China. These countries import star anise bulk from Vietnam and China, then distribute them in the form of processed or raw to other countries with the higher price.


Suppliers can not grow star anise by themselves

What affects the price of star anise bulk

There are many factors affecting the production of star anise, thereby making its price from international star anise suppliers change accordingly.

  • Supply from star anise bulk plantations: For the past two years, Covid-19 has made global star anise suppliers unable to work constantly and thereby interrupting the total amount of this spice exports. Natural disasters, soil and rainfall can result in the instability of global star anise’ output. Lower output and stable demand result in the rising star anise prices of star anise suppliers.

Supply from star anise plantations

  • Higher or lower demand: During the lockdown in the Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for star anise at home has risen dramatically and this year, vaccination rates are higher leading to trade borders being gradually opened worldwide, making the star anise industry recovering. However, since most star anise bulk suppliers have just started to reproduce with lower output compared to higher demand, which means that customers have to bear higher star anise prices than usual.

Higher or lower demand

  • Logistic freight: The outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic negatively affected the global supply chain and logistic freight as well. The transportation disruption or lack of custom employees are some of the problems that star anise bulk suppliers have to face, pushing the logistic freight to double or even triple that before Covid-19. Therefore, suppliers have to charge extra transportation fees, making the price of star anise in bulk also increase.

Logistic freight

How to find reliable suppliers in the star anise bulk market

Meeting in person with global star anise bulk suppliers is quite complicated especially in the Covid 19 epidemic. Online search is another matching and faster way to find quality partners with the following tips.


How to find reliable suppliers in the star anise bulk market

  • On the Internet: Google and renowned E-commerce platforms

Search the websites of star anise bulk suppliers, analyze the ratings, reviews and traffic provided by Google searching tools. Moreover, such trustworthy e-commerce platforms as Alibaba, Tridge buyers can consider and connect to reliable suppliers based on ratings and reviews of previous customers.

  • Agriculture fairs

Professional star anise bulk suppliers will engage in both domestic and foreign agricultural trade fairs to introduce their products to customers. Annually, hundreds of trade fairs are held creating an opportunity for suppliers and buyers to meet and trade with each other.

  • Use broker services

Moreover, star anise suppliers can be connected via trustworthy broker services as they have experience in connecting to reliable bulk suppliers.

Top 3 reputable star anise bulk suppliers around the world

Working with reliable suppliers is an important thing helping the development of business. These are 3 of the top star anise exporter renowned global suppliers suggested by traders.

K-Agriculture Vietnam a popular Vietnamese star anise in bulk factory

Established in 1996 and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, K-Agriculture Factory now is regarded as a trustworthy B2B partner providing high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products from rice, spices to coffee. Among those products, star anise is the most outstanding with its system of large processing factories in Hung Yen and a new one built in An Giang province. K-Agriculture is prized for its high-quality star anise bulk, exporting to large markets such as India, China, Japan, etc.


K-Agriculture Vietnam a popular Vietnamese star anise in bulk factory

For further details and the best wholesale price, please contact us via:



Whatsapp: +84855 555 837

Xinghua Lianfu Food Co, Ltd a highlight star anise bulk supplier in China

Xinghua Lianfu Food Co, Ltd is a popular company with Chinese due to their years of experience in producing and exporting agricultural products, especially star anise in bulk. With the latest modern equipment and a skillful labor force, their products are of top-tier quality, willing to satisfy multiple customers’ preferences.


Xinghua Lianfu Food Co

Vinasamex is one of the most reputable Vietnamese star anise bulk suppliers

Vinasamex is one of the leading companies in exporting Vietnamese spices to the world market. Their main products are cinnamon and star anise bulk which are distributed to demanding markets such as Europe, Japan, America, …. Vinasamex is intended to focus on producing organic spices products whose price is high, suitable for a niche market.



If you want to find reliable sources of star anise bulk for business, feel free to visit K-Agriculture website: or contact us via Whatsapp: +84855 555 837

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