Coffee with a long history of growth is one of the beverages with high consumption all over the world. There is a rapid increase in the number of coffee brands; now, we will suggest coffee brands list on a global scale.

The question of Best Coffee Brands List in the world

Coffee is a familiar beverage used every day. On the market, there is a myriad of coffee brands providing customers with various types of coffee with their distinctive flavors based on coffee varieties and the roasting process. Coffee brands can possess their own coffee plantations for their supply or they purchase green coffee beans from reliable suppliers all over the world and their coffee following special recipes.

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So which coffee brands are the most popular in the world is a question many coffee drinkers are curious about. Because coffee addicts always want to discover and experience the unique and premium coffees in the world as well as find a coffee brands list that best matches their taste. This article will review the TOP 7 Best Coffee Brands List in the world.

An answer for Best Coffee Brands List in the world

Here is the coffee brands list that is highly appreciated and recommended by many coffee connoisseurs for daily use.

Starbucks Corporation – American coffee brand in coffee brands list

As a famous American multinational roastery and coffeehouse chain established in 1971, Starbucks is representative of the American coffee brands list, bringing American coffee around the world. We can easily see Starbucks coffeehouses in every corner of the world because there will be 32,660 Starbuck stores in 83 countries by 2020. 

Starbucks coffee is high quality and ethically sourced with the verification from Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices.


American coffee brand in coffee brands list

In Starbucks coffeehouse, customers will be served with hot or drink coffee beverages such as caffe latte and espresso, juices, Frappuccino drinks. Besides, Starbucks provides micro-ground instant coffee and whole coffee on-demand from Starbucks reserve to blonde, medium, and dark roast, such as:

  • Starbucks Reserve Vietnam Da Lat: The coffee has a flavor of dried orange peel and bittersweet chocolate. Coffee beans are cultivated in the cool climate and volcanic soil in Da Lat known as a city of eternal spring in Vietnam. The farmer’s wholeheartedness is put into each coffee bean which is as distinctive as their hometown.
  • Starbucks Reverse Costa Rica Naranjo: With a flavor of apricot and almond, the coffee brings the hard work and pride of smallholder farmers in the Naranjo Cooperative.
  • Veranda Blend: From coffee beans in the land of Latin America, the product is lightly roasted to preserve a nice softness with a mellow and flavorful taste.
  • Guatemala Casi Cielo: The coffee beans are carefully selected from Guatemala’s high-elevation and volcanic Antigua area. As a typical product of the finest possible expressions of one of Starbucks’ most beloved coffee origins, the coffee is smooth and bright with hints of lemon and dark cocoa.
  • Italian Roast: as a Starbucks’ classic dark roast, customers can savor a cup of coffee with enriched flavor thanks to the roasters’ skill to discover a coffee slightly darker than the Espresso Roast without the smoky edge of French Roast earlier.

Kicking Horse Coffee – Canadian coffee brand in coffee brands list

Founded in 1996, Kicking Horse Coffee is a famous Canadian coffee with its core value – awake, inclusive, authentic, inquisitive, and courageous. The company received certificates of 100% Organic and Fair Trade Arabica beans. Freshness in coffee is the Kicking Horse’s priority in producing incredible tasting blends.


Canadian coffee brand in coffee brands list

Kicking Horse Horse in the coffee brands list offers various roasts and blends, including light roasts embodying bright acidity, roast with 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, medium roasts with a well-balanced flavor, acidity and body, or smart as medium roasts are known as a signature medium roast with flavor like sweet sugar cane, tart berries, and silky-smooth milk chocolate, and a pleasant aroma of vanilla, sweet syrup, and fruit such as plums, peaches, and cherries.

  • Smart Ass (Bright. Cheeky. Precocious): Wake up with a cup of bright coffee containing the aroma of stone fruit, sweet syrup, vanilla bean. The coffee also has tastes of milk chocolate and sugar cane with a honeyed-berry body.
  • Grizzly Claw (Dark Chocolate. Rich. Decadent): the coffee keeps the value of magical beans from mother nature and in the heart mountain of Central and South America. The dominant features of this coffee are the aroma of cocoa powder and condensed sugar cane in tasting notes of roasted hazelnut, brown sugar, rich and dark chocolate, and cacao nibs.
  • Kick Ass (Smoky. Sweet. Audacious): If it’s worth doing something, enjoying Kick Ass coffee will never ruin your day. As the spirit of Kick Horse Coffee, this striking blend of beans will do their origin mission to wise you up with the distinctive aroma of dark chocolate, smoky and sweet vanilla. Besides, the coffee’s taste has notes of licorice, molasses, chocolate malt, and an earthy prolonging finish.

Illycaffe S.p.A –  Italian coffee business in coffee brands list

In the list of coffee brands, Illy, a well-known Italian coffee business specializing in espresso, was established in 1933 by Francesso Illy who created the first automatic coffee machine. Nowadays, the coffee-related products of Illycaffe S.p.A is available in roughly 140 nations on a global scale. According to Illy, a mixture of nine distinctive Arabica coffee picked from the best harvests worldwide will make a perfect cup of blended coffee that gives unique flavors – a harmonious combination of bitterness and acidity, large-amplitude aromatic profile, and a pleasantly lingering aftertaste.


Italian coffee business in coffee brands list

Arabica coffee beans through roasting of Illycaffe will give different flavors from the chocolate notes from Guatemala, the fruity hints from Colombia, caramel from Brazil, and the floral aroma from Ethiopia. Illycaffe provides customers with various options from whole beans.

  • Whole bean Classico coffee – Medium Roast which is classic roast coffee with a prolonging sweetness and delicate hints of orange blossom, caramel, and jasmine
  • Whole bean Intenso coffee – Dark Roast contains coffee beans roasted with intenso having a pleasantly robust finish and warm notes of dried fruit and cocoa.
  • Arabica Selection Whole Bean Guatemala with a complex and balanced taste and notes of chocolate, ect, or Espresso and Moka coffee.

Luigi Lavazza S.p.A – Italian coffee business in coffee brands list

As an Italian industry pioneer in espresso, Lavazza has had a long history of development since 1895. The business in this coffee brands list imports premium coffee beans from coffee exporting countries worldwide, but they also focus on sustainable production, which is the reason why Lavazza launched a program to improve the coffee beans quality, environmental aspects, and working conditions of farmers.


Italian coffee business in coffee brands list

Lavazza has currently appeared in over 90 countries and offered customers different Italian-style roasts, namely whole beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee blends, and coffee pod, especially capsule coffee from 100% Arabica coffee in South America with a well-balanced flavor profile in notes of rich cereal and intensity from medium to a strong level.

  • Lavazza Tierra Bio-Organic for Amazonia: With hand-picked organic Arabica coffee beans from Peru, the coffee brings a full-bodied and aromatic blend with a chocolate aftertaste.
  • Caffè Decaffeinato 500g: The coffee decaffeinated through a natural process is ideal for anyone who cannot stand high caffeine volume, but it still preserves the aromatic profile of high-quality arabica coffee beans from South America, Africa, South Asia. With the light cream and golden color in coffee appearance, coffee-lovers can smell fragrant and delicate, taste balanced and sweet.

Pilão Coffee – Brazilian coffee brand in the coffee brands list

If you are a huge fan of Brazilian coffee, Pilão Coffee can not be out of the famous coffee brands list. Accompanying the Brazilian coffee development, Café Pilão was created in 1978 from the best planting regions of Brazil accompanying the Brazilian coffee development. 


Brazilian coffee brand in the coffee brands list

With unique aroma and flavor, Pilão Coffee is a blend of arabica and robusta coffee made with dark, slow-roasted, and finely ground beans. The products from Pilão Coffee in this coffee brands list are various to meet customers’ demands

  • Coffee capsules keep aroma, flavor, and intensity for espresso, especially kit 240 fortissimo coffee pestle capsules 10, capsules coffee intense pestle 8 20un, capsules coffee pestle extra strong 12 20un, etc.
  • Pilão coffee powder is developed by high-quality coffee beans with utmost care at all stages of producing process, including vacuum decaffeinated roasted and ground coffee 250g, coffee pestle coffee shop Italian vacuum 500g, coffee pilão cafeteria espresso vacuum 500g, etc.
  • Cappuccino of Pilão Coffee has three main flavors which are traditional, vanilla, and chocolate with hazelnut, including cappuccino mortar chocolate 200g, cappuccino pestle vanilla 200g, traditional cappuccino pestle 200g, traditional cappuccino pestle kit 200g 3 units, etc.

Trung Nguyen Legend – Vietnamese coffee brand in coffee brands list

Vietnam might be a famous figure to coffee-lovers. Coffee in Vietnam is not simply one kind of drink, it is the love and culture of Vietnamese. In the coffee brands list, Trung Nguyen Legend is the best-selling brand with over 800 coffeehouses throughout Southeast Asia.


Vietnamese coffee brand in coffee brands list

Trung Nguyen has a large area of a coffee plantation on Buon Ma Thuot with climate and soil advantages to coffee development. There are plenty of coffee products that Trung Nguyen provides to customers from the best coffee harvested in Vietnamese lands.

G7 3 in 1 Instant Coffee with various sizes is a blend of sugar, coffee powder, non-dairy creamer. You can easily blend an aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee instantly in seconds.

Vietnamese Ground Coffee Pour-Over is a distinctive blend product keeping a smooth, pungent french roasted flavor and fragrant aroma with a delicious chocolate overtone for coffee gourmet.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Coffee – Turkish coffee brand in coffee brands list

Having approached the coffee industry in 1871, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Coffee is the oldest Turkish coffee company with a large business scale. Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Coffee with a position of coffee global enterprise has a mission to introduce the exquisite taste of Turkish coffee to a wide spectrum of global people.


Turkish coffee brand in coffee brands list

Turkish coffee contributes to worldwide coffee diversity with its delicious flavor, strong body, and long-lasting aroma from high-quality arabica coffee beans. Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Coffee offers customers a variety of Turkish coffee

  • Filter coffee (Colombia filter coffee, Brazilian filter coffee, Guatemala filter coffee, and Ethiopian filter coffee…)
  • Press pot with balanced acidity and flavor
  • Espresso made from thoroughly selected Central American arabica beans.

How to find Best Coffee Brands List that matches your taste

Finding a coffee brands list is not difficult, but each person has a different coffee taste depending on their age, gender, tolerance to bitterness, etc. Some people like slightly sour coffee, some like a bitter taste, some prefer sweetness. To choose a coffee brands list that matches your taste, you can refer to the following ways:

  • Choosing a coffee brands list based on taste and aroma

Each type of coffee has a different taste and aroma depending on the growing terrain, processing method, roasting methods such as bitter, sweet, salt or sour taste and flowery, fruity, nutty or chocolatey aroma and many others. 

If you do not know which coffee to choose, you can choose based on your preferred taste and aroma because the manufacturer will introduce the taste and aroma of the coffee on the packaging or product introduction.


Choosing a coffee brands list based on taste and aroma

  • Try samples at coffee dealers 

If you find it difficult to choose based on product information because you cannot imagine the taste, look to reputable coffee dealers. Coffee dealers often offer a variety of famous coffee in the world, where you can buy sachets of about 2-16 grams to try and decide your favorite coffee brands list later.


Try samples at coffee dealers

  • Based on the experience shared by other coffee addicts

Although each person will have a different perception of the taste, the sharing of friends – who love coffee – is also an interesting experience. Because after hearing the sharing of trustworthy people, you will be more easily convinced and want to try that coffee than seeing an advertisement online. Who knows, it might be the right coffee for you.

For coffee connoisseurs, experience is something they always prioritize. But after finding a coffee brands list that they really love, they will stick with that coffee.


Based on the experience shared by other coffee addicts


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Wild rice is popular around the world, particularly, in North America and Asia. Recently, wholesale wild rice has been developed to become a leading business when it holds outstanding features in terms of economy. 

A question of wholesale wild rice’s commercial potentials

Due to the name, people usually assume that wild rice is related to common rice (Oryza Sativa), but no direct relation exists between them. In fact, wild rice, whose scientific name is Zinzanica Aquatica, belongs to the grass family.

Wild rice is cultivated in lakes or streams with the best shallow depth of 1-3 feet. June and July are the time for wild rice to grow.


Wild rice

The cultivation of wild rice expands from Asia to the Great Lake regions in the U.S and Canada. In the United States, the cultivation of wild rice is in flooded fields, the same way as “real” rice, with yields of about 1.6 t/ha in Minnesota and double that in California.

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Wild rice is famous for its beneficial impacts on human well-being because it is nutrient-dense. The following are some amazing advantages offered by eating wild rice.

  • Rich in antioxidants: 

Wild rice’s dark hue indicates that it is high in antioxidants. An interesting fact noted here is that the antioxidant content of wild rice is 30-time more than that of white rice. This substance has positive impacts on human health when it protects cells from oxidants.

  • Weight loss

As low in calories and free of gluten, wild rice is the best choice for people who intend to lose weight. Moreover, thanks to the richness in fiber, wild rice reduces hunger and prevents people from overeating.

  • Diabetes

A rich source of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is found in wild rice. According to some researchers, ALA is good for type 2 diabetes people when it supports the body to produce insulin. Therefore, the symptoms related to diabetic nerve damage are reduced significantly. 

  • Heart health

Containing no sodium, blood pressure will be improved by eating wild rice. In addition, the level of bad cholesterol in the cardiovascular system will be sorted thanks to the fiber richness of wild rice.

Wholesale wild rice refers to wild rice sold in bulk to stores, businesses, and other wholesalers. Because of the significant increase in customer interest in this rice, business people are curious about the economic benefits offered by wholesale wild rice.


Health benefits of wild rice

An answer to wholesale wild rice’s commercial potentials

Wholesale wild rice contributes to economic development due to the following reasons.

1. Premium quality 

The premium quality of wholesale wild rice is contributed by the distinctive characteristics in seed quality, cultivating conditions, and processing techniques. 

Seed sources importantly contribute to the premium quality of wholesale wild rice. It requires keeping wild rice seeds moist and cool until the planting time. If the seeds are dry, their germination will not be good. 


Wild rice has a premium quality

It is a fact that wild rice is directly affected by environmental conditions, which are water level fluctuations, varying water quality, and different temperatures. For the best growth of wild rice, cultivation areas must have:

  • The depth of 1-3 feet with shallow and clear water
  • 6-inch organic soil containing calcareous materials
  • A slight water flow in the growing time
  • Less than 6-inch water level fluctuations when wild rice leaves float
  • No carp Cyprinus Carpio
  • The pH level of 6.8 – 8.8
  • <10 ppm sulfate ion concentration
  • 0.4 ppm dissolved oxygen concentration when the wild rice seeds start their germination.

The superior quality of wholesale wild rice is made from processing methods. Parching is the most used technique to dry wild rice after the harvest. People will roast wild rice in cast-iron kettles in an hour until the rice is perfectly dry. The next step is jigging to separate rice kernels and the hull. After that, the rice will be air-tossed to sort the light chaff and rice kernels.  

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2. Small-scale production

Due to strict requirements in seed sources and growing conditions, the cultivation of wild rice is limited. Some rivers and lakes in certain regions such as the U.S.A, China, India, and Vietnam have enough standards to grow the rice.

The 1950s and 1960s may have been the pinnacle of contemporary wild rice harvesting by hand. Minnesota sold an average of 10,012 wild rice harvest licenses per year from 1957 to 1963. Unprocessed wild rice harvests averaged over 2 million pounds per year.

Nowadays, the production of cultivated wild rice has expanded when Minnesota wild rice accounts for 40% of the market. Moreover, the total annual yield of cultivated and hand-harvested wild rice in Minnesota ranges from 4 to 8 million pounds. 

California is another growing area of wild rice accounting for 50% of the market. This place still leads the cultivated wild rice industry. 

3. Reasonable price

Unprocessed natural wild rice has a wide range of prices. The price of one pound of uncooked wild rice has fluctuated over the last 70 years, from $0.10 in 1940 to $2.17 in 1996, equivalent to $0.75 and $13 per pound now. Therefore, 924,000 lbs of wild rice harvested in 1996 would be worth more than $12 million now. The newest wholesale price for rice will be updated on FAO. 


Wild rice has a reasonable price

4. Demand growth

Wild rice is a highly-requested ingredient by chefs and home cooks due to its beneficial features. This gourmet is favored in many restaurants because it possesses high quality, an attractive appearance, and a smoky and nutty combination in taste. Hence, wild rice is the top choice in various recipes. 

Wild rice is most used for home-cooked meals when customers care much more about their health. Rich nutrient content and other positive impacts on human well-being make the demand for this rice grow faster and faster.


Demand growth of wild rice from 2019 to 2027

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