Facts About Vietnamese Star Anise You Should Know


Vietnamese star anise is a vital ingredient in making Asian food especially for China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Due to its stunning uses, the star anise demand now is higher than ever.

Overview about Vietnamese star anise

Star anise is a kind of non-timber forest spice firstly grown in Southern China and North of Vietnam. Due to the ideal natural condition and centuries of experience in cultivation, this Vietnamese spice is regarded as star anise of the highest quality in the world.

General situation of star anise in Vietnam

When it comes to flavor and quality, Vietnamese star anise is rated as the number one among that of other exporters in the world and ranks the second in production, only behind China.

  • In the last few years, the annual output of Vietnam is about 10,000 tons on average, accounting for about 10% of the global production.

The annual output of Vietnam

  • The price of Vietnam star anise fluctuates between 6,000 USD and 10,000 USD per metric ton, depending on the seasonal crops and types of spice. It is clearly higher than that of China but with the flavor, nutrition and the economic value it brings, this Vietnamese spice is definitely a perfect choice for any importer.

The price of star anise in Vietnam

  • The leading exporting destinations for Vietnamese star anise include countries of largest population such as India, China, and demanding markets such as Singapore, Germany, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, South Korea and Japan are also potential markets Vietnamese exporters should consider if they ensure strict quality control.

The leading exporting destinations for Vietnamese star anise

Main types of star anise in Vietnam

Vietnamese exporters can supply many types of star anise, which meets the needs of customers’ preferences from the price to the quality.


Main types of star anise in Vietnam

  • Whole star anise: There are 2 main seasonal crops: spring and autumn, making the 2 main types of whole star anise respectively. Spring whole star anise is 0.8 times smaller than the autumn one with a diameter of about 2 cm but its essential oil content is much higher. Not only the purity and similarity between this type of Vietnam star aniseed but also the nutrient level and aroma is higher than any type therefore its price is the highest among others, reaching the peak at 10,000 USD/MT.

Whole star anise

  • Blended star anise is kind of a mass of star anise including the broken, crumbs and even the fruit stalk. Aftering picking, this type of star anise is simply collected by removing all their leaves then dried in a proper temperature and. Due to the high admixture and broken rate, the price of this Vietnamese star anise is usually the lowest among others, fluctuating between 7,900 and 8,200 USD/MT.

Blended star anise

  • Broken star anise, like its name, includes the full, broken and even crumbs of star anise with its admixture rate lower than the blended one since both leaves and stalks are removed carefully. As a result, the average price of this broken spice is a bit higher than that of blended ones. The lower the rate of broken and crumbs in star anise, the higher the price of this spice is with the lowest of about 6,000 USD/MT.

Broken star anise

Benefits of Vietnamese star anise for health

Not only being known as an incredible spice in diversifying the food flavor, but star anise is also often used in some Western medicine practices due to its antimicrobial properties and rich nutrition.

  • According to scientists, star anise is rich in iron which is vital for forming hemoglobin allowing red blood cells to carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body. Besides, a small content of manganese in this spice is regarded as an important antioxidant protecting skin from UV-related damage and a mineral supporting bone health when combined with others such as vitamin D and calcium.

Benefits of Vietnamese star anise for health

  • Vietnamese star anise is also indicated as a warrior stopping the growth of fungi, virus and bacteria which cause many common illnesses such as flu, infection, …. Only a small amount of star anise daily intake will boost your immune system preventing regular diseases.

Boost your immune system

Competitive advantages of Vietnamese star anise

Star anise is the local plant of China and Vietnam which are the only two countries being able to grow this spice in large quantities. And Vietnam star anise production quality is appreciated for its outstanding advantages about the output, value and related beneficial policy which attracts lots of foreign exporters.

Stable and large output

Lang Son, Quang Ninh and Cao Bang are the 3 main provinces growing star anise in Vietnam with a total area of more than 50,000 hectares, producing an output ranking second in the world only after China according to World Spice Association statistics.

  • In the last few years, the average output of Vietnamese star anise fluctuates at 10,000 tons per year, accounting for about 10% of the global production.
  • The high and stable output of this Vietnamese spice is due to the ideal natural conditions of mountainous terrain with the average temperature of about 20◦C and the high-aged farming lands.
  • The average age of most Vietnam star anise trees is about 40-50 years old, usually producing a high yield. In Van Quan, Lang Son, the forest at this age can give a large quantity of up to 300 kilogram of fresh fruits.

Stable and large output

High economic value

Like other spices, the value of star anise also depends on its oil content. The more oil level star anise contains, the higher price it is. However, to gain both rich oil content and good yield, the age of star anise trees has to be 20 years old at least. In Vietnam, most of these spice farming lands have a long history of about 20 to even 70 years in major growing regions such as Lang Son, Cao Bang and Quang Ninh. Thanks to the high economic value this spice brings, more more than 200,000 small households have a stable income every year, partly developing the mountainous economy according to the local statistics.


High economic value

Government support

As one of the two homeland of star anise, Vietnam authorities show much concern about this spice by opening training planting skill courses for the local small growers and providing soft loans to ethnic farmers and enterprises,…. Besides, the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vietnam also supports businesses joining agricultural fairs to promote export of this spice.


Government support

Top quality and flavor

Compared to China, Vietnam star anise usually has a higher price. However in return you can get world class quality. Vietnam anise, especially the autumn flower, has a much more distinctive flavor and aroma than other types of anise in the world. It also has a higher essential oil content, so the high price tag is understandable.


Why should you buy Vietnam star anise

Furthermore, as a country with long experience in growing and harvesting Vietnam star anise, Vietnam also has an advantage over other countries in the processing stages, leading to a higher overall ground quality of Vietnam star anise.

How much does Vietnam star anise cost?

As mentioned above, Vietnam star anise has 2 main crops every year, the Spring crop and the Autumn crop. Since there are differences in quality between the 2 crops, the price of Vietnam star anise also varies. To be more specific, autumn star anise tends to have a higher price due to its rich flavour and fragrance. For example, you can look at this chart which shows the price ranges for different types of Vietnam star anise from K-Agriculture, the best star anise supplier in Vietnam:

Product Quality FOB Price (USD/MT)
Whole star anise 10% broken, >2,5cm 84xx
Whole star anise 10% broken, 2-2,5 cm 73xx
Broken star anise Based on broken rates

How to approach reliable Vietnamese star anise suppliers

Star anise is a popular seasoning spice with a huge demand every year. However, it is not easy to find a reliable star anise exporter in Vietnam since this spice brings high economic value, making scammers appear a lot. Therefore, these are some recommendations for buyers to identify scammers and quality suppliers.

Signs of reliable star anise suppliers in Vietnam

When it comes to the trading market, any good business often has the following characteristics.

  • The best star anise supplier is often familiar with the farmers: High quality star anise comes from good farms. The modern way in agriculture business is to shorten the supply chain, processor and bulk star anise supplier collaborate closely with farmers and farming cooperatives, to ensure the stable input and quality. A good wholesaler is often very proud of their growing lands and willing to publicize their profile on the website. Many big Vietnamese star anise suppliers possess large farming areas and are able to provide farm-to-port service. This assists suppliers in producing a stable input with the best wholesale price for importers and big sources of income for farmers.

The best star anise supplier is often familiar with the farmers

  • A reputable star anise supplier is certified: As one of the leading seasoning spices consumed in large quantities, star anise is often heavily managed. As a result, good suppliers must be approved by authorities of many fields such as the authorities of agriculture, authorities of trading or health and food. A permitted wholesale Vietnamese star anise supplier has to meet requirements from these agencies to be able to trade this spice in the worldwide market.

A reputable star anise supplier is certified

  • Renowned certificates are the good sign of a trustworthy star anise supplier in Vietnam: Star anise is not only one of the five main seasoning products used for food but also an important ingredient to making medicines, so there are many standards to regulate and ensure the safety and quality of this spice. Suppliers with many related certificates such as HACCP, ISO or Global GAP, .. .can build trust in both consumers and customers showing their high-quality products and care to people. Besides, an export-oriented spice supplier also needs to prove that they can meet requirements of importers such as JAS standards for the Japanese market, USDA standards for the United States, ….

Renowned certificates

Signs of scammers or unreliable Vietnamese star anise suppliers

Since the economic value Vietnam star anise brings is high, there are a lot of scammers who want to make profits by treating importers, especially the newbies.


Signs of scammers or unreliable Vietnamese star anise suppliers

  • Always push for early payment or large deposits: Scammers always require excessive deposits or early payment which are not aligned with the agreed contract. This is a clear sign of unreliable Vietnamese star anise suppliers buyers should keep in mind.
  • The offering price is too low: Star anise is an important spice whose suppliers are limited. Its production relies on harvesting seasons of only Vietnam and China. Therefore, the market price can not be too low and should be checked from the spice association of these countries. A Vietnamese star anise supplier offering the price of at least 30-40% lower than the average market price can be a scammer.
  • Lack of clearance: Being reluctant to show some basic information or certificates of their company is a warning of unreliable suppliers. Besides, a lack of transparency on purchasing contracts and documents of important information such as: specification of the product, term of payment, term of delivery, … also gives a hint of scammers.

Guideline to cooperate with Vietnamese star anise suppliers well

After classifying reliable partners, buyers should follow the 6 useful steps to better the international trading process.


Guideline to cooperate with Vietnamese star anise suppliers well

  • Send Letter of Intent (LOI)

Buyers will send to potential Arabica coffee suppliers a Letter of Intent containing basic information about their companies and demands for the goods.

  • Formalize the FCO

If the Vietnamese star anise suppliers can meet the buyer’s LOI, the Full Corporate Offer (FCO) will be sent to the buyers.

  • Test sample

It is necessary for buyers to ask for testing samples to clearly know about the product quality. If possible, buyers can ask to directly visit the manufacturing factory or farming lands to ensure the trustworthiness of the suppliers.

  • Negotiate and sign contract

Both should carefully consider and discuss all the terms in the purchasing contract before signing since it is a binding commitment of the two sides’ responsibilities.

  • Prepare goods

Keeping the right track of preparing and shipping goods is crucial for both parties to ensure the order process goes well..

  • Receive goods, complete payment and feedback

After receiving the arrival note, buyers are preparing to receive and check the goods and then give feedback of the products to the suppliers. If the products satisfy the buyers’ requirements, both parties can consider the further orders.

The general working process when you want to import Vietnam star anise

Usually, there are 5 steps whenever you want to import Vietnam star anise:

  • Step 1: After determining where to buy Vietnam star anise, the buyer would write a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the distributor stating his or her requirements.
  • Step 2: In reply to the LOI, the distributor establishes an FCO. The two parties will discuss how to reach a final FCO.


How to work with star anise suppliers

  • Step 3: Bulk Vietnam star anise suppliers and buyers will talk about payment methods, pricing, and packaging needs. Buyers can ask vendors for samples, and sellers can go to the buyers’ places of business to check their information. Obtaining a sample really is one of the very typical ways to determine the legitimacy of a source for Vietnam star anise.
  • Step 4: Distributors prepare commodities for export by carrying them onto ships and presenting buyers with a bill of lading to complete payment. The freight delivery problem is a joint obligation for both parties.
  • Step 5: When the commodities arrive at the port of discharge, the sellers must examine the Vietnam star anise for quality and quantity. If all goes smoothly, suppliers will provide clients after-sales support to entice them to make another order.

That’s all there is to it. The 5 basic steps that every businessman has to take.

Top 3 reputable star anise suppliers in Vietnam

The following Vietnamese suppliers are recommended for foreign importers in the star anise market.

K-Agriculture a popular Vietnamese star anise supplier

Established in 1996 and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, K-Agriculture now is regarded as a trustworthy partner supplying high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products from rice, spices to coffee.


K-Agriculture a popular Vietnamese star anise supplier

Among those products, star anise is the most outstanding with its system of large processing factories in Hung Yen and a warehouse of capacity up to more than 21,000 tons. K-Agriculture is prized for its high-quality star anise in bulk, exporting to large markets such as India, China, Japan, etc. Being a giant in trading star anise products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest Vietnamese star anise exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.

For further details about the products and the best wholesale price, feel free to contact us:
Whatsapp: +84855 555 837

Introduction about K-Agriculture star anise growing areas

Vinasamex one of the most reputable Vietnamese star anise suppliers

Vinasamex is one of the leading companies in exporting Vietnamese spices to the world market. Their main products are cinnamon and star anise which are distributed to demanding markets such as Europe, Japan, America, …. Vinasamex is intended to focus on producing organic spices products whose price is high, suitable for a niche market.


Vinasamex one of the most reputable Vietnamese star anise suppliers

Contact information:
Whatsapp: +84 855555837

Haprosimex a highlight star anise supplier in Vietnam

Haprosimex is a popular company with Vietnamese due to their years of experience in producing and exporting agricultural products, especially Vietnam star anise. With a labor force of skillful workers and the latest modern equipment, their products are of good quality, willing to satisfy different customers’ preferences.


Haprosimex a highlight star anise supplier in Vietnam


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