Development History

K-Agriculture was established as a small merchandise to collect rice, corn, and nuts from Vietnam to the main market to the China at an early stage in 1996.


K-Agriculture products ready for shipping

In 2002, K-Agriculture extended more products such as coffee, cashew nuts into our portfolio. Coffee and Cashew nuts are the specialties of Vietnam that make our export products unique and preponderant.

Successively, the company built a factory of Rice in Southern Vietnam and a factory of Spices in North Vietnam to meet the demand for exports.

In 2010, our organization reached other markets by processing the first order to the USA and Africa after 15 years of exporting to China. These potential markets made significant contributions to our export volume.

Two years later, partners worldwide can find us via website and Alibaba store with the details of the products and easily contact us.

In 2020, K-Agriculture successfully exported Rice, Coffee, Cashew, and Spices to over 100 countries.

With countless efforts, K-Agriculture has gained many achievements and become the leading Agriculture company in Vietnam. Recently, the corporation extremely appreciated being powered by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade and becoming the National project.


K-Agriculture’s BOD at the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade

In the coming decade, we are to be the Top 10 Agriculture Company in Southeast Asia and Top 100 Agriculture Expert in the world.

K-Agriculture – Top 1 Quality