Star Anise

Appearance, Flavor and Uses of Star anise and Anise seed

Star anise and Anise seed are two spices that not only have a similar pronunciation but also share a similar flavor profile. Given how similar their tastes are, some chefs think they...

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Interesting facts about Chinese star anise that you don’t want to miss

Nowadays, the market demand for Chinese star anise is increasing, along with numerous questions from consumers about this product. Therefore, K-Agriculture has synthesized knowledge...

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5 facts you must know when buying star anise

Star anise is an attractive spice with a characteristic aroma and is used in many dishes in Asian countries. As a leading exporter of star anise in Vietnam, K-Agriculture has a lot...

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Top 3 best places where to buy star anise you should know

Star anise is loved by many people because of its unique aroma and spicy taste. Where can you buy star anise? This article will give you a full answer with a lot of useful information. What...

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Star anise in Malaysia as a promised market for exporters over the world

Malaysia is famous for its typical cuisine with a variety of spices, spicy, and hot like curry. An indispensable ingredient to create this flavor is star anise. Star anise in Malaysia...

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Star anise taste – 5 Best star anise alternatives

Have you ever heard of star anise before? Though each pod looks like a perfect wood carving, It is a surprising fact that star anise can really be consumed! So, the question is, what...

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Top 5 best star anise brands that all traders can’t ignore

The top star anise brands, according to the OEC, are from China and Vietnam. These two countries account for over 90% of the global supply of star anise. This article lists the best...

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Import star anise from Vietnam guide: 10 things to look out for

Not only it has the strength in exporting rice and coffee, but Vietnam is also the second largest star anise supplier in the world. So, if you need to import high-quality star anise...

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