Star Anise Tea: Benefits And The Easy Steps To Make


Star anise tea now is becoming more and more popular thanks to its aromatic flavor and the incredible health benefits. It is not difficult to make a cup of that tea and enjoy it with the beloved ones.

General situation about star anise tea

Star anise tea is one of the most popular drinks made from star anise, one of the five main seasoning spices used in Asian food. Due to its special flavor and amazing benefits, this drink is now requiring a bigger demand, making the star anise market more dynamic than ever.

Definition of star anise tea

Star anise tea is a great beverage made from star anise and easy to prepare. Right after being harvested, star anise fruit is dried in the sun to avoid mold contamination then is stored in a cool place. Normally, the dried star anise can be kept for about 3 to 5 years in airtight containers away from humidity, light and heat. This dried spice is directly used for making tea.


Definition of star anise in tea

Supply in star anise

Vietnam and China are the only 2 homeland of star anise and able to supply it for commercial purpose. In the last few years, the total production of these two nations is more than 100,000 metric tons annually, in which Vietnamese star anise accounts for about 10% and is rated as the higher-quality spice with the more aromatic flavor. Japan also plant star anise trees but its spice is indicated as toxicity doing harm to drinkers’ health. Therefore, buyers should be careful when buying star anise tea, especially avoiding Japanese ones.


Supply in star anise

Taste of star anise tea

Affected by its main material, the taste of star anise is bitter and has a strong licorice-like flavor because of the high content of anethole. It is also spicy and slightly sweet which creates a special flavor for the tea gaining the popularity of consumers. Its bitterness can be modified by adding honey or sugar, depending on drinkers’ preferences.


Taste of star anise drink

Who should and should not drink star anise tea

Star anise tea is a safe and healthy drink to consume for most adults and children over the age of 5, especially for those who suffer digestive issues or have a weak immune system. However, for babies or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, star anise is not recommended since it can be seriously harmful if they consume the Japanese variety. Besides, due to its estrogenic effect, star anise is also not favored for those with liver cancer, ovarian, breast, or endometriosis.

Different ways to enjoy star anise tea

There are several recipes that use star anise to create different flavors which satisfy many consumers’ tastes.

  • Cinnamon – Star anise in tea

This delicious green-tea beverage is a great combination of aromatic star anise and cinnamon sticks. You just need 3 ingredients including dried star anise, cinnamon and green tea leaves plus boiling water then an ideal drink is made with the balance of warmth, bitterness and a little sweetness of the two spices and the earthy flavor of tea leaves. For each drinker’s preference, a teaspoon of sugar or a half cup milk can also be added.


Cinnamon – Star anise tea

  • Thai iced tea (Black tea bags and star anise)

Thai iced tea is also an easy-to-make drink from star anise. Other than this spice, you only have to prepare such basic ingredients as tea leaves (or tea bags also accepted), sugar, boiling water, condensed milk, mint leaves and ice for sure. Beside the original flavor of star anise and tea leaves, this drink will have a cool sensation thanks to the mint leaves and ice which can freshen up the drinker’s mind on sunny days.


Thai iced tea

  • Honey cinnamon star anise tea

This beverage is made similarly to the cinnamon star anise tea. The difference lies in the honey replacing milk and sugar, which brings a lighter sweetness of the drink suitable for less sugar intake consumers.


Honey cinnamon star anise drink

Health benefits of star anise tea

The health benefits of star anise tea come from antioxidants and several other organic compounds.

Star anise tea for flu treatment

An important component of several over-the-counter flu drugs is a compound called shikimic acid which can be extracted much from star anise. However, when you make a tea infusion, it is difficult to say how much shikimic acid gets into the tea so using this drink as the only treatment is not highly recommended, but it can make a good addition and help keep you hydrated.


Star anise for flu treatment

Antioxidants in star anise

Antioxidants possess positive cancer-fighting properties by eliminating harmful compounds called free radicals. The primary source of antioxidants in star anise are quercetin, linalool, and vitamin C which are indicated as a fighter against cancer cells helping reduce the tumor occurrence and size.


Antioxidants in star anise

Star anise tea for digestive problems

The benefits of star anise on the digestive system are all based on traditional Chinese medicine. Asian usually use this spice tea as a traditional drink soon after a meal to provide maximal relief of gas, bloating and indigestion.


Star anise for digestive problems

Where to buy star anise tea

Because of the high profits this spice can bring, there are lots of poor quality star anise or even toxic ones from Japan appear in the market. Buyer should be careful when choosing a reliable store. Since the number of suppliers is limited, most of whom are in Vietnam and China, it is not easy for buyers around the world to find high quality star anise in grocery stores. Online shops in reliable B2B ecommerce platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, … are also good options. You can take such reputable suppliers as K-Agriculture, Vinasamex, and etc  for your consideration if you want to order in large quantities.


Where to buy star anise

K-Agriculture is an agricultural pioneer in Vietnam. As a loyal vendor of thousands of B2B partners all around the world, K-Agriculture is prized for its high-quality agricultural products including spices (star anise, cinnamon, pepper), coffee and rice with the most reasonable price. Being a giant in trading star anise products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest Vietnamese star anise exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.

Introduction about K-Agriculture star anise growing areas

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