Appearance, Flavor and Uses of Star anise and Anise seed

Star anise and Anise seed are two spices that not only have a similar pronunciation but also share a similar flavor profile. Given how similar their tastes are, some chefs think they...

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A special guide to Indian pepper

India is one of the world’s leading pepper-producing countries in the world. Indian cuisine cannot be completed without pepper. The flavour that pepper brings to every dish is...

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Exploring the Origin of Black Pepper with K-Agriculture

Black pepper is a familiar spice in our kitchen. The origin of black pepper is in the Malabar Coast of India. Today, black pepper is grown in many parts of the world. Vietnam, Brazil,...

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How to import pepper from Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the famous countries for producing the best pepper types with a huge supply. Since the demand for pepper from the world is huge, it is one of the key agricultural...

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4 types of brown rice that you may not be aware of

Brown rice is always a favorite choice of many consumers not only because of its taste but also because of its nutritional value compared to normal white rice. But did you know that...

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5 Facts about black pepper in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the top 4 black pepper exporting countries in the world. Most black pepper in Indonesia comes from the Lampung region, which has excellent climatic and soil conditions...

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Interesting facts about Chinese star anise that you don’t want to miss

Nowadays, the market demand for Chinese star anise is increasing, along with numerous questions from consumers about this product. Therefore, K-Agriculture has synthesized knowledge...

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5 facts you must know when buying star anise

Star anise is an attractive spice with a characteristic aroma and is used in many dishes in Asian countries. As a leading exporter of star anise in Vietnam, K-Agriculture has a lot...

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