CEO greetings

Board of Director

Mr. Daniel Trong Quy
CEO at K-Agriculture

12 years of experience in B2B trading, importing and exporting field

Ms. Kris Thu An
Sales Director at K-Agriculture

10 years of experience in marketing, importing and exporting field

Daniel Trong Quy is the CEO of K-Agriculture Factory. He has 12 years of experience in the import and export industry and has been to 12 countries. He has a big dream to bring agricultural products made in Vietnam to the world. He started K-Agriculture and chose Hanoi to be the headquarters of his business activity. His desire is that more and more international friends would know about high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products.

Kris Thu An is the Sales Director of K-Agriculture Factory. She has 10 years of experience in the field of marketing, import and export. She is striving for expanding operations and improving business performance to as many markets as possible. She always seek and bring to customers worldwide the new, fresh agricultural products at a competitive price and provide the best quality customer service to satisfy all of our beloved customers. With a team of experienced experts in the agriculture industry, we are confident to bring peace of mind to customers when using our products.

A breakthrough idea about bringing Vietnam agricultural products to the world

Bringing agricultural products to customers from Vietnam to the world is a journey with many ups and downs. When CEO Nguyen Trong Quy first entered the export industry, he was heavily dependent on Chinese traders. In those years, CEO Nguyen Trong Quy had to collect goods and export them to China. After going through many stages, the product could reach consumers around the world. He ask himself “Why can’t I export goods to the world myself?”; “When will I be able to tell international friends this is a Vietnamese agricultural product, it originates from Vietnam Nam and was created by the hands and brains of Vietnamese people?”

An inspiring journey

To have that in-depth knowledge, CEO Nguyen Trong Quy and his associates had to go to many growing areas and meet the farmers. CEO Nguyen Trong Quy always believes that it is necessary to work with farmers to understand the characteristics of Vietnamese agricultural products and to be able to proudly tell the world about Vietnamese agricultural products.

With the desire to support SMEs in import and export industry, CEO Nguyen Trong Quy has summed up the knowledge he has experienced in his 10-year journey to write on book “B2B – Con đường vươn ra thế giới” (temporary translation: B2B – The way to the world). This book contains the knowledge, sharing and experience on import and export for those who begin to enter the industry.

“Vietnam has a lot of talented people, we have a lot of talented artisans, 
we have the potential with you!”

“With our core value: “Quality is King”, K-Agriculture is proud to provide not only the best product quality but also the most reasonable price for customers all over the world.”

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