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Rice – a staple food in almost every meal worldwide but do you really know about rice? We have received the question “ Is long grain rice white rice?” a lot from our customers. It seems to us that there are still many people still having misconceptions about long grain rice and white rice. Don’t worry, we will now give you a satisfactory answer for the question “Is long grain rice white rice?”

The misconceptions of asking “Is long grain rice White rice?”

If you are wondering “Is long grain rice white rice?”, you might not know how rice is categorized. The two most common way to classify rice:

Based on the shape

Rice can be characterized into three different types according to the length of the grain. These types of rice are not only different in terms of look, but also in terms of aroma, taste and utility in cooking.


Comparision of long grain rice, medim-grain rice, and short-grain rice

Based on the color

Regarding the color of the rice, white rice and brown rice are two most popular ones. This difference comes from how complex the production process is. While drying and hulling after harvesting is required to produce brown rice, another step of milling is added if white rice is desired. Because of this, all rice can come in both white and brown colors, including long grain rice.

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

Besides, rice can have other colors such as black, red, purple, depending on the pigments of the bran.

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The answer to “Is long grain rice white rice?”

If you have grasped the information we provided above, then you must know the answer by now. The answer is either “yes” or “no”. Since all rice can come in both white and brown colors, long grain rice is no exception. It depends on how thoroughly you mill the rice, what color you prefer.


Long grain rice

And now that you have found the answer to “Is long grain rice white rice?”, you can learn more about the difference between white rice and brown, the best kinds of long grain rice, from below.

Comparison between white rice and brown rice

White rice and brown rice can be differentiated based on 4 basic criteria:

White rice Brown rice
Shelf life Up to 10 years About 6 months
Texture Soft, sticky Chewy, nutty, longer to be cooked
Health benefits Fiber, vitamins, minerals Provide energy from carbs
Popular market Europe, North America Asia


Because of the bran layer, brown rice takes longer to cook and has a shorter shelf life than white rice. White rice can be stored for up to 10 years while brown rice can go rancid after only 6 months due to the fatty acid of the bran.

It is the lower price, long shelf life and sticky texture that makes white rice the staple food in Asian meals. Meanwhile, the richness in nutritious makes brown rice a popular choice in European and North American markets.


The bran layer retained gives brown rice a chewy texture and somewhat nuttier flavor than the rice counterpart, which is much softer and even stickier due to the starchy part of the grain being revealed through milling and polishing.

Health benefits

Is long grain white rice healthy? The answer is yes, thanks to the milling and polish removes the nutrition-rich bran layer. However, less does not mean none. Being a grain, white rice still provides carbs, which is one of the three energy sources our body uses to function.

Thanks to the bran layer kept intact – which contains fiber, vitamins B, antioxidants and other minerals, brown rice is known to be whole grain and a much healthier option, especially for those who have diabetes or want to control weight.

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The delicious long grain rice

All rice might be created equally but is not the same. So what makes long grain rice the most preferred rice type?

Appearance, texture, aroma

Distinguishing long grain rice by eyes is quite easy. Rice whose length is four or five times longer than its width is considered long grain, two or three times is medium and rice, which is wider than it is long, is short-grain.

Long grain rice has a firm and dry texture and is the least stickiest out of the three kinds. The two most popular long grain rice, basmati and jasmine, are also known for their unique, intense aromas.


Long grain rice has many distinct features

The best long grain white rice in the world

According to the Best Rice Contest held in the USA in recent years, where rice was evaluated for their appearance, aromas and taste, in both pre-cooked and cooked stages by many international chefs, Vietnam’s ST25 fragrant rice and Thailand’s Hom Mali jasmine fragrant rice are the two best rice in the world.

Vietnam’s ST25

Originating from the world’s second largest rice exporter in 2021, ST25 is the latest generation of the “ST” rice line, which was known for many high quality rice varieties such as ST24, ST20, ST19, ST10,… ST is a brainchild of agricultural engineer Ho Quang Cua, who spent 20 years researching and developing this variety “ST25”.

The champion in 2019 and the runner-up in 2020 of Best Rice Contest is cultivated organically, without any composts, pesticides, or plant protection products, and has been certified to the USDA organic regulation, EC regulation. European ISO-certified modern manufacturing process is also applied to ST25 to produce the top-tier rice in terms of not only quality, purity but also appearance.

Being fragrant rice, ST25 – the best Vietnamese rice has a unique aroma of pandan mixed with green rice thanks to being grown in the Mekong delta. ST25 comes in a vast variety from red, purple to brown and white long grains.

Another reason why ST25 might be a good choice for your company is that despite the Covid 19 situation affecting worldwide, the crop yield of ST25 still remains high and is able for domestic supply and export.


K-Agriculture ST25 rice

Thailand’s Hom Mali

Hom Mali rice, internationally known as Jasmine Rice, is popular for its gentle jasmine fragrance “Hom” and white appearance “Mali”. The rice is grown in Northeastern Thailand and can only be grown and harvested once a year in October or November.

The world-famous jasmine aroma of this rice, arguably the most fragrant rice aroma in the world, however, can disappear if it is not properly stored. Also mostly known for its glossy, white long grains, other varieties of Jasmine rice such as brown rice, purple rice might not be as popular among consumers.

What really makes this rice stand out from other types of long- grain rice is the tender texture, the retained white color and fresh yet subtle fragrance when cooked.


Hom Mali Rice

Top Vietnamese long grain rice suppliers

Vietnam’s long grain rice is one of the best in the world. But where to import Vietnamese rice? Following are the top 3 most reliable long grain rice supplier in Vietnam:


Vilaconic is a direct manufacturer and supplier of rice and spices established in the 1980s. The company’s products have been given many certifications including Global Standard for Food Safety by SGS and Halal certificate. The company prides itself on professional staff and modern service style and aims to create difference and bring loyalty to customers.


Vilaconic Joint Stock Company

Long grain rice products VILACONIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY provides:

  • ST25 rice
  • Jasmine Fragrant Rice


Sunrise Foodstuff ,JSC is a Vietnamese manufacturer and exporter specializing in rice, with over 10 years of experience and an intercontinental trade network. The company owns 2 rice factories that always operate with high capacity to satisfy both quantity and quality demands from customers.


Sunrise Foodstuff JSC

Sunrise’s long grain rice brands:

  • Long grain white rice 5% broken
  • Long grain white rice 15% broken
  • Long grain white rice 100% broken
  • Parboiled Rice


K-agriculture, sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, was founded with the mission to connect Vietnamese suppliers with foreign buyers in 1996 and has been the leading RICE – COFFEE – CASHEW – SPICES factory in Vietnam ever since. We aim to bring Vietnamese superb-quality agriculture products to global importers at the most reasonable price. In the next decade, K-agriculture is forecasted to be a Top 10 Agriculture Company in Southeast Asia and top 100 Agriculture Experts in the world.

With a broad manufacturer network spanning nationwide, we are confident to meet any demands, whether large or small, at any time of the year. This flexibility also allows us to be able to offer the most competitive prices for our customers, especially when the agriculture market is always unstable.

Long grain rice products from K-agriculture:


K-Agriculture CEO and staff with partners

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84855555694 (Ms. Evelyn – Sale Manager of K-Agriculture)



We hope you found our article informative and helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly, and K-agriculture, one of the leading rice factories, will be happy to provide you with further explanations free of charge.

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