5 facts you should know about Vietnam white rice

Vietnam has gradually improved from being an impoverished nation experiencing starvation in 1945 to becoming the leading exporter of Vietnam white rice. Nowadays Vietnam white rice...

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Top 5 popular types of long grain rice

There are numerous types of rice that are available in the market. However, types of long grain rice have been the most popular rice on the market. In this article, I will introduce...

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Top 5 best white rice brands in the world

Due to the popularity of white rice in the world, there are many white rice brands on the market, making it difficult for consumers to choose the good white rice brand that meets their...

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Import rice to Canada is not difficult if you read this guide

Canada does not produce rice, so many traders import rice to Canada for domestic consumption. In this article, K-Agriculture provides you with comprehensive information regarding import...

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Top 5 rice manufacturer in Vietnam – All things you need to know!!!

If you choose the wrong rice manufacturer in Vietnam to work with, you will face a very large loss that can damage not your time, and money but your reputation and the belief of your...

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Medium grain rice types and 7 steps to import rice from Vietnam

With a large number of choices, there are many types of rice to choose from. Consumers are familiar with long grain rice and short grain rice. What about medium grain rice types? In...

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Rice production in Vietnam has continuously increased over years

In 1989, Vietnam exported rice for the first time, ending the period of rice shortage and turning to export. Over 30 years (1989-2021), up to now, rice production in Vietnam has achieved...

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Rice import in the USA is not difficult if you read this guide!

Rice is a staple in many countries, including the USA. Most buyers in the USA choose to find rice suppliers in Asian countries. In this article, K-Agriculture will give you in-depth...

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