Top 3 Best Long Grain Rice Brands


In recent decades, long-grain rice brands have become predominant in the food market. However, a huge variety of long-grain rice brands makes you confused when coming to choices. Here are the top famous long-grain rice brands that will help your shopping much easier.

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An overview of long grain rice brands

Long grain rice brands have become one of the most popular choices to make delicious dishes that will please everyone’s taste.

An overview of long grain rice

Long grain rice is a variety of rice that has the length of grains four or five times its width. The grains are slim and lengthy, which are 7 or 9 mm. The rice possesses a distinct aroma and a dry texture upon cooking.


Definition of long grain rice

Basmati and Jasmine are the two outstanding representatives of long grain rice. While Basmati has a superior aroma and fluffy texture after cooking, the fragrance of Jasmine rice is slightly floral and it cooks up clingy.

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The population of long-grain rice brands

Most of the big long grain rice brands originate from Asia, including Vietnam, and the United States. The things that make people pay much attention to long grain rice brands are the specific aroma and the good health effect.


Long grain rice has different aroma

Long grain rice impress customers by its different aromas from strong to slight smell depending on various types. In addition, long grain rice brands have become more and more popular because long-grain rice is much healthier than short grain rice. The ranking position of short grain rice is higher than that of long grain rice on the glycemic index. The lower the glycemic index is, the healthier the food is. Therefore, customers care much about long grain rice brands.

Best long grain rice brands in the world

The following biggest brands of long grain rice are worth being under consideration when customers come to the rice choice.

Criteria of high-quality long grain rice brands

The quality of long grain rice brands depends on regions, countries, and the taste of consumers. For example, people in Southeast Asia will evaluate the premium quality of a long grain rice brand based on its nutritional content, texture, and fragrance. Meanwhile, in South Asia, the premium quality is defined by grain appearance and satiety. This is the result of a research conducted by Marie Claire Custodio and her colleagues in the CGIAR Program on Rice Flagship Project 2 “Upgrading Rice Value Chains” Transforming Rice Breeding in 2019.

Top three famous long grain rice brands

The evaluation of the best long-grain rice brands is based on primary factors including company size, quantity, product distribution, and nutritional content of the products. Following are the three big long grain rice brands.

K-Agriculture ST25 long grain rice brand

During 25 years of development, K-Agriculture, based in Hanoi, is one of the leading companies in the field of rice distribution in Vietnam.

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

Their starting point is a small merchandise store to collect rice, corn, and nuts from Vietnam to China. Nowadays, their distribution reaches to more than 100 countries over the world with a wide diversity of products. Particularly, K-Agriculture Factory distributes many types of long grain rice from Vietnam such as ST25, ST24 to Jasmine and Japonica in order to serve different customer needs.


K-Agriculture: Company Information

Powered by Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, K-Agriculture long grain rice brand becomes a national project to bring the best value of Vietnamese Agricultural products to the world. Hence, the quality of products is put in the first line. This Vietnamese long grain rice brand has well-trained farmers to grow long grain rice, the staff to run the milling process, and experts to guarantee the goods quality.

ST25is the best seller of the long grain rice brand K-Agriculture due to its appealing aroma and distinct texture. The rice cooks up soft and fluffy despite too much or too little water, and remains the same texture even cooling down. In addition, it smells sweet like panda leaves. ST25 also contains rich nutritional content including protein, vitamins, fiber, and iron, that is suitable for people from all ages, especially diabetics. Moreover, ST25 rice of K-Agriculture long grain rice brand is non-GMO, gluten free, and cholesterol free.


K-Agriculture ST25 rice

Riceland extra long grain rice brand

Founded in 1921, Riceland Foods includes 5500 members which are almost family farmers in Missouri and Arkansas. Annually, about 2.5 million metric tons of rice are processed and marketed under the label of Riceland. Additionally, this long grain rice brand’s distribution spreads across North America and to 75 other nations. Hence, the long grain rice company stands in first place in the field of rice millers and marketers. Riceland products are non-GMO certified and kosher approved.


Riceland Foods and Riceland extra long grain rice brand

The long grain rice brand Riceland Foods provides a worldwide delivery service. Depending on product weight and shipping method chosen, the rate and the shipping day will be notified to customers. Besides, the company also has a return policy within 30 days for a full refund if the items are new and unopened. The customers will receive their refund in 4 weeks or earlier.

The most noticeable product of Riceland Foods is Extra Long Grain White Rice. Each grain is selected from high-quality ones from the US, therefore it has the name “Premium USA grown rice”. Compared to its counterparts, Riceland Extra Long Grain White Rice is mildly fragrant, complementing different elements’ flavors to make a meal more savory. It is versatile rice included in various recipes that exist in every corner of the world. This product from the long grain rice brand – Riceland can meet dietary requirements because it is free from cholesterol, sodium, gluten, fat, and MSG.

Lundberg Family Farm organic long grain rice brand

As the slogan “Leave the land better than you found it”, Lundberg Family Farms is the long grain rice brand that has been a pioneer in using eco-friendly farming methods to conserve soil since 1937. Lundberg is a member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership due to its 100% use of green power.


Lundberg Family Farm organic long grain rice brand

Located in Richvale, California, US, this long grain rice company has about 210 employees and nearly 17000 acres of farmland, therefore it provides a wide selection of grain products that are claimed to be organic, non-GMO, and additive-free. In addition, Lundberg regularly tests all the products for safety guarantee and consistent agricultural standards. With 17 types of rice and 150 rice products available on the market, its annual revenue reaches $50 million.

Organic long-grain brown rice is one of the best products of the long grain rice brand – Lundberg Family Farms. Brown rice, different from white rice, is a whole grain since it contains three edible parts of the grain which are the bran, germ, and endosperm after processing. As a result, the amount of fiber, protein, and specific minerals in brown rice is higher than that in white rice. The rice cooked is firm and possesses nutty flavour, which is best used for pilafs, and casseroles. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice is 100% wholegrain, verified GMO free, and non-gluten.

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Where to find the best long grain rice brands?

Recently long grain rice brands have been present widely on the market so that customers can easily find them in supermarkets, stores or E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, or Ebay, etc. Or buyers can look for more detailed information via websites of the long grain rice brands.


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