Wholesale White Rice: Things to Know Before Investing

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Wholesale white rice has numerous types of rice and has shipped billions of metric tons globally for years as a lucrative market. Since it is the epitome of Asian cuisine, wholesale white rice became one of the most profitable industries. 


Wholesale White Rice Overview

Wholesale white rice overview

White rice is traded in large quantities between businesses with significant financial benefits. As a result, more and more companies have focused on wholesale white rice in recent years.

Overview of the wholesale white rice industry 

The wholesale white rice market is one of the potential markets for agriculture in general. Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and China are the most well-known countries for wholesale white rice. Companies doing wholesale white rice can now consider a variety of rice types, characteristics, and origins to fulfill customers’ needs. 


Overview of the wholesale white rice industry

The evolution of the wholesale white rice industry 

Wholesale white rice is a lucrative market due to its profitable export value. Rice exports totaled 508.4 million tons in 2020, up 1.52 percent from the previous year (FAO).

As the rice basket of the world, Asia has seen some particular figures in the wholesale white rice industry. In comparison to other agricultural branches, wholesale white rice is still the leading market and will continue to grow in the coming years, creating an open association for businesses. 


The evolution of the wholesale white rice industry

Wholesale white rice opportunities

There are several advantages of doing wholesale white rice as a valuable business. Participating in wholesale white rice has the following benefits: 

  • Massive amount: Since white rice is very popular, especially in Asian markets, wholesale white rice is a very potential industry… Profit margins of 3 to 5 dollars per bag of white rice can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in total revenue.
  • Great purchasing power: With a large demand, the purchasing power will be enormous, resulting in an ideal profitable wholesale white rice industry.
  • Find providers easily: Consequently, the white rice in bulk is one of agriculture’s leading wholesale industries, it’s extremely easy to find suppliers and distributors due to a large number of white rice manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

Wholesale white rice opportunities

Wholesale white rice challenges

Although there are numerous advantages to wholesale white rice, businesses involved in the wholesale white rice business must be aware of the following challenges:

  • Risky market: The risk in the wholesale white rice market increases as the profit increases. While there are many potential benefits, there are also many issues, such as being scammed, dealing with legal issues, and navigating difficult customs processes. In addition to the risk of fraud, rice is a sensitive agricultural product linked to food safety and price subsidies. In order for wholesalers to take part in a market for wholesale white rice, political risks need to be taken into account.
  • Large competitors: Since the wholesale white rice market is generating huge profits, there is no shortage of big firms in the industry who are willing to invest and develop which increases its competitiveness.
  • Rice storage difficulty: As there is a global inspect association, companies doing wholesale white rice should pay close attention to meet the required standards in product quality.
Wholesale White Rice-5

Wholesale white rice challenges

Rice varieties for wholesale white rice 

Wholesale white rice comes in a diversity of varieties, each with its characteristics and origins. To choose the right type for each purpose, it is necessary to learn about some of the different types.


Product group Rice name Rice characteristics Cooked-rice characteristics
High-value specialties ST05 





Seeds are long, tapered, clear, and aromatic, with a seed length of 7.5-8.5mm and a fat thickness of 0.8-1mm ST24, ST25 lines are more aromatic than ST5, 20 lines. The soft texture of delicious rice from all lines is fragrant with pandan leaves. 
Japonica Round seeds, average length 5.1mm. sticky rice 
Popular long-grain fragrant rice Jasmine long, clear white, grain seeds with the length of 6.8mm Lightly fragrant, little sticky rice
OM5451 elongated, thin body, slightly milky white in color seeds soft rice
Common long-grain rice – low line OM504 Opaque seeds, average length 6.2mm Sponge rice.

Also used to process rice starch

White rice is appropriate for different varieties of rice depending on the wholesaler. 

  • High-end markets: such as Europe, major wholesalers of white rice might choose rice with high-quality characteristics such as ST or Japonica rice lines in the high-end sector. 
  • Midrange market: white rice wholesalers can use Jasmine, rice lines OM541 for the production and promotion of items such as Asian countries, especially the trade of Vietnam rice export to China is growing considerably.
  • Popular market: the features of small markets include financial restrictions in the choice of rice, therefore white rice wholesalers have to concentrate on cheap rice varieties.

White rice is appropriate for different varieties of rice depending on the wholesaler

Wholesale white rice potential markets 

There are many potential markets in the world for wholesale white rice such as the Americas, Europe, China, and other developing markets.

  • Wholesale white rice in Americas: food processing rice (504 or Ham Chau) or high-quality fragrant rice (ST, Jasmine)
  • Wholesale white rice in China: Long grain sticky rice is the most popular premium variety.
  • Wholesale white rice in common countries: focus on 5451 and 504 line
  • Wholesale white rice in EU: Focus on DT8 and Jasmine. Existing tariff exemptions and preferential tariffs on nine types of rice exported to Europe include: Jasmine, ST5, ST20, Nang Hoa, VD20, RVT, OM 4900, OM 5451

According to FAO, almost 90% of the world’s world’s rice was produced in the Asian Pacific. The main rice producers in India and China are 211,4 million metric tonnes, respectively, for output of 177,6 million metric tonnes, in 2019.

 In 2020, 62 percent of the world’s rice was exported by the top three countries: India, Thailand, and Vietnam. 20% of rice exported goes through wholesale white rice exporters, with the remaining 80% going through government-to-government deals. 

During the projection period, 2021-2026, the rice market will be able to record a 1.2% CAGR.


Top rice exporting countries

Wholesale white rice export and import regulations

In the process of wholesale white rice, export documents and standards are extremely important to businesses. Here are the export and import regulations that wholesalers need to know.

Wholesale white rice export standards

The general standards when exporting rice of the wholesale white rice industry must meet the criteria of hygiene and safety. The wholesale white rice industry will have to meet the criteria of four main rice export markets, namely Europe (EU), America (USA), and China to popular markets including Asia, Africa, Middle East. Since 2019, all markets have increased product traceability, quality inspection, and, in particular, pesticide residues in rice. 

Vietnam white rice export standards

Number Specification Export Standard
1 Broken ratio specified as grain size less than ¾ of total head grain length, common ratios are 5%, 15%, and 25%. – as little as possible
2 Humidity normally 14% – less is better
3 Bellies error in milling: 3 – 8% – the less the better
4 Red beads/red stripes 0.5% – 5% – the less the better
5 Leftover seeds the less the better
6 Gold beads the less the better
7 Mixed rice the less the better
8 Impurities the less the better
9 Milling degree milled, milled, polished or unpolished

Wholesale white rice import standards

Aside from the common standards, each import market has its own requirements for chemical residues, pesticides, impurities, handling, and preservation, which are strictly regulated by the regulation of the country. Companies doing wholesale white rice business should update the regulations of each country on a basis.

For example: when exporting to the Philippines market, exporters must clearly comply with the provisions of Act 11203, MAV and must provide the Food Authority (NFA) with a Certificate of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (Sanitary and Phytosanitary) Phytosanitary of Plant Industry). Or, the importer must meet the conditions of the FDA regulation of Ghana – West Africa.


Wholesale white rice import standards

Prestigious wholesale white rice suppliers

It’s crucial to choose reputable suppliers when doing B2B wholesale white rice. The list of reputable wholesale rice suppliers providing wholesale white rice in the market today includes. 

Vietnam wholesale white rice supplier


  • Website: 
  • WhatsApp: +84855555694 ( Ms. Evelyn) 

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

In 2020, the company became the National Project, supported by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, with over 5,000 employees focused on various types of white rice, targeted at providing Vietnamese agricultural goods to the global marketplace. So far, K-Agriculture has been successful in a number of challenging global markets, including Africa, the United States, and Japan.



K – Agriculture Factory

Thailand wholesale white rice supplier

This is the best wholesale white Jasmine rice supplier in Thailand with advanced rice production technology and strictly censored quality, thanks to 12 years of rice variety development.


Thailand wholesale white rice supplier

China wholesale white rice supplier

Despite being in business for only 5 years, this company has risen to become China’s leading white rice wholesaler with 2 factories and different types of white rice, with leading commitments in quality, output.  At the moment, it is the best wholesale white rice in China.


China wholesale white rice supplier

India wholesale white rice supplier

Aims to raise billions of dollars in the wholesale white rice industry, this company in India focuses on Japonica rice and will constantly innovate to improve the lives of Indian farmers and raise the Indian brand’s global presence. India suppliers mainly provide wholesale basmati rice.


India wholesale white rice supplier

Japan wholesale white rice supplier

With the goal of becoming a global leader in wholesale white rice, this company is constantly enhancing itself, constructing a modern facility to meet the market’s ever-increasing demands in the wholesale white rice model. The company is known for its sticky rice. 


Japan wholesale white rice supplier

Wholesale white rice advanced tips

The wholesale of white rice is a big market with different kinds of manufactures, distributors, brokers that every business needs to know some advanced tips when doing wholesale white rice business. 

Wholesale white rice working methods with suppliers

When finding a suitable rice supplier, white rice wholesalers need to pay attention to:

  1.   Verify information: Re-validation information will help companies doing wholesale white rice determine the credibility and reputation of product suppliers to avoid unexpected cases.
  2.   Find and select the right products: Define the wholesale white rice company’s target market in order to develop an effective sales strategy.
  3.   Negotiation: This is one of the most important steps in increasing sales in the wholesale white rice business. A business’s ability to negotiate a good price will be determined by the product type and quantity.
  4.   Signing the contract: Be sure to read all the terms before signing the contract. Businesses in wholesale white rice will be better informed about the rights and will be able to avoid being scammed.
  5.   Payment: Pay close attention to the payment process and double-check the information to avoid entering incorrect data or being scammed.
  6.   Receive goods and give feedback to suppliers: Wholesalers also need to perform numerous studies after having had advice on working with white rice wholesalers to obtain more practical experience, enhance their own experience and draw many lessons on the market. Taking part in wholesale white rice is one of the most important factors in cultivation. White rice distributors should therefore offer enterprise-specific solutions proactively, thereby optimizing revenues.

Wholesale white rice working methods with suppliers

Identify a scam in wholesale white rice

The wholesale white rice industry is a large industry consisting of manufacturers, B2B businesses, and individual brokers, so scam cases are possible. 

A scam is most likely to occur if the partner’s information is unclear, there is no specific proof, and the transaction terms seem strange. 

Prior to signing a contract or shipping goods, companies must ensure that their partners are genuine in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest that could harm the business. 

As previously noted, relying on the advice of specialists is a technique of avoiding scams but in many genres scams with sophisticated approaches are now increasingly varied. Various and numerous ways of acting. 

White rice wholesalers therefore must always be attentive and prudent in their business.


Some frequently asked questions when wholesale white rice:

How to check the product quality with wholesale white rice suppliers if customers can’t come to see it directly?

White rice suppliers’ quality is usually assessed by experts with clear documentation when wholesale white rice is imported from other countries. 

As long as companies choose reputable suppliers, they can rest assured that they will receive high-quality products. One of the finest techniques is to ask someone they know to inspect them if customers can not go directly to the quality inspection. 

This not only helps customers to see the products they intend to buy most honestly, but it also provides credibility and minimizes concern when ordering a massive amount. 

The customer can order a sample of rice if nobody knows the country. While this also guarantees authenticity, it is rather uncomfortable, as it takes time for the new samples to come.


K-Agriculture With Best Service

Do suppliers assist in providing rice samples when wholesale white rice?

In most cases, white rice wholesalers will assist customers in obtaining samples of rice from the wholesaler or distributor. Sample orders will be based on customers’ requirements about specifications, product quality, and any other shipping service. 

Customers who are far away and do not feel secure or want to check the quality of rice from white rice wholesalers, customers can ask about rice samples for each type of purpose so that they can be consulted by wholesalers, support as well as quotes of samples.

What kind of price is it when doing wholesale white rice?

The price often is FOB. However, customers can also inquire about CIF and EXW prices to suppliers. Cat Lai port and Ho Chi Minh port are export ports in Vietnam. 

Prices will vary depending on the time at each port. Prices are modified and slightly more expensive than usual in view of the difficulty of the disease, particularly during the present Covid Outbreak. 

Wholesalers therefore can locate and choose appropriate pricing for their business, depending on their needs and aims.

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