Long Grain Rice Jasmine And All You Need To Know


Long grain rice jasmine is one of the most popular types of rice. This article helps you know what long grain rice jasmine is, what it is like, how many varieties this rice has and its commercial potential in 2021.

Long grain rice jasmine: an overview

This part will give you some information about Jasmine rice

Definition of long grain rice jasmine

Long grain rice jasmine originated in Asia, which took its name due to its pleasant jasmine-like scent with its thin and long grains. Many people have been mistaken that this rice was named after the flower called jasmine because of the same color, however, it was the similar aroma that made the special name.


Long grain jasmine rice

As the name “long-grain rice” suggested, the grain of Jasmine rice is thinner and longer compared to others, from 6.2mm to 7.2mm, with a typical transparent color.

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Key countries growing long grain rice jasmine

Oryza sativa – the mentioned plant species is primarily cultivated in 4 following countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. These areas, hence, have become “world’s warehouses” of long grain rice jasmine.


Key countries growing long grain rice jasmine

Vietnam has been proud to be one of the top countries in rice planting. Many years ago, this country mainly focused on the quantity/output of rice. Afterward, the Vietnamese rice industry has made changes to enhance the position of Vietnamese rice on global markets by practicing practical measures. That has made Vietnamese rice so far well-known for not only high quantity but high quality as well. Therefore, jasmine rice for wholesale from Vietnam is exported to picky markets such as the EU and the USA.

Another country that has advantages in growing rice in Asia is Thailand. The region has good seeds of rice and is famous for its qualities. The rice production volume of Thailand in recent 10 years has decreased.

Cambodia is one of 4 areas having advantageous conditions in rice production. 20 years ago, the rice output and quality of the country were considered lower compared to others. The region, after that, made significant progress in improving the quality but not really focused on the quantity.

Laos has also been great at rice production in recent decades.

Typical characteristics of long grain rice jasmine

Amazing features of Jasmine rice are what made Jasmine rice so special among others.


Typical characteristics of long grain rice jasmine

The aroma of long grain rice jasmine

Is jasmine rice long grain ? As the “nickname” of long grain rice jasmine – fragrant rice suggested, it is famous for its distinctively pleasant aroma. The scent is described as barely popcorn-like and as the pleasant smell of pandan leaves. This is absolutely not the kind of scent coming from lab chemicals as many people thought of. Conversely, the fragrance comes naturally from the rice plants’ aromatic compounds.

Taste of long grain rice jasmine

It is interesting to notice that the taste of long grain rice jasmine actually varies among people. To some, this Jasmine rice is just like other white rice which is fairly bland. To others, however, they realize the slightly sweet, buttery or nutty flavor of it. Sometimes it has a light floral taste, which is quite a subtle scent to be paid attention to.

Texture of long grain rice jasmine

The long grain rice jasmine after getting cooked shows the wonderful texture which is described as soft, clingy, and moist. Moreover, it is an important point to know that, unlike glutinous rice which is so sticky, Jasmine rice is considered less in level.

Varieties of long grain rice jasmine

Each type of rice has its own subtypes. Let’s get more information on the most popular subtypes of long grain rice jasmine.

Differences between varieties of long grain rice jasmine

There are 2 most popular varieties of long grain rice jasmine, including the white Jasmine rice and the brown Jasmine rice.

This is how white Jasmine rice looks like:


White Jasmine Rice

Brown Jasmine rice has almost all the same features as those of the white one except for the color.


Brown Jasmine rice

So which variety of long grain rice jasmine should people choose? The answer is, while the white Jasmine rice grain is polished to have the white color, the brown one just loses the hull – the outer husk. Hence, the brown Jasmine rice is considered to retain more nutrients in the grain and even the final product.

If you are still vague about which one to choose, just take a look at the following table for more details:

White Jasmine rice Brown Jasmine rice
Physical appearance The hull and the bran are removed Only the hull is removed
Nutritional profile Nutrition per 100gram serving:

  • Calories: 129
  • Fat: 0.46 g
  • Carbohydrates: 27.86 g
  • Fiber: 0.7 g
  • Sugar: 0 g
  • Protein: 2.86 g


Nutrition per ¼ cup serving:

  • Calories: 170
  • Fat: 1g
  • Carbohydrates: 34g
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Sugar: 0 g
  • Protein: 3g


Comparision between white Jasmine rice and Brown Jasmine Rice

Which varieties of long grain rice jasmine should you choose?

Eat-clean lovers are likely to choose brown Jasmine rice for their meals. To explain, the fiber content of brown Jasmine rice is higher than that of the white one. Therefore, the content of calories and carbs in the brown Jasmine rice are lower than that of the white one.

For people who care more about the taste, however, the white Jasmine rice is a better choice. White Jasmine rice is processed to remove both the hull and the bran so when it is cooked, the taste may satisfy more people than the brown one.


White vs Brown Jasmine Rice

2021 commercial potential of long grain rice jasmine

If you were a business person or a wholesale rice start-up, you might want to know more about the benefits of trading long grain rice jasmine at this time.

Large long grain rice jasmine importers

Here is a brief list of large long grain rice jasmine importers:

  • China
  • The Philippines
  • The US

We all know that China has had a very crowded population and how wonderful it is to realize it is also the biggest and the most potential customer of trading long grain rice jasmine. Besides, you could easily see the Philippines ranking second on the list. This area has not had as many populations like that of China, however, the importing rice quantity, in general, is expected to reach 2.45 tons in 2021 (not so much behind China with 2.9 tons). Coming last on the list is the US, with a population of over 300 million people, this “cluster” of countries is also a very potential customer. Actually, due to the increasing number of the ethnic groups that eat rice and are in favor of aromatic varieties (Basmati, long grain rice jasmine, etc.), the US rice imports have been grown themselves for these 10 years.

Long grain rice jasmine consumption and stockpiling demand

2021 had been predicted to be the year of increasing demand for rice consumption and stockpiling in general and for long grain rice jasmine in particular. What are some possible reasons:

  • Amid the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic happening worldwide, people in the regions hit hard by the disease have been likely to consume and stockpile a large amount of rice. (predicted by USDA). Global imported rice output was expected to reach about 44.79 million tons, growing by 1% compared to the previous year.
  • Also according to USDA, global output and consumption of rice will go up mainly due to the advantages in the cultivation of rice in countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka while the demand for rice consumption in China has been increased because of the low rice domestic output.

How to choose good long grain rice jasmine exporters?

Before knowing how to choose the suitable long grain rice jasmine exporters to serve your business, you may want to know who they are.

There have been the 2 most popular and also powerful long grain rice jasmine exporters in ASEAN, including Thailand and Vietnam.

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The following details might be of your concern when selecting suitable exporters:


Ways to choose good long grain rice jasmine exporters

  • The export price of rice.

Thailand and Vietnam are competitive not only in the quality of long grain rice jasmine but also in the price. In 2021, the export price of long grain rice jasmine in Thailand is from 605-670 USD/metric ton. In the same period, Vietnam exported long grain rice jasmine with the price fluctuating from 558-562 USD/tone.

  • The pace of trading activities in each area

This time, Thailand has seen the slower pace of rice trading activities due to the sharp increase of Baht, more expensive shipping costs, and 2-year-in-a-row droughts. Meanwhile, Vietnam has been changing its export rice types into high standard rice or fragrant rice with higher product values. In 2021, Vietnam is the country that has the advantages over others by the reduced export rice tax they had from the commercialization treaties in 2020.


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