TOP Best Weasel Coffee Brands In The World


Because of the high profits, there are many weasel coffee brands in the world nowadays, making it difficult for buyers to decide which are suitable for them. To help you enjoy one of the most exclusive coffee in the world, we compiled a useful list of the best weasel coffee brands that you definitely have to try.

Criteria to be the best weasel coffee brand

It is a sad fact that more than 70% of weasel coffee in the world nowadays is not genuine weasel coffee or not 100% pure. Unreputable weasel coffee brands use inferior coffee beans and various chemicals to create coffee products that taste like real weasel coffee. They pack poor-quality coffee inside flashy packages with banners of the best weasel coffee brands and then make tons of profits. In that complex market, we would like to introduce some basic characteristics to help you identify the best weasel coffee brands.

Origin of weasel coffee brand

Only a few countries can produce weasel coffee beans, prominent among them are Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. So if a weasel coffee brand can prove that its beans or the brand itself come from one of those countries, it will be more trustworthy because the best weasel coffee brands always use input materials of clear and reputable origin.


Origin of weasel coffee brand

Products’ price of best weasel coffee brand

Due to the complicated processing and its scarcity, the most delicious weasel coffee products have a quite high price, ranging from $1,200, and the most expensive is about $3,000 per kilogram. So the brands that sell weasel coffee for a few hundred dollars per kilogram are all poor quality coffee. However, you should not overtrust high-priced weasel coffee because you may have to pay more than the actual value of the product.


Products’ price of weasel coffee brand

Product’s packaging of weasel coffee brand

The best weasel coffee brands always pay close attention to their packaging. On the packaging, information such as origin, ingredients, and images, etc. will partly show that the product of that brand is reputable or not. In some countries, not many coffee brands are able to produce world-famous weasel coffee, so just by looking at the packaging, you can distinguish whether their weasel coffee is real or not.


Product’s packaging of weasel coffee brand

Customer reviews of weasel coffee brand

Each customer after buying weasel coffee will have different experiences about the product, thereby having diverse feedback. This feedbacks are extremely practical information to help you find the best weasel coffee brand for you.


Customer reviews of weasel coffee brand

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Top 3 best weasel coffee brands in the world

As said earlier, here is the list of the top 3 best weasel coffee brands that are highly appreciated by many coffee connoisseurs.

Sumatera Lintong – Wild weasel coffee

Sumatera Lintong weasel coffee is made from wild-sourced organic Arabica beans, which are harvested by a cooperative in the Northern region of Sumatra. The cooperative operates under the management of coffee experts who are also local farmers. The weasel coffee beans are collected completely in nature and because the farmers sell their products directly to coffee companies, the price of this weasel coffee is quite cheaper than others. Sumatera Lintong has a strongly intense aroma with an extremely delicate and complex taste. Another reason why Sumatera Lintong is considered the best weasel coffee brand is that part of the profits from selling weasel coffee will go to education and vocational training for poor local people.


Sumatera Lintong – Wild weasel coffee

Sea Island Coffee – Wild weasel coffee

Sea Island is one of the best weasel coffee brands in the coffee market. It is a London-based coffee shop that specializes in exclusive and rare coffees. Their wild weasel coffee is obtained from the droppings of wild weasels in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra and has the sweetness of caramel with cocoa aromas. Together with animal welfare organizations and food certification experts, Sea Island has created a rigorous standard for the quality of weasel coffee with the goal of protecting the interests of customers as well as minimizing the cruelty towards weasels.


Sea Island Coffee – Wild weasel coffee

Trung Nguyen – Creative weasel coffee

Mechanistically, this product is not exactly weasel coffee – but it’s really a new idea that can solve one of the thorny problems of the world weasel coffee industry. Trung Nguyen is a brand from Vietnam and if you choose its product, you can absolutely enjoy it because you do not need to worry about whether any weasels are harmed. Coffee experts of Trung Nguyen have succeeded in simulating the process of fermenting coffee beans that takes place in the stomach of wild weasels, which means there are no weasels that were harmed because of making coffee. This modern Vietnamese weasel coffee product is very similar to the traditional one. It has the sweet taste of chocolate and a gentle, unique aroma, which is a combination of many flavors. Trung Nguyen weasel coffee products are very creative, exclusive, and humane, and this developing direction is what every best weasel coffee brand should aim for.


Trung Nguyen – Creative weasel coffee

Where to find more information about the best weasel coffee brands?

Weasel coffee products are now widely sold everywhere on the market, customers can find them at authentic stores, supermarkets or they can order online through E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay,… Another effective way is that you can access directly to the brands’ websites or participate in forums and groups of people with the same hobby in weasel coffee as you on social networks like Facebook.

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Where to find more information about the best weasel coffee brands?


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