The Most Reliable Origins Of Weasel Coffee Beans


In the context of weasel coffee beans being sold widely on E-commerce platforms nowadays, understanding the origin of weasel coffee beans will help you reduce the risk of buying poor-quality products.

Legend of weasel coffee beans

During the 19th century, Western colonial countries brought coffee beans to Southeast Asian countries after finding that the climatic conditions were very suitable for growing them. Farmers working on coffee plantations were forbidden to harvest coffee for their use, so they collected coffee beans that were mixed in with the droppings of a civet. These coffee beans, after being processed, had a particularly delicious taste and then weasel coffee beans gradually appeared widely.

The civet mentioned here is the Small Indian civet, a mammal that scattered lives in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. However, many opinions are indicating that weasel coffee beans first appeared in Indonesia. This is also the reason why weasel coffee is also famous with the name Kopi Luwak.


Legend of weasel coffee beans

How weasel coffee beans are produced

The weasel creates the unique coffee by eating the ripest and most delicious coffee beans and then steeping these beans in its digestive tract before excreting them to the ground. Carefully washing, sun drying, light roasting, and weasel coffee beans are ready to go.

The processing of coffee is carried out very strictly because it greatly determines the quality of weasel coffee beans. In addition, the processing method also contains the know-how, experience, and skills of the producer, thereby creating differences in the taste of weasel coffee in each region.


How weasel coffee beans are produced

Countries with the top weasel coffee beans

Weasel coffee beans first appeared and developed strongly in Southeast Asia, so the countries from this region are naturally the places that produce the most prestigious weasel coffee beans in the world.

Indonesia – Kopi Luwak

The world’s largest and most long-standing producer of weasel coffee beans is Sumatra, Indonesia. The weasel coffee beans here are also known as Kopi Luwak and they are mostly Arabica varieties, only a small part is Robusta and Liberica. In Sumatra, weasel coffee beans are produced by two methods, which are collecting coffee beans from wild weasels and harvesting coffee beans from weasels that are raised on plantations. Kopi Luwak is known to have a strong aroma, medium body, and persistent aftertaste as well as a well-balanced level.


Indonesia – Kopi Luwak

The Philippines – Kape Alamid

In the Philippines, weasel coffee beans are commonly known as Kapa Alamid. Weasel coffee beans are produced from Arabica, Liberica, and Excelsa beans. Besides bringing out all the typical characteristics of regular weasel coffee – low acid and caffeine content, rich taste, and pleasant aroma – Filipino weasel coffee beans also have distinct flavors that only can be found here.


The Philippines – Kape Alamid

Vietnam – Ca Phe Chon

Vietnam is famous as a country where people are extremely passionate and love coffee. Vietnamese weasel coffee which is called Ca Phe Chon is served in coffee shops by cup rather than by kilogram or pound due to the expensive price of weasel coffee beans.

Trung Nguyen is the most prestigious and leading brand in the coffee production industry in Vietnam. In addition to using weasel, as usual, Trung Nguyen also produces weasel coffee beans by a method that simulates the digestive process of weasels, this method has been patented and is recognized as a typical example for weasel conservation efforts. This simulated weasel coffee bean product includes Legend Classic, which uses several different coffee beans, including Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa, and Legend Gold, which uses only Arabica beans.


Vietnam – Ca Phe Chon


Beware of fake weasel coffee beans

Because both the demand and price of weasel coffee beans are high, it is inevitable that poor quality coffees disguised as weasel coffee will appear on the market. A lot of unscrupulous marketers or producers use dishonest methods in the production of weasel coffee beans. Typical examples can be that coffee beans are only mixed with weasel droppings and then washed, but not really eaten and digested by them, or the use of chemicals to make the taste of poor quality coffee similar to weasel coffee beans.

There are now more weasel coffee beans sold on the market than the actual quantity that can be produced. This fact emphasizes that you need to be careful and wise when purchasing weasel coffee. Don’t be greedy for cheap prices, only deal with reputable suppliers and choose weasel coffee beans of reliable origin.


Beware of fake weasel coffee beans

Recommendation of reputable weasel coffee bean suppliers

Here are some weasel coffee bean suppliers that have established their reputation in providing genuine and quality products.

JPW Coffee

JPW Coffee is a small-medium coffee company established in 2012 and until now they already served thousands of customers in Indonesia. The main services that JPW provides are Coffee Trader, Coffee Roastery, Espresso Machine, and Coffee Packaging. Their business started with weasel coffee and so far, JPW only sells authentic wild weasel beans from Aceh Gayo, Sumatra, Indonesia.


JPW Coffee

The Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery

Tanay is a small town east of Manila, in the Philippines. Blessed with fertile soil, moderate rainfall, and a mild climate, Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery is the plantation that produces one of the finest weasel coffee beans in the Philippines. The coffee trees are meticulously cared for to produce organic and full-bodied weasel coffee beans. These beans are then roasted with a distinctive and earthy flavor true to their hilly origins.


The Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery

Legend Revived

If you are looking to buy real weasel coffee beans from Vietnam, try Authentic Chon Coffee of Legend Revived. In Vietnam, Legend Revived is not as widely known as Trung Nguyen, but the quality of its raw weasel coffee beans is still very reliable. They only sell weasel coffee beans produced from their own farm, so there are times when the prices are higher than those of Trung Nguyen. More than 10 years of experience in the market together with a diverse customer base, including foreign customers, have proven the prestige of Legend Revived.


Legend Revived


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