K-Agriculture ST25 rice marks the best among our European customers

Our factory located in Cat Lai Vietnam can produce 500 tons of ST25 rice in one day. During 2023, we exported 1000 tons of ST25 to Europe and 2000 tons to America. Due to the high quality...

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Top 3 Best Places Where To Buy Star Anise You Should Know

 Star anise is loved by many people because of its unique aroma and spicy taste. Where can you buy star anise? This article will give you a full answer with a lot of useful information. What...

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Top 10 Broken Cinnamon Exporters

 Broken cinnamon is an important ingredient in the production of cinnamon powder and a fundamental spice in Indian cuisine. There are many broken cinnamon exports all over the...

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Autumn star anise

Autumn star anise Autumn star anise is harvested at the beginning of the rainy season, from June to October every year. Its pods bloom beautifully and evenly with a diameter of about...

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