Finding Out Some Interesting Things About Star Anise Usage


Star anise usage is concerned by many consumers since the incredible advantages this spice can bring help them much better in both physical and mental health.

Brief introduction about star anise usage and this spice

Star anise is not only one of the five typical spices in Asian food but also an important material in making medicines, creating huge profits for traders. Therefore, how to use star anise properly is a notable question that many consumers want to find out its answer.

Overview about star anise and its uses

Vietnam and China are the only two homelands of star anise in the world, which can provide large quantities of this spice with the high quality and nutrient.


Overview about star anise and its uses

  • It is often grown in the South West Vietnam and South China where the average rainfall is about 1.200-1.800mm, the average temperature per year is about 20-210C.
  • Star anise strongly grows in absolute altitude of from 200 to 800m and feralitic soils of pH ranging from 4 to 6.
  • Lang Son Vietnam is appreciated as the region supplying star anise with the highest quality and nutrient around the world.

With the high essential oil and nutrition level, this Vietnamese star anise usage is varied from cooking to treating illness, helping improve the agricultural industry.

Typical features of star anise

The unique flavor, aroma and multiple uses of star anise are characteristics differentiating it from other spices.

  • Star anise has an intense, distinct flavor that is combined by the warmth, sweetness, and spiciness. Its aroma is believed to be similar to black licorice. Due to its strong flavor and aroma, star anise is also used in making different wines such as Anis, Pastis, …. The spice has a wide range of flavors and notes, which can be intensified and found out relying on the way you work or cook with this spice.

Typical features of star anise

  • In the worldwide market, star anise is often supplied in the 4 main forms including: organic anise powder, broken star anise, whole star anise and star anise essential oil. Each form of this spice brings different star anise usage. For instance, the whole and ground star anise usage is often for different cooking ways. Meanwhile, star anise essential oil is used as paste to help reduce muscular aches or pains.

The main forms of star anise

Star anise usage for improving mental and physical health

Besides being known as a seasoning spice, star anise is also famous for its medicinal properties. 

How to use star anise to optimize its benefits is not difficult since there are simple ways to  process it. Star anise tea is an easy-to-prepare beverage which you only need 3 ingredients such as star anise, cinnamon and tea leaves plus boiling water. This drink contains many nutrient minerals beneficial to health such as thymol, anethole, shikimic acid and terpineol, etc. They are indicated as a treatment for cough and flu. In addition, this spice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help eliminate free radicals that cause early aging, wrinkles and diabetes.


Star anise usage for improving mental and physical health

Star anise usage for making food

Due to its unique aroma and strong flavor, star anise is a popular ingredient in making food. Let’s see how to use star anise in cooking in this article.

  • Each form of star anise has a different use. For the whole pods, they are used to cook broths, soups, and stews to intensify the flavor and finally are removed after cooking. The outstanding dish made from this spice is Pho Vietnam. Star anise is roasted then put into the boiling broth along with cinnamon, creating a special aroma and intensifying the flavor for a bowl of Pho. In addition, the powdered star anise is used like other spices powder as seasoning added to bake cookies or cakes.

Star anise usage for making food

  • When it comes to star anise usage, there are many recipes with star anise. Anis wine, Pastis and tea is an interesting processing method that consumers should try. To make Anis wine, a sweet and low alcohol wine, you simply need to soak a mixture of seeds, syrup and a neutral flavor alcohol in clean water, then brew in a few days and you will have a delicious wine to enjoy. The longer the mixture is brewed, the more tasty the wine is. Besides, the tea is also easy to make with just pieces of star anise, a stick of cinnamon and tea leaves plus boiling water.

Star anise drinks

Star anise usage for improving agricultural economy

Due to the large number of benefits of star anise in most basic aspects of life from eating, drinking to making medicines, the demand for this spice is increasing day by day which partly help boost the agricultural economy in general and incomes of farmers and traders as well.

  • Because of many incredible benefits star anise brings, its price is high compared to that of other agricultural products fluctuating between 6,200-10,000 USD/MT. Besides, the processing stages of this spice are simple and do not require much modern technology, so its economic value is really high, attracting many global traders to join in this spice market.

Star anise usage for improving agricultural economy

  • The huge demand and daily uses of star anise make a contribution to a stable livelihood for farmers which help them meet their daily life’s needs. For example, in Vietnam Lang Son, with about 33,000 hectares of star anise, more than 200,000 ethnic minority households can earn money and make a full living according to the local report.

Provides a stable livelihood for farmers


K-Agriculture is one of the leading Vietnamese agricultural product suppliers in the world, providing a wide range of high-quality agricultural products including coffee, rice, and spices. Star anise is an outstanding product supplied in many forms such as: whole star anise, broken star anise and blended star anise with the top-tier quality and the most competitive price. Being a giant in trading star anise products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest Vietnamese star anise exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.

Introduction about K-Agriculture star anise growing areas

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