Sunrise ins Group – Vietnam prestigious agricultural brand


Sunrise ins Group is a highly-recommended brand in Vietnam for buyers and consumers. Due to the competitive advantages, the company provides a high-quality agricultural product and a reasonable price.

An overview of Sunrise ins Group

Sunrise Ins aims to become a prestigious organization both in the domestic and international market, gradually improving and building a brand that is widely recognized in the world.

Development history of Sunrise ins

Sunrise ins Group was established in 2012. The company is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of agricultural products with high quality. The brand has gained customer trust and affirmed its position in the international market through years of experience. Products of the company, as well as the wide distribution infrastructure, have now been sold to numerous countries and have contributed to the company’s reputation.


Development history of Sunrise ins

Sunrise ins Business Scope

As the largest agricultural products, Sunrise ins provide:

  • Agricultural items including Vietnamese rice, spices, fruits, and seafood are processed and exported.
  • Invest and collaborate with an international partner for consumption in supermarkets, restaurants, and trading agents.
  • Growing and manufacturing material.
  • Import and export goods.
  • Domestic product cultivation.
  • Manufacturing goods and processing food.
  • Organic product manufacturing.
  • Food and beverage retailing.

Sunrise ins Business Scope

The product portfolio of Sunrise ins

Sunrise ins Group is the top brand in the rice, spices, fruits, and seafood industry, and the company is proud to deliver the Flavor of Vietnam to the world. The first-rate products of Sunrise ins include:

  • Rice: fragrant rice with 100% broken, sticky rice, black rice, brown rice, Hom Mali rice, KDM rice,…
  • Pepper: Vietnam black pepper, pinhead pepper, pepper dust, pepper husk,…
  • Cassia: broken cassia, shaved cassia, cigarette cassia, split cassia,…
  • Dried fruits: mango, jackfruit, pineapple, dragon fruits,…
  • Star anise, coffee beans, coffee powder, coconut, starch, cashew,…

The product portfolio of Sunrise ins Group

The prestigious Sunrise ins Group is illustrated through varieties of certificates: ATTP management system, ISO 22000:2018, FDA Registration, member of Vietnam Pepper Association. With a passionate desire to make Vietnamese agricultural food popular all over the world, SUNRISE INS is constantly looking for items that are both high in quality and low in price so that it can easily access all of the demanding markets.

Competitive advantages of Sunrise ins

In the market, there are different brands in supplying agricultural products but SUNRISE INS has affirmed its position in the domestic and international market.

  • Qualified factory: 6 factories fulfill include 2 rice factories and 1 pepper factory located in Tien Giang and Dong Nai Province, which met all standards for exporting to Europe, the USA, Japan, Korea, etc, such as BRC type A, Organic, Kosher, HACCP, etc.

Qualified factory

  • Progressive farmers: Sunrise Ins Group is the world’s biggest producer and distributor of high-quality agricultural goods from Vietnam and other countries. In addition, the company works together with 1000 – 2000 progressive farmers, which make advances with environmental management, harvesting methods, and farm production as well.

Progressive farmers

  • Quality & Reliability: Sunrise ins Group strives to provide high-quality products and services to its consumers at all levels of the company with ISO 22000 certification attested. With Fresh Farm111, Sunrise ins Group centered on sustainability development due to the understanding of the importance of natural sources such as soil, water, seed, and fertilizer on agricultural production.

Quality & Reliability

  • Excellent Service: Having extensive experience with technological items, prioritizing long-term relationships with customers, detailed and transparent guidelines that apply to all of the services.

Excellent Service

Sunrise ins Group has been famous for its product quality and international reputation in exporting agricultural goods. In Vietnam, not only Sunrise ins Group brand but K-Agriculture Factory is also a prestigious company supplying coffee, rice, and other spices. For further information, please feel free to contact us via:

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