Lundberg Family Farms: The No.1 choice for organic products


Lundberg Family Farms is well known in the food market because this company always focuses on developing organic, clean, environment-friendly, and zero waste products and foods. Lundberg Family Farms is popular and trusted by the pickiest customers.

Development history of Lundberg Family Farms

Over nearly a century of establishment and development, from a small-scale household business, Lundberg Family Farms has grown to become a prestigious brand and is always focused on farming practices to protect the environment.

  • In 1937, Lundberg Family Farms took the very first step in soil protection by collaborating with the environment. 3 years later, they cultivated new practices when recognizing that incorporating rice straw into the fields is one way of soil health promotion. In the 1940s, Lundberg Family Farms constantly enhanced the process even though they met many difficulties in World War II.
  • In the 1960s, The seeds of the company that would become Lundberg Family Farms were planted by the second generation. It arose from their notion that customers should have direct access to all-natural rice farmed in a way that differs from conventional crops. In 1969, The first organic crop of brown rice was test-planted by the Lundbergs.

Development history of Lundberg Family Farms

  • In the 1970s, the first rice products were sold and shipped to the West coast by Lundberg Family Farms. They worked with 53 other local farms in order to promote organic products.
  • In the next decade, Lundberg Family Farms focused on making new foods using their organic fields that witnessed the success of organic brown rice. Besides, a new generation of Lundberg Family Farms always tried to conserve the family’s values and commitment.
  • From the 2000s to now, Lundberg Family Farms improved their organic and natural products by partaking in Non-GMO Project and emphasizing zero waste.

The first rice products were sold

Main products of Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms are selling many rice products and their byproducts. Products are divided by their purposes.

  • Sides and pasta: Lundberg Family Farms are providing some famous products like Cilantro lime rice, Organic Alfredo Risotto, Butternut squash risotto. They have a unique flavor of creamy Arborio rice and other quality organic ingredients.

Sides and pasta

  • Rice cakes and chips: Organic brown rice cakes and Organic Rice Cake Minis – White Cheddar are some favorite products of consumers. Additionally, Sea Salt Rice Chips, Organic Thin Stackers® – Red Rice & Quinoa and Organic Cinnamon Toast Rice Cakes are also available in every channel of Lundberg Family Farms.

Rice cakes and chips

  • Ready to heat: Quinoa, rice, and savory mixes are carefully prepped, warming up soft, aromatic, and ready in minutes thanks to Lundberg Family Farms’ ready-to-heat options. They include Organic Coconut Rice, Organic Short Grain Brown Rice Bowl, Organic Spanish Style Rice, etc.
  • Family favorites: It takes a certain type of meal to make their list of Family Favorites. First and foremost, it must meet our strict sustainability criteria, as well as be farmed in a manner that protects the environment for future generations. Following that, only the best non-GMO rice kinds are invited to dinner. Finally, it must be really tasty. Some outstanding products in this group are Cilantro Lime Rice, White Arborio Rice, Lundberg Wild Blend Rice, etc.

Ready to heat and Family favorites

Reasons for choosing Lundberg Family Farms’ products

Currently, in the market, there are many suppliers of rice or organic products, but in order to be globally famous and have a foothold like Lundberg Family Farms, it must have its own standards that are not easy to achieve.

A diverse group of products

Lundberg Family Farms is responsible for about 5,000 acres of farming. We also deal with a dedicated group of rice farmers who cultivate an extra 12,000 acres of rice for our goods. The bulk of the rice we utilize in our products is grown in California. With the exception of wild rice, all of the rice in our 1 pound, 2 pound, and 12 pound bagged rice originates from California. They provide a variety of rice products for busy people, such as ready-to-eat foods, pasta, and snacks. Lundberg Family Farms also sells rice in bulk, including long grain jasmine rice varieties, basmati rice, and wild rice.


A diverse group of products

Certifications and awards

  • The Lundberg family has been farming nutritious, delicious rice while both protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations since 1937. They are granted various medals and certifications for putting in their best effort each year.
  • The 2018 California Leopold Conservation Award has been presented to Lundberg Family Farms. At the California Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Meeting, Lundberg Family Farms of Butte County earned a $10,000 prize and a crystal representing Aldo Leopold.
  • In 2019, Lundberg Family Farms was named Grower of the Year. CCOF and OPN chose Lundberg for its continued commitment and devotion to organic production quality, leadership, and innovation.
  • Every year, the Rodale Institute honors three change-makers with the Organic Pioneer Award, which honors the organic movement’s rich past and promising future. Lundberg Family Farms, a family-owned firm that has been farming organic and eco-farmed rice since 1937, was honored in 2020.
  • In addition, Lundberg Family Farms had Gluten-Free Certification, is registered as meeting the requirements of the SQF Food Safety Code for Food Manufacturing Edition 9 and many other certifications.

Certifications and awards

Food safety

Lundberg Family Farms inspect their carefully selected growers, handlers, and processors on a regular basis to guarantee that food safety and agricultural requirements are constantly maintained. From harvest through final processing and packing, their strict quality criteria, which span from kernel moisture to prepared rice appearance/flavor/texture, are frequently evaluated. Their organic fields, as well as those of their producers, have been certified by the USDA as organic. All Eco-Farmed rice complies with our Eco-Farmed standards. In addition, Lundberg Family Farms participates in the Non-GMO Project, which ensures that none of our rice is genetically modified. SQF Level 2 food safety requirements are also met in their facilities. Despite the fact that rice is inherently gluten-free, not all of Lundberg Family Farms’ products are. They are delighted to provide a wide range of gluten-free goods, however, they advise gluten-free customers to seek a “gluten-free” statement or emblem on the box, as well as read allergy declarations and ingredient lists.


Food safety

Some frequently asked questions of Lundberg Family Farms

When knowing the products of Lundberg Family Farms, it is certain that consumers have many questions and expect answers to rest assured to use.

  • Where to buy Lundberg Family Farms’ products?

Lundberg Family Farms’ products are sold in both mainstream and natural food stores across the United States and Canada. If you do not locate what you are looking for in your local shop, there are numerous internet merchants who offer their products. Visit their shop locator to discover a retailer near you that sells their products.

  • Are any of your products vegan-friendly?

Yes, they have a huge selection of vegan-friendly products. Vegan products are clearly marked on the box. To see all of our vegan products, go to the Products section of Lundberg Family Farms’ website.


We have a huge selection of vegan-friendly products

  • Why is not Lundberg Family Farms’ rice completely organic?

They are dedicated to farming and manufacturing organic rice first and foremost. They are, nevertheless, committed to ensuring that all families have access to healthy meals created with Mother Nature in mind, even if they do not hold the organic label. All of their rice, whether organic or not, is non-GMO and produced in a sustainable manner. So, no matter which Lundberg product you buy, you can be assured that every bite you take is helping to make the world a better place.


Why is not Lundberg Family Farms’ rice completely organic?

Lundberg Family Farms is one of the leading wholesale rice distributors in the US and their products are available almost all over the world. It is very easy for customers to purchase their organic products. Besides, We are – K-Agriculture – a rice supplier in Vietnam. We have much experience in exporting rice.

If you are interested in K-Agriculture’s products, feel free to contact us via:



WhatsApp: +84855555694

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