Organic Rice Brand: Clearly Understand To Consume Properly


Recently, people have begun to hear about organic rice with a higher price, but with better quality and better health than traditional brown rice. Consumers should gain the right knowledge about organic rice brands to lead a good life.

Organic rice brand: Overview

To be verified as an organic rice brand is not hard, however, the business must need some specific requirements. After gaining this certification, the brand would get many merits.

Leading products of an organic rice brand

Almost all popular types of rice in the market have organic versions. Organic basmati rice, organic jasmine rice, etc. are displayed in some supermarkets. However, there are two main types of organic rice, they are organic brown rice and organic white rice.

  • Organic brown rice is whole grain rice grown in the organic rice production process. Grains are brown because the outside sections of grains, such as bran and germ, remain maintained. Because those layers contain the bulk of vitamins and minerals, organic brown rice is best for avoiding heart disease.

Organic brown rice

  • Organic white rice is cultivated in organic-certified farming, comparable to organic brown rice production. The outer layers – bran and germ – are removed during processing, leaving it white. White rice is not as nutritional as brown rice, but it is cheaper due to easy storage and longer shelf life.

Organic white rice

Advantages of an organic rice brand

In order to receive the organic rice certification, the brand must undergo a typical sampling and production process assessment to confirm the effectiveness of the production process. As a result, becoming an organic rice brand brings many benefits:

  • Create safe products, increase shelf life.
  • Certified organic rice products are highly appreciated, which are easy to trade in the Vietnamese market as well as upgrading to international organic standards such as JAS, USDA.
  • Increase customers’ trust in safe food; help consumers nearly reduce the risk of effects from the use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.
  • The quality and price of the products are always stable.
  • Create competitive advantages, enhance brand names of manufacturers, processors and distributors.
  • Restore and improve soil health.
  • Reduce the impact of farming on people directly working.
  • Create a sustainable farming industry by minimizing negative impacts on the environment and ensuring social benefits.

Advantages of an organic rice brand

Organic rice brand: A list of famous brands

Here are some famous organic rice brands in the market. It is not hard to find them when they are available on many e-commerce platforms besides offline channels.

Seeds Of Change Organic Rice – New Mexico organic rice brand

Organic rice of Seeds Of Change is made with USDA certified organic ingredients which are cultivated by a small number of reputable growers using environmentally friendly methods. Organic rice is free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and is most suitable for vegetarians. Their key product is SEEDS OF CHANGE Organic Aromatic Jasmine Rice, Jasmine.


Seeds Of Change Organic Rice

Lotus Foods Organic Rice – India organic rice brand

Lotus Foods’ brown and white Organic Basmati rice, farmed by smallholder farmers in northern India utilizing More Crop Per DropTM techniques, received the first Regenerative Organic Certification for rice. Lotus Foods Organic Basmati Rice was named a finalist in the Best New Organic Food category of the 2020 Spark Change NEXTY Awards in August 2020, out of 725 nominees. This organic brand is famous for Lotus Foods Gourmet Organic Forbidden Rice.


Lotus Foods Organic Rice

Tasty Bite – An Indian organic rice brand

It is crucial to them that all of their goods are not only delicious but also healthy. Because of this, every Tasty Bite product is All-Natural and/or Organic. That means no artificial ingredients, clear labeling, and only organically derived products. To preserve the excellent quality of their goods, they work hard to guarantee that each component is certified Natural and/or Organic, as well as GMO-free. The striking product of Tasty Bite is Tasty Bite Organic Long-Grain Rice.


Tasty Bite

4Sisters – An American organic rice brand

Rice is grown on 25,000 acres at 4 Sisters. Their local suppliers and family farmers share their goal of providing clients with organic and natural rice that is farmed sustainably. They raise, harvest, dry, process, package, and sell 4Sisters rice on the shelves with complete traceability from farm to table. 4Sisters’ key product is 4 Sisters Long Grain Brown Rice (Organic).



Lundberg Family Farms – United States organic rice brand

Lundberg Family Farms manages around 5,000 acres of land. They also work with a devoted group of rice farmers who plant an additional 12,000 acres of rice in order to provide products. The majority of the rice they use in Lundberg Family Farms’ products comes from California. Rice, including long-grain jasmine rice variants, basmati rice, and wild rice, is available in bulk from Lundberg Family Farms. Organic California White Basmati Rice is a core product of this organic rice brand.


Lundberg Family Farms

Why do consumers choose organic rice brands?

Although the price is slightly higher than many other types of rice on the market, people prefer organic rice because the rice grain through the organic production process will contain the best nutritional content.

  • Organic rice has higher nutritional value

The most important thing that makes consumers choose organic rice is its healthy nutritional value. Rice contains a high content of vitamin B1 and many other trace components that contribute to the increased resistance of the body.

  • The nutrients in organic rice are easy to absorb

Organic rice is always rich in nutrients, guaranteed for the health and safety of users. Organic rice does not contain any harmful substances, so the body can easily absorb all the nutrients available in organic rice.

  • Good for people with diabetes, heart disease

The ingredients in organic rice are very good for people who are suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, rice also contains a higher content of fiber, antioxidants, and minerals than regular rice, which is the absolute support for the body’s immune system.


Why do consumers choose organic rice brand?

Ways to buy authentic organic rice brand

To get the best organic rice products for wholesale, businesses must invest in a closed production process according to American standards with completely organic farming and packaging methods, ensuring much stricter standards than the normal rice production process.

  • Organic rice does not go stale and dry like regular rice in a long time

If you leave two cups of rice (one organic and one regular) for about 18 hours, the rice cooked with organic rice really doesn’t go stale, just a little dry, a thin layer on top and the bottom is still soft and delicious like freshly cooked.

  • Organic rice is usually milky white

Organic rice is usually milky white because there is still a layer of rice bran on the outside. Organic clean rice after milling and packaging still has the bran layer outside, touching the rice bran layer will stick to the hand.

  • Organic rice has a natural scent

Organic rice has a natural scent of new rice, cooked rice has a mild aroma, eaten until the end of the meal is still fragrant without strange odors.


Ways to buy authentic organic rice brand

The organic rice brand is getting a high position in the market when organic products are preferred. Customers realize their benefits, so they still buy it despite a quite high price.

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