Wholesale Organic Rice Is A Potential Rice Type For Business


Now, people require the food they consume to be good for their health, to be friendly to the environment, and to be beneficial for society. Then, organic products were developed in the 1900s. Hence, wholesale organic rice is being supplied around the globe.

Wholesale organic rice’s general information

Among a wide diversity of rice, wholesale organic rice is one of the most favored types when it is presented in every store in every corner of the world. The following is basic information about wholesale organic rice you should know.

Definition of organic rice

Organic rice is the result of an approved farming method emphasizing natural conditions and the use of eco-friendly materials. Organic rice production is against harmful chemicals, transgenic plants and animals, and toxic pesticides. 

An organic rice farming process starts with high-quality seeds selection to soil preparation, and finally, fertility management. Every step is crucial and well-prepared to meet strict requirements of organic agricultural standards.


Definition of organic rice

About the quality of organic rice, many reliable standards are used to explain certain requirements in producing this rice type.

USDA organic is a set of regulations issued by The United States Department of Agriculture to verify an agricultural product is organic or not. Mainly, under Crop Standards of USDA organic, some elements will be under evaluation:

  • Land condition: no prohibited substances, soil fertility, crop nutrients, crop waste, etc.
  • Management of pests, weeds, and diseases
  • The use of organic seeds in operations
  • No genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, and sewage sludge

Logo of organic USDA and EU organic certificates

Organic EU is a framework or rules to certify organic products including organic rice, which is legal within the EU market. Basically, the legislation mentions the preservation of natural land conditions, as well as the prohibition of toxic chemicals and gene-modified seeds. 

Definition of wholesale organic rice

Wholesale organic rice indicates the organic rice sold in bulk to retailers, business organizations, or other wholesalers. The wholesale market of organic rice is becoming larger due to the significant increase in healthy and responsible eating.


Organic rice for wholesale

The main farming regions of organic rice are Southeast Asia and other countries such as the USA, Italy, and Pakistan. Thus, those regions are also reputable wholesale organic rice supply chains where many trustworthy companies are located. 


Organic rice for wholesale

Organic rice’s benefits

Customer love is gradually set on organic rice when the rice brings a number of outstanding effective influences and comes in a wide range of varieties.

Organic rice’s advantages

Organic rice becomes more and more popular due to its beneficial impacts on human health, the environment, and society.

There are positive influences on customer health conditions offered by organic rice due to its richness in nutrient content.

  • Easy to digest when organic rice contains less harmful chemicals and additives
  • Preventing cancers and heart diseases due to richness in Selenium
  • Promoting weight loss because of high fiber, protein, and calcium content in organic brown rice  
  • Enhancing immune system thanks to a rich source of vitamins B3, D3, and essential minerals while low calories in organic brown rice. 

Friendliness to the environment is another strong point when producing and using organic rice. 

  • Prohibiting the utilization of chemicals and harmful pesticides
  • Reducing soil erosion, conserving good land conditions
  • Preventing nitrate release into groundwater and surface water
  • Recycling animal wastes 

Organic rice’s advantages

Organic rice production also indicates farmer protection from harmful impacts of using chemicals and pesticides. Moreover, certain regulations related to organic agriculture directly guarantee farmers’ rights and prevent them from abuse. 

Popular organic rice varieties

Although there is a wide diversity of organic rice available such as organic basmati rice, organic jasmine rice, etc. In general, organic rice exists in two main types: organic brown rice and organic white rice.

  • Organic brown rice is whole grain rice produced in organically farming systems. The outer parts of grains including bran and germ are preserved, giving the rice a brown color. Those layers hold the majority of vitamins and minerals; therefore, organic brown rice is the most suitable for preventing heart diseases. 

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Popular organic rice varieties

  • Organic white rice, similar to organic brown rice, is grown in organic-certified cultivation. However, during processing, the outer layers – bran and germ are removed, making it carry a white color. White rice is not as rich in nutrients as brown rice but is more affordable due to easier preservation requirements and longer shelf life. 

Wholesale organic rice potentials 

Not only having considerable positive impacts on human health conditions, along with the environment and society, wholesale organic rice also offers a full-of-potential playground for various companies. 

High price

Compared to conventional rice types, wholesale organic rice can be sold at a much higher cost. 2018 export price of wholesale organic rice is around US $2000-3000/tonne, while conventionally grown rice costs about US $400/tonne. There are two reasons explaining this fact.


High price

  • First, the production of organic rice requires specific standards in environmental conditions as well as farming skills. These regulations are much stricter than those in cultivating inorganic rice. Hence, it is much more expensive to invest in soil condition enhancement, along with technical capacity building for farmers. 
  • Secondly, there is a big gap between the consumption and the output quantity of organic rice for wholesale. In fact, the output of organic rice is lower than its customer demand. This results in an increase in the price of wholesale organic rice.

Large sale volume

Recently, the wholesale business of organic rice has been predominant on the global market when its sales volume expands non-stop. This result stems from two main characteristics of wholesale organic rice: wide distribution and great consumption. 


Large sale volume

The import of wholesale organic rice is not only within a country but also around the world. The EU and North America are the two notable regions that import a giant quantity of organic agricultural products including organic rice. 

  • Particularly, according to a report of the European Commission, in 2019, 3.24 million tonnes of organic rice and other organic products were imported by countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and Turkey, etc. Annually, the US imports 0.02 million mt of organic rice on average (equally $24 million), based on statistics conducted by USDA in 2018.

The international demand for wholesale organic rice is swelling at an astounding rate due to changes in healthy lifestyle and nature protection awareness. 

  • As organic rice carries a rich nutritional value, human well-being will be improved in an impressive way. Moreover, during the production, harmful agricultural chemicals are forbidden, therefore soil health and underground water systems are preserved well. 

Finding wholesale organic rice suppliers

The success of trading wholesale organic rice partially depends on a stable supply chain. Thus, it is important to find a reliable wholesale organic rice supplier.

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Signs of a reputable wholesale organic rice supplier

A reputable wholesale organic rice supplier must have a legal business license and a clear address.

  • Transparency in business licenses is a basis to recognize whether this wholesale organic rice supplier is trustworthy or not. It must receive trading permission from national competent authorities. 
  • A clear location of the office and factories will enhance the trustworthiness of the wholesale organic rice supplier. This basic information can be found on the company website or profile. 

Signs of a reputable wholesale organic rice supplier

An outstanding certificate profile of products can be a good sign of a reliable wholesale supplier of organic rice.

  • Organic rice must undergo strict quality checks of national and international standards. A trustworthy wholesale organic rice supplier needs relevant qualifications to prove its ability to meet the high requirements of the customers. 
  • Some widely-recognized certificates are USDA organic for the American market or organic EU for countries within the European Union. Besides, other standards such as JAS, ISO, or Global GAP are accepted in different regions.

An outstanding certificate profile of products can be a good sign of a reliable wholesale supplier of organic rice.

The high rate of successful contracts can be used to identify a reputable wholesale organic rice supplier.

  • The reputation of a wholesale organic rice supplier can come from the number of successful contracts in the past. If many retailers or companies work with this supplier, it means that the products of the wholesale organic rice suppliers meet the requirements of the business partners. 
  • If the wholesale supplier of organic rice can export its products to strict markets such as America and the EU, it indicates that the supplier can produce organic goods satisfying USDA and organic EU regulations.

The high rate of successful contracts can be used to identify a reputable wholesale organic rice supplier.

Signs of a scam wholesale organic rice supplier

  • Too low organic rice’s wholesale price: Wholesale price of organic rice is usually higher than other varieties available on the market. If the given price is too low, you should compare it to the current rice price in each market.

Signs of a scam wholesale organic rice supplier

  • Lack of basic information
  • Not providing a legal business license authorized by national organizations
  • Not having a transparent address of the office, factories, and farms
  • Not having a professional website or company profile
  • Urging on early payment: Scam wholesale organic rice suppliers usually request you to pay before product shipment. To avoid this case, you should negotiate the appropriate payment method before signing a contract.

Wholesale organic rice suppliers

Following is the recommendation of prestigious wholesale suppliers of organic rice.

K-Agriculture wholesale organic rice supplier

During 25 years of development, K-Agriculture Factory is one of the pioneers in supplying wholesale organic rice nationally and internationally. Powered by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, this Vietnamese wholesale organic rice supplier distributes its products to over 80 countries in major markets such as the US, Canada, and other regions. The factory supplies high-quality rice such as Japonica, ST24, ST25, ST 21 rice, OM504 rice, OM5451 rice, and DT08 rice at reasonable prices.


K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture produces high-quality organic rice meeting famous certificates such as organic USDA, EU organic, and JAS thanks to the standardized production process. The wholesale supplier of organic rice has skillful farmers to grow organic rice, the staff to run the milling process, and experts to guarantee the output quality.

Besides, experienced employees of the wholesale organic rice supplier are always ready to support customers in product information, price consultation, and delivery.

Contact information:


Head office: K Building, 171 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

WhatsApp: +84855555837 (Ms. Kris)

Nature Bio Foods wholesale organic rice supplier

Another wholesale organic rice supplier is Nature Bio Foods from India. This supplier has a long history to position itself as India’s leading organic rice company. Aside from wholesale organic rice, the product range includes rice flour, oil and oil seeds, spices and herbs, etc. 


Nature Bio Foods wholesale organic rice supplier

Nature Bio Foods actively participate in all aspects of organic farming: production, packaging, and marketing. 

Interra International wholesale organic rice supplier

Interra International is a global wholesale supplier in the organic rice field, with its headquarters located in the USA and 14 other offices in different countries such as China and Mexico. 


Interra International wholesale organic rice supplier

The wholesale organic rice supplier has 30-year experience in providing a stable source of organic rice and other food products to over 112 destinations. Interra International also offers good logistic and distribution systems to satisfy customer requirements. 

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In conclusion, this article provides you with the information you need to know about wholesale organic rice. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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