Organic Brown Rice In Bulk: Everything You Need To Know


Because of the great economic value, organic brown rice in bulk is one of the most popular wholesale rice types today. So, what exactly is bulk organic brown rice? All of the information wholesalers need to know before starting organic brown rice in bulk is provided here.

Organic Brown Rice In Bulk Overview

Organic brown rice in bulk is one of the most valuable in recent years. As one of the trending rice, organic brown rice in bulk is currently having great economic potential, so many traders choose to start their wholesale rice business. 


Calories of organic brown rice

History of Organic Brown Rice

The word “organic” refers to the cultivated process and verified by EU organic, USDA organic, Natureland. 

It uses only natural methods and organic fertilizers to provide cleanliness, safety for consumers without the use of chemicals,  fertilizers, insecticides that interfere with the farming process.

Organic brown rice is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the current Covid epidemic, rising demand for healthy products, making organic brown rice in bulk more and more preferred for wholesale. 

Types of Organic Brown Rice

Organic brown rice is classified into several varieties Long-grain, Medium-grain, Short-grain organic brown rice. 

“If in 2015, the consumption of colored rice was only about 1 ton/month, now in 2021 it’s about 5 tons/month. In addition to retail, we also wholesale to retail stores and sell to several units processing with orders of several hundred kilograms young people and office workers today are using colored rice more and more due to the application of a healthy diet to be healthier and more beautiful, not just a group of customers who have needs. In addition, now enterprises are applying Japanese technology to process brown rice into pre-packaged rice, which is very convenient for busy young people who do not have time to cook, just need to heat up and eat immediately. “- Mr.Hieu- Director of Phuong Nam Food Joint Stock Company- shared.


3 types of organic brown rice

Each type will be suitable for its own use and wholesalers can easily choose according to the purpose and market.

  • Long-grain organic brown rice in bulk

The shape of long-grain organic brown rice in bulk is often easy to identify because rice grains with a length of 6.5mm or more. The most well-known long-grain organic brown rice in bulk is jasmine rice, DT08 rice, basmati rice. 


Long-grain organic brown rice in bulk

  • Medium-grain organic brown rice in bulk

Medium-grain organic brown rice in bulk has a grain length that is 6.5mm or less. Because certain types are difficult to discern, medium-grain organic brown rice in bulk may be mistaken with long-grain organic brown rice in bulk. OM5451 organic brown rice in bulk and IR504 organic brown rice in bulk are some popular medium-grain organic brown rice in bulk.


Medium-grain organic brown rice in bulk

  • Short-grain organic brown rice in bulk

The most unique and identifiable rice variety is short-grain organic brown rice. Short-grain organic brown rice in bulk is also very popular with wholesalers, with the shape of a small grain of rice, the length of which is equal to the width of the belly of a rice grain, often round and small, especially, in this time of scarcity of goods, when this market in Japan and Europe is expanding due to high market demand. The most well-known short-grain organic brown rice in bulk is japonica organic brown rice in bulk-commonly used in everyday life.

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Short-grain organic brown rice in bulk

Price of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

Because the globe is in a pandemic era, supply is tight, and demand is growing, as well as problematic modes of transportation and increasingly strict export laws, affect the price of organic brown rice in bulk. 

Price of Brown rice In Bulk 

Because it is rice that has not been milled and processed, the price of brown rice in bulk will be cheaper than the price of white rice in bulk from 200 USD-300 USD/metric ton.  Although it is cheaper than white rice, because organic rice has a more complicated farming process than normal brown rice, the price of organic brown rice in bulk will usually be higher than the price of black rice in bulk from 150USD-250USD/metric ton.


Price of Brown rice In Bulk

The export price in Myanmar is the highest with more than 550,000 USD/metric because this is a country with harsh natural conditions, not too convenient for rice cultivation as well as difficult to transport from Myanmar to other countries, so this country only specializes in exporting rice to other countries. high-end market.

With a country specializing in exporting rice like Vietnam, the export price is only nearly 45,000 USD/metric ton. 

The price of rice in Vietnam is usually affordable because it is a country located in the same raw materials, reasonable labor costs plus favorable weather conditions, so it will often be preferred because of its diversity.

The global price of organic brown rice in bulk 2021 has risen, no longer at 2019 low, but now ranging from 100,000 USD to 250,000 USD per metric ton.

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Price of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

In contrast to brown rice, it is more difficult for wholesalers to find exact organic brown rice prices.

The price of organic brown rice is commonly based on negotiation between buyers and sellers. It does not have an exact price because the production process of organic products is very different between countries. 


Price of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

In countries that have complicated processes, strict organic product certification, strict control over factors such as customs, taxes, and transportation, the price of organic brown rice will often be higher than the average.

As for countries that are easy to trade, the price of organic brown rice will be more reasonable, but will always be more expensive than brown rice because achieving organic product certification requires a lot of procedures.

Supply of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia are currently the leading countries in the supply of organic brown rice in bulk. These are the most famous supplying countries because they have the advantage of arable land, weather, experience, and reputation for exporting rice worldwide, so the Wholesalers often go to these countries to start organic brown rice in bulk business.

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Supply of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

The largest export volume in Myanmar with more than 1.5 million tons of rice. Meanwhile, the lowest country is the Netherlands with just over 31 million tons of brown rice exported.

Myanmar is the largest brown rice exporter as it can be considered the only marketable rice product of this country. 

The output of Thailand and Vietnam is also always at the top because these are famous countries for agricultural products, in raw material areas, with favorable weather conditions, and easy-open customs policies to facilitate trade driving at home and abroad.


Supply of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

The leading countries in the rice industry, Vietnam and Thailand, have rice export volumes of more than 91 thousand tons and more than 126 thousand tons, respectively, still keeping one of the top positions in terms of exporting countries. large rice export.

Thailand and Vietnam always have the highest output because they are well-known for their agricultural products, favorable weather conditions, open policies. These countries’ export volumes exceed 91 thousand tons and 126 thousand tons, respectively, placing them among the top exporting countries.

However, the export volume of organic brown rice in bulk in 2021 has now been restricted. The scarcity of supply from these countries is because Thailand is having political turmoil, and Vietnam is tightening rice quotas, so it will be more difficult for traders to import organic brown rice in bulk.

Organic Brown Rice in Bulk Suppliers 

– Leading Suppliers

The main exporters of organic brown rice in bulk are in the top 5 rice-producing countries, including India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • Myanmar: although not listed in the list of the highest rice exporters, the production of organic brown rice in bulk is at the top of all countries with more than 1 million tons of rice.
  • Thailand: ranked second with about 11 million tons
  • Vietnam: with about 7 million tons of rice exported.

Organic Brown Rice in Bulk Suppliers

However, this number has changed and Vietnam has become the second country to export rice, only after India for about 3 years now.

Because the total production is very high, the export volume of organic brown rice in bulk is also proportional to the total output.

Countries that have experience in farming and growing rice so can always find good varieties, affordable labor, and large supply. In addition, regional climatic factors and export policies are always very convenient to trade, so the rice output of the three countries is very high.

– Intermediate Suppliers

Since some countries are not producers, if you are unfamiliar with the rice wholesale industry, the advantage of importing rice from these intermediate suppliers is that you can be completely trusted because of the convenience and qualified quality. 

Trustworthy Factories to Buy Organic Brown Rice In Bulk With High Quality

There are many reputable wholesalers in the world, here is one of the reliable suppliers of organic brown rice in bulk.

K-Agriculture Factory – Best Organic Brown Rice in Bulk Supplier

K-agriculture is the leading agricultural factory specializing in organic brown rice in bulk, with over 25 years of growth and support from the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is the top choice for individuals looking to invest in the wholesale rice industry because it is the cheapest agricultural factory on the market. The factory not only provides organic brown rice but also supplies other high-quality rice such as Japonica, ST24, ST25, ST 21 rice, OM504 rice, OM5451 rice, and DT08 rice at reasonable prices.

Contact for more information

  • Whatsapp: +84855555837 (Ms Kris)
  • Website:

K-Agriculture Factory

Reasons to choose K-Agriculture:

  1. Best Quality: with the goal of always taking quality as the heart to grow and thrive, Ms. Chloe always focuses on the quality of each order, big or small. Only quality can build trust and brand with customers.
  2. Best Price: Extremely understanding of customer psychology, Ms. Chloe always offers the most favorable prices for merchants around the world. Because she has a network with the best rice mills in Vietnam, Ms. Chloe commits that the wholesale price will always be at the top of the most competitive prices.
  3. Best Service: always ready and enthusiastic when customers need it, Ms. Chloe always satisfies all partners with her professionalism and dedication when handling work. Therefore, customers are completely assured of being supported by the best team in the industry.

Greenseed – Best Thailand Rice Factory

Greenseed is a sophisticated facility that has been producing rice products in Thailand for over 7 years. It is not just a rice processing plant, but also a rice-based producer. It is also Thailand’s leading rice milling and processing enterprise, having received several important honors, as the brand testifies on the current wholesale market. Customers can simply follow the wholesale price of greenseed organic brown rice in bulk e because it is updated on a regular basis.



SunriseIndia – A Trustworthy India Rice Factory 

Sunrise is one of India’s largest manufacturers, employing over 4000 people and recognized for producing organic brown rice in bulk Sunrise’s rice fields always favor users since their rice quality is tightly regulated, and they have a sophisticated farm system. Despite the fact that the factory’s system has been in place for eight years, its customer service and working techniques are consistently straightforward and swift. The plant’s orders are handled by renowned specialists in agricultural and transportation items. While Sunrise delivers exceptionally high-quality services, paying the wholesale price for organic brown rice in bulk is fairly affordable.



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