Arabica Roasted Coffee – Commercial

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Product name Vietnam Arabica Roasted Coffee
Moisture 12,5% max
Foreign matter 0.1% max
Black bean 0.1% max
Broken bean 0.4% max
Screen size 16/18
Method Dry cleaned
Container capacity Container 20ft: 19MT | Container 40ft: 27MT
Payment term T/T or L/C at sight 100%
Port of loading Ho Chi Minh port
Product Infomation

Origin of our Arabica coffee

Our Arabica roasted coffee is derived from Lam Dong, Vietnam.


A farmer is collecting Arabica coffee

Lam Dong is a place preferred by nature due to its cool environment and high hilly terrain. This is why Arabica coffee beans from Lam Dong are well-known for their great quality, and why we picked Lam Dong as the origin of our product – to provide our clients with the highest quality Arabica roasted coffee beans.

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Characteristics of Arabica coffee

Shape: Arabica coffee beans have an elliptical shape, and a groove in the middle of the bean has a wavy shape.

Colour: When unroasted, Arabica coffee (left) has a lighter colour than Robusta coffee (right). The green colour of Arabica coffee has a slightly grey colour.

Caffeine content: The caffeine content in Arabica beans is about 0,8 – 1,5%

Taste: Arabica coffee has a sour taste, but the taste of Arabica coffee is not completely sour. When swallowed, it will have a mildly bitter taste, which is called the aftertaste of coffee.

Aroma: The aroma of Arabica is very sweet and soft. Arabica coffee after bartending has very different attractive aromas such as floral, fruity, and chocolate. Depending on the farming land and climate, Arabica coffee has different characteristic aromas. They can have the aroma of toasted bread, the aroma of fruit, or the aroma of honey.


Arabica roasted beans

Because of our strong demand, Arabica roasted coffee is consistent with the best quality. Our product, cultivated in one of Vietnam’s most fruitful areas, has a particular flavour that distinguishes it from the competitors. Furthermore, our customers like our product because of its distinct chocolate-like scent, which symbolizes the environment and surroundings of the Vietnamese highland area.

Why is Arabica coffee from Vietnam unique? What the below video!


Many reputable certifications have been granted to our Arabica coffee beans, including Vietpresso 2019, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, Global GAP, etc



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