Vietnamese Coffee Instant: Top Must-try Drinks


Vietnamese coffee instant is considered to be the most tasteful as well as convenient for coffee lovers all around the world. For Vietnamese instant coffee, drinkers don’t even need a filter as the traditional brewing method. This article is going to review the top must-try Vietnamese coffee instant voted by connoisseurs.

Vietnamese coffee instant general information

Vietnamese coffee instant, also known as soluble coffee, coffee powder, or coffee crystals, are beverage products derived from brewed Vietnamese coffee beans and normally packaged in a two-gram packet. The packets enable drinkers to prepare hot coffee quickly by adding hot water and sweetened condensed milk to the powder and blending.

Recently, coffee is considered to be a rapidly growing industry that promotes Vietnam to be one of the world’s largest coffee export countries. Along with the world economic integration, Vietnamese coffee instant has become a reasonable option for those who are always in rush rather than traditional ground or whole bean coffee.


Vietnamese coffee instant general information

Vietnamese coffee instant production technology

When it comes to Vietnamese coffee instant production technology, there are two main techniques that are spray-drying and freeze-drying.


The coffee extract is sprayed into a stream of heated air at the top of a tall cylindrical tower during spray-drying. The droplets dry as they fall, and by the time they reach the bottom, they have turned into a fine powder.

To make controlling and dissolving easier, the powder might be texturized into granules. Because of the rapid drying that occurs during this procedure, the quality of the fragrance and flavor is kept. Therefore, the most popular drying method is spray drying.


Spray-drying and freeze-drying are two major techniques to produce instant coffee


The coffee extract is frozen to around – 40°C and then chopped into granules in the freeze-drying process. The frozen granules are then vacuum-dried at a low temperature. The very low temperature and delicate drying procedures safeguard the purity of the fragrance and flavor.

Vietnamese coffee instant pros and cons

  • Pros

Benefits of Vietnamese coffee instant include the short preparation due to quick dissolve capacity; low shipping weight and volume; and long expiry date. Furthermore, instant packets also reduce cleanup because there are no coffee grounds. Instant Vietnamese coffee is also very popular with office workers because of its quickness and delicious taste that is not too different from regular coffee. More so, instant coffee is also loved by many Vietnamese women because of its sufficient caffeine content and not too bitter taste compared to other types of coffee.

  • Cons

However, instant coffee contains not only coffee powder but also many other ingredients such as sugar, contain milk, synthetic flavor, and acidity regulator. This means that coffee lovers can hardly enjoy the full flavor of this Vietnamese coffee drink when the additives overwhelm the pure flavor of the coffee.


Pros and cons of instant coffee

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Top must-try Vietnamese coffee instant for coffee lovers

Vietnamese coffee instant is widely consumed domestically as well as internationally due to their convenience and taste.

Trung Nguyen Legend

When it comes to Vietnamese coffee instant products, it is deficient not to mention Trung Nguyen Group. Founded in 1996 in Buon Me Thuot Province, Trung Nguyen Legend is the largest coffee producer, processor, and exporter in Vietnam.

G7 Instant Coffee 3-in-1

Trung Nguyen Legend’s G7 line is known as one of the most tasteful Vietnamese coffee instant products. Although its intensity is lower than that in brewed coffee, G7 3-in-1 still brings coffee lovers an instant and cheap drink that costs only a fraction of what a drinker pays for regular ground or whole bean products. It comprises a mixture of coffee powder from Vietnamese, Jamaicans, Brazilian, and Ethiopian beans. To make the flavor milder, non-dairy creamer and sugar are added to the powder. All in all, G7 3-in-1 is convenient and brings a tasteful and aromatic coffee cup for those who rush in the morning and travelers.


G7 3-in-1

G7 Instant Coffee Pure Black

If coffee drinkers are not a fan of creamer, G7 Instant Coffee Pure Black is a great option, especially when they need an instant caffeine boost. This Vietnamese coffee instant product is made from Arabica and Robusta beans with a medium roasting method that provides drinkers with outstanding deep flavors and matches the palate of those who do not prefer cream or milk. This soluble coffee is served in a single sachet that can be brought anywhere. All in all, G7 Pure Black is a full-bodied Vietnamese instant coffee that is portable and easy to be served. In addition, it can dissolve in both hot and cold water, so users don’t even have to boil water to brew it.


G7 Pure Black

G7 Espresso Instant Coffee

Generally, Espresso and Vietnamese coffee instant may be inconsistent to go together, but Trung Nguyen has disproved this bias by introducing G7 Espresso Instant Coffee. While Espresso Instant cannot replace a barista’s cuppa joe, it is an effective way to solve coffee lovers’ espresso cravings. Unlike other products in the G7 line, Espresso Instant coffee contains 100% Arabica beans that give it a bold and specific taste and aroma. Almost like a genuine espresso from coffee shops, it is flavorful, smooth, and especially portable.


G7 Espresso

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Vinacafe Instant Coffee

Vinacafe, also known as Vinacafé, is a brand of instant coffee products and is also a popular name used to refer to Vinacafé Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company, one of the leading famous coffee brands in Vietnam. This Vietnamese coffee instant is aromatic, bold, and high in caffeine content, and it is often regarded as the most ideal way to begin a new day. Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix, on the other hand, is not so full-bodied as a traditional drip brew. All in all, Vinacafe still deserves the Vietnamese coffee brand with quick brew and absolutely delicious tastes.


Vietnamese Vinacafe

Vinacafé Gold Original

Maintaining its exclusively original flavor for 21 years, the famous Vinacafé Gold Original – a Vietnamese coffee instant product has taken millions of Vietnamese coffee lovers’ hearts with balance and harmony among 5 distinctive flavors: sour, bitter light, sweet, slightly acrid, and slightly fatty of milk.


Vinacafe Gold Origin

Vinacafé Gold Strong Flavor

Vinacafé Gold Strong Flavor has the smoky aroma of roasted Robusta coffee beans. This type of Vietnamese coffee instant is said to be salty with the taste of the land, wind, mountains, and forests of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Enjoying a sip of Vinacafé Gold Strong Flavor takes drinkers on an adventure in the middle of the immense plateau.


Vinacafe Gold Strong Flavor

Vinacafé Gold Extra Strong Flavor

Thanks to the secret of scent retention technology, Vinacafé Gold Extra-strong Flavor preserves the strong smell of filter coffee, brings a strong milk coffee taste, spreads the aroma throughout the palate from the first sip. For those who like the quality of filter coffee, Vinacafé Gold Extra-strong Flavor will be the most optimal choice.

Vinacafé 3in1 Original Buon Ma Thuot

Vinacafé 3in1 Original Buon Ma Thuot is produced from 100% Robusta coffee beans of Buon Ma Thuot region, raised for nine months by fertile red soil, and dried for three weeks under the highland sunshine. This Vietnamese coffee instant is one of the most consumed products among Vietnamese coffee lovers.


Vinacafe Original Buon Me Thuot

K-Coffee Instant Coffee

Phuc Sinh Joint Stock Company is the owner of the K-Coffee line including Delight 3in1 Instant Coffee, Black 2-in-1 Instant Coffee, Black 100% Pure Roasted Coffee, Light 100% Pure Roasted Coffee. With the comfort in preparation, this Vietnamese coffee instant can give drinkers the right cup of Vietnamese coffee regardless of smooth milk coffee or pure black coffee.


K Delight Coffee

Vietnamese coffee instant drink recipe

Vietnamese coffee is widely known among both national and international coffee lovers as “iced milk coffee” or “ca phe sua da”. It is commonly served as black coffee added milk beverage such as sweetened condensed milk or fresh milk. As emphasized above, Vietnamese coffee instant products are easy to make.


Finest recipe to prepare a Vietnamese-style instant coffee


To make a Vietnamese coffee instant drink, drinkers need to prepare: 1-2 instant coffee sachet(s) depending on preference; 70ml hot water; sweetened condensed milk or fresh milk; ice; and a teaspoon.


  • Heat the water to 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Pour the coffee powder into the coffee cup.
  • Add 70 ml boiling water to the coffee glass (if using 1 Vietnamese coffee instant sachet) and stir it evenly by the teaspoon.
  • Pour sweetened condensed milk or fresh milk depending on preference.
  • Add ice to the glass and it is ready to be served.

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