Vietnamese Coffee Egg And Its Special Attraction


Vietnamese coffee egg is made from coffee combined with fresh eggs to create a special beverage. This drink has a taste that is neither too sweet nor too bitter, a blend of eggs, and the passionate flavor of the coffee. In this article, K-Agriculture will provide information about this coffee for you. 

What people think when talking about Vietnamese coffee egg

Vietnamese coffee egg is a familiar beverage to Vietnamese people, especially Hanoians. Vietnamese coffee egg has the coffee below and the smooth, golden, whipped egg cream on top. This is the perfect combination of the bitterness of Vietnamese Robusta coffee, the sweetness of sugar, the greasy taste of fresh eggs and milk.


Definition of Vietnamese coffee egg

The formation and development of Vietnamese coffee egg 

Mr. Nguyen Van Giang was the creator of Vietnamese coffee egg around 1950 in Hanoi. Mr. Giang was a barista for the Metropole Hanoi Hotel and had the opportunity to interact with many different types of coffee and different ways of preparing coffee. In this period, fresh milk was very expensive, only nobles could use fresh milk so he used eggs instead to create delicious egg coffee with a unique flavor. Since then, Mr. Giang has built the famous “Giang Coffee” brand in Hanoi with its signature egg coffee drink.


The creator of Vietnamese coffee egg

Vietnamese coffee egg began to be popular after 1990. When the economy gradually developed, this was no longer a luxury drink but became more popular. At that time, egg beaters were born, saving time for bartenders, so they could meet the widespread enjoyment of the people.


Ways to brew Vietnamese coffee egg is modernized with egg beater

Nowadays, egg coffee has been transformed into many versions all over the world like matcha Vietnamese coffee egg, cocoa Vietnamese coffee egg, etc, but only in Hanoi has the real egg coffee flavor. Egg coffee is also popular with domestic and international tourists.


Egg coffee around the world

Ingredients of Vietnamese coffee egg

Ingredients for making Vietnamese coffee egg are things familiar to Vietnamese people, including fresh eggs, sugar, condensed milk, and Robusta coffee


Ingredients of Vietnamese coffee egg

It is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of each ingredient to ensure the quality of the coffee cup. The perfection in each ingredient contributes to the perfection of each cup of coffee.

  • The secret to a perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee egg is that the eggs must be fresh, absolutely do not use industrial eggs so that when beaten, then they do not cause a fishy smell.
  • Another important note when making Vietnamese coffee egg is the fineness of the coffee, the source of coffee must be pure coffee, clean coffee without impurities, finely ground, so the cup The coffee will have the full aroma and taste, helping to make the egg coffee cup the most delicious.
  • The ratio of ingredients between coffee and eggs is an important factor to be able to make a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee egg. A standard cup of egg coffee is neither too sweet nor too bitter, the taste is greasy, delicious, is a typical blend between the aroma of coffee and fresh eggs that makes a difference and is attractive to people.

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How to make Vietnamese coffee egg

Vietnamese coffee egg is not difficult to make, but it requires sophistication and ingenuity from the barista. The most important is the stage of beating egg yolks so that the flavor does not overwhelm the smell of coffee.

  • First, you separate the egg yolks and beat them until they have a light aroma like cake. If you beat too much, the coffee will no longer have a dense texture, but if you do not beat enough, the coffee and egg yolk will be difficult to blend, the taste is not delicious.
  • Second, the egg whites are also added a little sugar, honey, and beat until fluffy.
  • Finally, make coffee with hot water and then slowly pour it into the beaten egg so that the coffee layer settles down. The perfect cup of egg coffee must have three layers: the bottom layer of black coffee, then the light yellow egg yolks, the top is egg whites.

How to make Vietnamese coffee egg

To enjoy the best egg coffee, you should drink it while it is still hot because if it is cool, you will feel the fishy taste of the egg. Another small tip is that you can prepare a bowl of hot water to keep the egg coffee from getting cold so that the audience won’t feel the fishy smell in this drink.

In addition, at the coffee-making stage, you should rinse the coffee filter with boiling water, then put an amount of about 20 grams into the filter and press the lid down. Next, slowly pour 15ml of boiling water around the filter so that this amount of coffee is evenly absorbed, wait 2-3 minutes and then continue to pour boiling water into about 3/4 of the filter. This will produce the most delicious coffee, the purest aroma.

The culture of enjoying egg coffee of Vietnamese people

Vietnamese coffee egg has become a cultural beauty, a symbol of Vietnamese coffee drinks, partly because that is the uniqueness of the way Vietnamese people enjoy egg coffee.

The way Vietnamese people enjoy Vietnamese coffee egg

Hot coffee is served in a small cup with warm water to keep the drink hot. Today, many cafes have been more creative, replacing small cups of warm water with porcelain stoves to heat up egg coffee by scented candles. This innovative approach not only enhances the aesthetics, but the gentle aroma of scented candles combined with the aroma of eggs creates warmness, very “Hanoi winter”!


The way Vietnamese people enjoy Vietnamese coffee egg

Indeed, enjoying egg coffee requires sophistication. Hanoians enjoy coffee by using a small spoon to taste the cream foam first as an appetizer, then by mixing the taste of coffee with egg yolk to create a greasy and not too bitter taste. The strong coffee flavor at the bottom of the cup permeates through the egg – the golden layer is at the top – creating a rather thick and sweet taste without being overpowering.

Culture of enjoying Vietnamese coffee egg in the eyes of foreigners

In the list of the best coffees voted by Buzzfeed, there are representatives from almost all countries famous for good coffee. In particular, Vietnamese coffee egg topped the list of voted coffee-based drinks you should try when traveling.

Vietnamese coffee not only has excellent pure taste, grown and processed from vast coffee farms in the Central Highlands, but also leaves a mark in the eyes of visitors by the unique combinations, the “thrilling” cafes and the price is startlingly cheap.


Culture of enjoying Vietnamese coffee egg in the eyes of foreigners

Many tourists show interest in this drink. They shared the same opinion, at first, when looking at the way the chef mixed, everyone was worried about the food safety and hygiene, the residual fishy taste. However, when enjoying, they were impressed by the sweet taste of fresh milk, the richness of coffee along with the characteristic greasy flesh of eggs, all worries disappeared.

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Egg coffee originated from a small “Giang Coffee” cafe in Hanoi and is now popular all over the capital. Egg coffee is especially suitable on cold days, sipping a warm cup of coffee and watching the street.

Giang Coffee


Vietnamese coffee egg of Giang Coffee

Referring to egg coffee, it is impossible not to mention the “Giang Coffee”, which was established in 1946 because this is the origin of this delicious drink. The coffee is still be passed on and developed by family members.

The space of Giang coffee shop is not too big, nor is it invested much, but it is always crowded. Sitting inside the cafe as separate from the hustle and bustle of the city outside, sipping a cup of coffee, and listening to Trinh music is the “quality” of Hanoi.

Address: No. 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Dinh Coffee


Vietnamese coffee egg of Dinh Coffee

Dinh Coffee started its business in 1990, this is also one of the oldest egg coffee shops in Hanoi. Dinh coffee is located in the center of the old town, with a balcony facing the Sword Lake, so sitting here drinking egg coffee feels old in Hanoi.

Dinh coffee was opened by Giang’s daughter, Mrs. Bich, so the taste of egg coffee here is no different from Giang coffee.

Address: No. 13 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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