TOP 5 Best Vietnamese Coffee Drinks You Should Try


Vietnamese coffee is not only known for its top output in the world but also has built its very own coffee brands. This article will review the 5 best Vietnamese coffee drinks that international guests should try every time they come to Vietnam.

Vietnamese coffee drinks by history

Coffee was first brought to Vietnam in the second half of the 19th century. Up to now, Vietnam has formed a coffee-drinking culture for nearly 200 years and is increasingly appreciated by international friends.

Vietnamese coffee drinks in the 19th century

The French brought coffee into Vietnam around the 1850s. At first, it was mainly grown in the North such as Tuyen Quang, Lang Son, Ninh Binh, and some Central Provinces such as Nghe An and Ha Tinh. After that, the French began to move coffee trees to the Central Highlands, the rich red land of Ba-dan is suitable for coffee trees to grow. The Central Highlands was gradually explored to grow coffee and later became the largest coffee growing area in the country with top quality coffees. 


Vietnamese coffee drinks in the 19th century

Vietnamese coffee drinks in the 20th century

From the early 20th century, when coffee became a commercial crop, the drink was black, bitter, and made people feel good after drinking, favored by the feudal officials and aristocrats at that time.

In the second half of the 20th century, drinking coffee was also a measure of a person’s style and class. Many teenagers think that drinking coffee is proof that they are “mature”. Sidewalk cafes – a cultural beauty unique to Vietnam – also formed here.


Vietnamese coffee drinks in the 20th century

Vietnamese coffee drinks in the early 21st century

In the early 2000s, the forms of the coffee business had many changes. People began to prefer cafes with the Internet, music, and more space. Sidewalk cafes, although still exist, have ceded their position to other forms. 


Vietnamese coffee drinks in the early 21st century

Vietnamese coffee drinks nowadays

Many world-famous coffees have been imported into Vietnam such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, etc. If in the past, everyone could easily make a cup of traditional coffee, now making coffee is an art. Not only admire the cafe space, but customers also want to see a unique cup of coffee.

Coffee cups with milk foam with eye-catching patterns that people can’t bear to drink require baristas who are proficient in coffee machine techniques and shaping techniques on coffee cups. The concept of deliciousness today is not only delicious in quality, but also in appearance.


Vietnamese coffee drinks nowadays

Vietnamese coffee drinks and Vietnamese life

Along with the history, Vietnamese coffee seems to have become a “companion” with Vietnamese people in life. It is not difficult to see the image of a Vietnamese person drinking coffee on the streets.

Purpose of using Vietnamese coffee drinks by Vietnamese people

Westerners drink coffee when they need to stay awake and focus on work. Vietnamese people can drink coffee whenever. The verb “drinking coffee” with Vietnamese people not only means going to a cafe to enjoy coffee but also gathering friends, going to work, meeting, etc. Many coffee business models such as book cafes, office cafes, pet cafes were born to meet the new Vietnamese coffee culture. The Vietnamese coffee culture in recent years is a culture of enjoyment in both taste and sight. People can sit for hours not only to enjoy a cup of coffee but also to enjoy the space of the cafe.


Purpose of using Vietnamese coffee drinks by Vietnamese people

Vietnamese coffee drinks culture by region

  • Vietnamese coffee drinks in Hanoi

Hanoians love strong filter coffee. Good coffee for Hanoians must be coffee cups brewed in a tightly screwed filter. Many people also want the coffee to be soaked, so carefully pour each spoon of boiling water into the filter. 

Filtered coffee still exists and is voted by many as a delicious way to make coffee. Hanoians have a familiar way of naming coffee – “brown” and “black”. When entering the shop, if you want to drink iced milk coffee, you will call it “ice brown” and if you want to drink black coffee, call it “black” or “black ice”.


Vietnamese coffee drinks in Hanoi

  • Vietnamese coffee drinks in Saigon

In Saigon, the way coffee is made is somewhat different. People put coffee in a thin cloth bag made like a small racket and then put it in a terracotta kettle, pouring boiling water like making tea. After ten minutes, the coffee is transferred to an aluminum pot and heated on a charcoal stove before serving. 


Vietnamese coffee drinks in Saigon

TOP 5 BEST Vietnamese coffee drinks

Vietnamese coffee drinks are famous around the world not only for their bitter taste but also for their rustic coffee image like Vietnamese people. Each region in Vietnam has a different way of making coffee, creating different coffee drinks, but in general, there are 5 best Vietnamese coffee drinks that every international visitor should experience once.

Vietnamese milk iced coffee

First, it is impossible not to mention the “soul” of Vietnamese coffee drinks. Sweet, but still strong, and if you choose the right coffee with the right ratio of milk and coffee, a cup of milk iced coffee will give people a deep, passionate aftertaste and seductive aroma.

Milk iced coffee drinkers can choose Arabica or Robusta or blend to create their own flavor. The caffeine content in Robusta is high, so it is quite bold, while Arabica has low caffeine content but has a passionate aroma.

Vietnam iced milk coffee is so famous as a Vietnamese coffee drink that not only international tourists coming to Vietnam are looking for places with delicious milk iced coffee, even the delegations of ambassadors and heads of state fall in love with this drink. When visiting Saigon, the Canadian prime minister definitely wanted to try Vietnamese brown coffee.


Milk iced coffee

Meanwhile, during a visit to Hanoi, former US President Obama did not forget to mention Vietnamese iced coffee as one of the best Vietnamese coffee drinks. This is not surprising because Vietnam’s way of making brown iced coffee has been voted by Bloomberg as one of the 10 most unique coffee dishes in the world. Besides, CN Traveler Magazine also voted this as the first drink not to be missed if tourists have the opportunity to visit Vietnam.


Former US President Obama mentioned Vietnamese iced milk coffee in a visit to Hanoi.

Vietnamese egg coffee

Born in the 1950s in Hanoi, Vietnamese coffee egg has now become an attractive drink that makes Vietnamese coffee drinks unique. The layer of whipped cream invites you to taste it immediately. As soon as you click on your lips, your taste will reach the sweet cream of eggs before reaching the bitter coffee taste. The seductive aroma of coffee erases the fishy taste of fresh chicken eggs.


Egg coffee

Vietnamese “Bac Xiu” coffee

If Italians have Latte as a representative for “gentle” version of strong coffees, then Vietnamese coffee has “Bac Xiu” with similar features. “Bac Xiu” appeared in the South of Vietnam in the 50s of the last century. At that time, fresh milk was still quite expensive, so the working class only used condensed milk as an alternative. However, hot condensed milk creates a slightly unpleasant taste. Since then, people have thought of adding a little coffee to this drink to enhance the delicious taste.

Until now, “Bac Xiu” is still the choice of those who like the taste of coffee but cannot drink too strong coffee. And also because of its origin, Bac Xiu is also given a dear name “Saigon’s legacy”.


Bac Xiu

Vietnamese coconut coffee

If egg coffee is the best when enjoyed in winter, coconut coffee is the drink of summer. Vietnamese coconut coffee is usually made in two styles. In most cafes, coconut coffee is made by combining milk coffee with an iced coconut milk smoothie. The second style of Vietnamese coconut coffee is made by mixing coconut milk with coffee to form a thick mixture.

Each way of making brings a different taste experience, but the common thing is still the greasy, aromatic coconut milk combined with bitterness that conquers coffee lovers.

Vietnamese yogurt coffee

Yogurt coffee is a familiar drink in cafes. Yogurt is popular for its instant refreshment, good for the skin and digestive system. But it will be more attractive when it is covered with a layer of brown coffee. The combination of coffee will make the yogurt cup more passionate, stronger and become the preferred choice on summer days.


Yogurt coffee

How to enjoy Vietnamese coffee drinks

Vietnamese coffee drinks are now present in more than 80 countries around the world, with a variety of different types. To enjoy Vietnamese coffee drinks, you can go to supermarkets or international e-commerce platforms to buy Vietnamese coffee and prepare it yourself at home. International tourists when coming to Vietnam, should not forget to look for cafes such as Giang coffee – Hanoi, Bac Viet – Hai Phong, Cong Coffee, sidewalk cafes, etc., which are familiar with every Vietnamese person, to enjoy Vietnamese coffee drinks.


How to enjoy Vietnamese coffee drinks

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