Vietnamese Coffee G7: Brand Affirming By Savory Flavors


Vietnamese coffee G7 is an instant coffee brand of Trung Nguyen Group, including many different products such as G7 3in1, 2in1, G7 black instant coffee, etc., first launched in Vietnam at the end of 2003.

Vietnamese coffee G7 introduction

While Vietnam is recognized for being one of the world’s major Robusta producers, the Vietnamese business is promoted to export both completed products and green Robusta coffee beans.

  • Trung Nguyen coffee is one of just a few Vietnamese brands to have achieved international acclaim, with high-profile political figures requesting it by name. Trung Nguyen, a leading Vietnamese coffee firm, is attempting to boost the country’s coffee up the value chain from largely a bean exporter to a known sign of excellence in its own right.
  • Vietnamese coffee G7, as well as Trung Nguyen Legend products, have created a great effect in more than 80 nations and territories. These items have been chosen to be served at international summits such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Asia–Europe Meeting, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the World Economic Forum. This Vietnamese coffee instant is available at major grocery chains worldwide, including Costco in the United States.
  • According to the CEO of Trung Nguyen JSC., Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu, Trung Nguyen chose the label ‘Vietnamese coffee G7’ because it is a short name that is easy to read and remember not only for domestic customers but also for foreign customers. As an abbreviation for “Group of Industrial Countries” consisting of 7 developed countries in the world (USA, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy), G7 is also the target market for Trung Nguyen’s coffee products reaching out.

Vietnamese coffee G7 R&D history

Vietnam’s instant coffee industry has great potential when 70% of people living outside of big cities prefer this type of coffee due to its convenience, competitive price, and diverse options. Before the Vietnamese coffee G7 appeared, the Vietnamese instant coffee market had only two main pillars, Vinacafe and Nescafe, in which at one time Netscafé occupied the leading position with more than 50% market share.

Vietnamese coffee G7 first steps

In November 2003, Vietnamese coffee G7 instant coffee was born, taking the market share of both Vinacafe and Nescafe with the strategy of focusing on “patriotism” in each product. The blind taste test event at the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City on the first day of product introduction, “G7 Ultimate Festival”, which attracted more than 35,000 participants, was the greeting of Trung Nguyen to customers as well as competitors.

Also in November 2003, for 3 days in a row, Trung Nguyen organized free Vietnamese coffee G7 distribution to customers right at the building which is Nestlé’s headquarters on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnamese coffee G7 flourishing development

On December 8, 2003, after only 2 weeks of sending samples, Trung Nguyen officially received orders for 16 MT of Vietnamese coffee G7 from the United States and the Netherlands. In the first phase, Vietnamese coffee G7 was produced at two instant coffee factories in Buon Ma Thuot, then expanded with a Vietnamese coffee instant factory in Binh Duong which processing capacity is about 150-200 MT/month.

Continuously in less than 10 years after that, Trung Nguyen invested in building a system of the five largest coffee factories in Asia. In 2011, Vietnamese coffee G7 met 75.8% of the domestic market and officially passed rigorous tests to enter the leading US supermarket system and Korea’s E-Mart. Especially, after nearly two years of entering China, Vietnamese coffee G7 has established a direct distribution system in large supermarket chains in this market.

Current development settings

So far, Vietnamese coffee G7 products have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world and are present on the shelves of supermarket chains of the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, etc. Vietnamese coffee G7 also appears on all flights of Vietnam Airlines and is the only coffee product serving international summits held in Vietnam such as APEC, ASEAN, ASEM, WEF, and Global Women’s Summits as a diplomatic gift to heads of state.

However, there is now information that Trung Nguyen is gradually losing ground to other competitors as it is too busy racing with Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, and Highland coffee in the chain coffee segment. It is said that there were adjustments in the business strategy of Nestlé and Vinacafé as well as the appearance of the Phindeli and Dao instant coffee brands that constantly replaced the domination of Vietnamese coffee G7 products.

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Vietnamese coffee G7 products 

Due to the dry-roasting procedure, which extracts the characteristics straight from the coffee bean rather than via brewed coffee, the Vietnamese coffee G7 has a robust, full-bodied flavor. Furthermore, there is a fantastic mix of sweetness, and it also has the creaminess that coffee drinkers would expect from condensed milk in a ‘cafe sua’. Typical products of Vietnamese coffee G7 are listed as follows.

Vietnamese Coffee G7 3-in-1 

Made from clean, pure coffee beans from the legendary basalt red land in Buon Ma Thuot,  G7 3-in-1 brings coffee drinkers a sweet taste mixed with a slight bitterness and distinctive aroma that is ideal for a quick caffeine boost demand. The product comes in 2 packages (800g and 320g) and boxes (336g and 288g) with diverse sizes to suit drinkers’ needs.

Vietnamese Coffee G7 Cappuccino Hazelnut

G7 Cappuccino hazelnut coffee is made from the best coffee beans in Buon Ma Thuot combined with cream powder and Trung Nguyen’s secretly unique brewing technique. The product gives consumers a cappuccino with a bit of coffee bitterness, a little sweetness of milk powder, and a little scent of hazelnuts to create a light and attractive drink.

Vietnamese Coffee G7 2-in-1 Iced Black 

G7 2-in-1 iced black is the standard product of Vietnamese taste with strong, bitter, and rich flavor as well as the aroma. It is roasted and ground from clean, pure coffee beans under modern technology and unique know-how.

Vietnamese Coffee G7 Strong Taste X2

Strong Taste X2 is a product line launched in 2013 exclusively for those who are fans of “bold” coffee, need high alertness, brain concentration, and working efficiency. From the breakthrough formula with the inheritance of modern processing technology, G7 Strong Taste X2 is said to be two times stronger than other G7 coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee G7 Black 

G7 Black Coffee is a line of black coffee with a pure flavor without sugar or sweeteners. It is produced from clean coffee beans, modern roasting technology which gives consumers a strong, rich flavor and passionate aroma.


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