Top 4 Split Cinnamon Wholesalers


Split cinnamon is an excellent choice for many importers because of its good quality and reasonable price. We can see it in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This article introduces you to the 4 biggest split cinnamon wholesalers in the above four countries.

Overview of split cinnamon wholesaler

Split cinnamon is one type of cassia cinnamon that is mainly grown in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Overview of Cassia cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon is produced by split cinnamon wholesalers in the same process as other cinnamons. Cinnamon aromaticum or Cinnamon cassia is the scientific name for this cultivar. It’s a light reddish-brown color with a powerful flavor. Cassia is also referred to as Chinese cinnamon which is widely supplied by split cinnamon wholesalers in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This is the most common type of cinnamon available in North America. There are several subspecies of Cassia, including C.cassia, C.burmani, C.loureirii, and C.tamale.

Cinnamon includes hydroxy chalcone and other related compounds that boost insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon from split cinnamon wholesalers also contains substances that stimulate blood protein activation and increase blood sugar absorption. As a result, eating cassia cinnamon may help with diabetic management. Despite these benefits, cinnamon connoisseurs see cassia cinnamon as a lower-quality type. It is also less expensive when compared to other cinnamon kinds.


Cassia cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon has bigger sticks and a coarser texture than Ceylon cinnamon. It also has a dark brown-red color. Cassia cinnamon provided by split cinnamon wholesalers is the most often consumed type worldwide and is extremely inexpensive. Cinnamon cassia is widely found in supermarkets.
The uses of split cinnamon are popular in traditional Chinese medicine and cuisine. Cinnamaldehyde, which gives cassia its exceptionally intense, spicy flavor, accounts for around 95% of the oil.

Features of split cinnamon

Cinnamon bark is the first and only raw material used to make split cinnamon by almost split cinnamon wholesalers. Cinnamon bark is dried after being well cleansed to prevent fungus growth later on. Finally, the ark is divided into smaller sections and put into carton boxes for commerce.
Buyers can, in fact, personalize their split cinnamon by requesting the split cinnamon wholesalers. However, the market’s current standards for high-quality split cinnamon include:


Features of split cinnamon

The price of spit cinnamon from split cinnamon wholesalers is significantly less expensive than that of tube cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, or cinnamon oil because of the type’s relatively low concentration of cinnamon oil. The range of cinnamon wholesale price is $2,800 to $3500.

Which countries have major split cinnamon wholesalers?

As previously said, split cinnamon is a really unique spice that is only grown in a small number of places throughout the world that have the right natural circumstances, such as Sri Lanka, Burma, India, or several nations in South America and the West Indies. So only split cinnamon wholesalers from the above four countries are capable of supplying split cinnamon in bulk as a substitute for cinnamon stick.
However, the combined exports of split cinnamon from four nations—Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia—account for around 90% of the entire global exports. According to OEC, Vietnamese split cinnamon wholesalers will export more cinnamon than any other country in 2020 (27%), followed by Sri Lanka (23.6%), China (19.4%), and Indonesia (15.1%).


Four countries that have major split cinnamon wholesalers

Indonesia: Indonesian split cinnamon wholesalers produce more than 1,021 thousand metric tons of cinnamon annually, or over 40% of the world’s supply, making it the greatest producer in the world. The majority of cinnamon sticks in Indonesia are produced on the slopes of high volcanoes; they taste spicy and have a moderate amount of oil. Typically, Indonesian cinnamon sticks have a mildly spicy flavor that is complemented with a pleasant, woodsy flavor.
China is renowned for having one of the quickest export growth rates for Cassia split cinnamon. However, when compared to other nations, the Chinese cinnamon from split cinnamon wholesalers is not valued for its flavor, oil content, or quality. Since its cinnamon has a powerful and bitter flavor, it is not well-liked in many nations and is primarily utilized in China for medical items.
Vietnam: The largest exporter of cinnamon worldwide is Viet Nam. The Saigon Cassia cinnamon, which tastes similar to other Cassia but is stronger, more aromatic, and flavorful than Chinese and Indonesian cinnamon, is the country’s most well-known export. Vietnamese cinnamon from split cinnamon wholesalers has a flavor that is almost peppery and woody because their bark contains more cinnamaldehyde, the essential oil that gives them their sweet, woody flavor.
Sri Lanka: The largest Ceylon cinnamon stick comes from Sri Lanka, and as mentioned above, it has a very unique flavor that is mildly spicy and full of unexpected flavors (fruity, flora, and clove-like).

Price from major split cinnamon wholesalers

Since cinnamon trees may be picked at any time of the year, the price of split cinnamon wholesales is generally stable. Although there can be some variation in the price from split cinnamon wholesalers, the range is rarely very significant. For your information, the K-Agriculture Factory is offering Vietnamese split cinnamon at the following wholesale prices 4 USD – 5 USD/kg


Price from major split cinnamon wholesalers

Several elements that impact the price of split cinnamon include:
Cinnamaldehyde: Due to its role in giving cinnamon its distinctively smoky and fragrant aroma, cinnamaldehyde is regarded as one of the most important components in premium cinnamon which is supplied by split cinnamon wholesalers. Of the four major cinnamon exporters, Chinese and Vietnamese split cinnamon both have the highest levels when purchased in bulk. However, Chinese split cinnamon differs from Vietnamese cinnamon in that it is often bitter, of lesser grade, and less expensive.
Oil essential content: An optimum oil essential content for good split cinnamon should be around 1.5-2% to make it more fragrant, spicy, and sweet. Indonesian split cinnamon has a low oil essential percentage (only 0.215%). By contrast, Vietnamese cinnamon from split cinnamon wholesalers has up to 2.5-4% oil essential content, which is twice as much as Cassia cinnamon made in China and Indonesia. As a result, Vietnamese cinnamon costs higher than Chinese and Indonesian cinnamon.
Taste: Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka split cinnamon wholesalers have a moderately sweet flavor that is preferred by the majority of cinnamon users worldwide. Ceylon cinnamon has the highest price among cinnamon varieties because of its difficult cultivation, fragrant bloom, and ease of breaking.

How to identify the best split cinnamon wholesalers

It might be challenging for buyers to select the top split cinnamon wholesalers that are appropriate for their needs. Here are some suggestions for picking a good one.

Sale supporter serves up useful information

Good wholesalers of split cinnamon will always have sales representatives available to assist their clients. Along with providing a thorough introduction to the product, they are also eager to help consumers with any issues they may have, such as suggesting the best kind of cinnamon for your particular market. That demonstrates that they are a respectable wholesaler who is knowledgeable about your market.

Reliable split cinnamon wholesaler with clear and full information.

Reputable split cinnamon wholesalers are always happy to share information about their company, contact details, and product specifications in order to build consumer trust. Furthermore, by promoting their products through as many commercial channels as they can, these split cinnamon wholesalers aim to increase consumer awareness.

Great split cinnamon wholesaler with appropriate after-sales services

A split cinnamon wholesaler employs after-sales assistance to boost client happiness, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth advertising. Any reputable split cinnamon wholesaler wants their clients to trust them and remain loyal to the business for a long time; as a result, they must provide excellent after-sales support.


The best split cinnamon wholesalers

Since after-sales service frequently results in greater customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth advertising, split cinnamon wholesaler employs it as a business strategy. Any good split cinnamon wholesaler wants their clients to trust the brand and stay connected to the business for a longer period of time, so they must please them with excellent after-sales services.

Good split cinnamon wholesalers with positive feedback

In actuality, 93% of brand-new customers look up reviews before making a purchase. Wholesalers of split cinnamon are no different; they too benefit from the unbiased opinions of previous clients while making decisions. By reading customer reviews, customers may find a split cinnamon wholesaler that meets their needs.

Split cinnamon wholesalers: 3 types of frauds

Various strategies are used by scams who sell cinnamon to defraud their victims. We’ve outlined three typical instances below:

Payment fraud through cyberspace

As a result of the development of cyber technology, cybercrime has expanded to various split cinnamon wholesalers. Now that we have encountered numerous payment fraud cases, we will explain the methods that con artists typically employ to defraud their victims of their money:

  • Step 1: Scammers access the email accounts of split cinnamon wholesalers or other messaging services like WhatsApp to steal deal-related information.
  • Step 2: Hackers set up fake email or messenger accounts that resemble the real ones used by the sellers in order to communicate with them and obtain information about the trade.
  • Step 3: The scam will assert that they must change the recipient’s bank account number due to fees, taxes, or interest rates when the bulk purchase of split cinnamon is in the delivery and payment stages. Scammers of split cinnamon wholesalers will demand that importers transfer money to a third-party bank account of their choosing, despite the fact that this may seem reasonable.
  • Step 4: Scammers will flee after receiving money from buyers through a third-party bank account. customers of split cinnamon who have paid for split cinnamon wholesaler’s goods but have not received them

Solution: Because remittance is a quick payment option, hackers frequently ask victims of payment fraud to use it. Because of this, victims have little time to realize that this is a fraud and risk missing the chance to cancel the transaction. Buyers of split cinnamon should stop their money from being transferred through one of these methods as soon as they become aware of a possible scam:

  • Get in touch with the recipient bank and ask them to halt the transaction.
  • Send the cases to the police so they can investigate them.
  • To stop scams from hiding money, spending it, or sending it abroad, ask the court for an asset preservation order.

Non-delivery fraud

Non-delivery fraud occurs when a split cinnamon wholesaler takes money but doesn’t deliver anything to customers. Even though they have made purchases for the order, buyers may nevertheless receive empty boxes. Sometimes, this kind of fraud is committed as a component of a larger phishing scheme in which thieves try to obtain the credit card numbers or other personal data of victims. Non-delivery fraud is problematic because shipping and payment paperwork may be quite legitimate. Fraudsters can pose as split cinnamon wholesalers and demand that buyers pay through T/T. As soon as they are paid, they flee, leaving the customers without a shipment of products.


Split cinnamon wholesalers: 3 types of frauds

Solutions: Buyers should speak with their bank right away to block the money transfer and file a police report. Any provider of cinnamon you work with for the first time should be handled carefully. It is advised that you verify the website of split cinnamon wholesaler to determine if they have a physical address, phone number, and valid business license. Alternatively, you can search for their business name combined with terms like “scam” or “complaint” to see if anyone has any opinions on the suppliers you wish to engage with.

Delivery of low-quality products or fake products

Some split cinnamon wholesalers have their own methods for using cheap, subpar cinnamon in the hopes that customers won’t be able to tell the difference. By charging its consumers a hefty premium for superior cinnamon, the company hopes to increase its profit margin. Typical con techniques used by split cinnamon wholesalers include:

  • Sell cinnamon twigs that have not been treated and do not contain essential oils
  • Sell the twigs and bark of different plants.
  • Add cinnamon powder to flour or potato, rice, or cornstarch.
  • Use artificial coloring to transform inferior cinnamon into superior cinnamon.

Solutions: Buyers are advised to submit split cinnamon wholesalers’ complete product requirements that establish the quality criteria of cinnamon in order to assure the standard of high-quality cinnamon. Before sending the remaining payment to the seller, purchasers should also employ a third-party agency of quality inspection to examine the standards of the cinnamon.

Top 4 split cinnamon wholesalers

To help you find wholesalers with good cinnamon, here are the top 4 companies in the wholesale cinnamon market.

K-Agriculture Factory (Vietnam)

Since it is made utilizing the most cutting-edge production line, in compliance with European and American standards, and under strict production guidelines, split cinnamon produced by K-Agriculture split cinnamon wholesaler is guaranteed to be hygienic and secure. Our method of cleaning cinnamon material effectively gets rid of contaminants such as inside and exterior dirt, stone, hair, fiber, and metal. Contaminants must be removed for high-quality cinnamon products, notably Vietnamese split cinnamon.


K-Agriculture Factory (Vietnam)

When it comes to raw materials, as a great split cinnamon wholesaler, we exclusively use Vietnamese split cinnamon from the best growing regions that have a high oil content, an aromatic flavor, and a pleasant taste. Our facility is located in the Hong Phong Village, Mau A Town, in the Van Yen District of the Yen Bai Province. Tons of cinnamon bark are produced for every hectare of cinnamon trees grown for 12 to 17 years. The plant can produce between 2 and 4 tons of premium split cinnamon annually. K-Agriculture is a big split cinnamon wholesaler that is able to export a significant number of high-quality cinnamons that can be delivered quickly from the farm to the store.

Being a giant in trading cinnamon products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest broken cinnamon, split cinnamon and cinnamon stick exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.

K-Agriculture is a loyal vendor of thousands of B2B partners all over the world.

Samples: Send via Express (DHL, VPS, FedEx,..)

Order: By Air or By Sea based on INCOTERM 2010


WhatsApp+84855555837 (Ms. Kris)


K-Agriculture provides a wide range of cinnamon:

  • Tube cassia: 3.300-3.500 USD/MT FOB Haiphong port
  • Long Stick: 4.500-5.400 USD/MT FOB Haiphong port
  • Cigar cassia: 5.200-6.100 USD/MT FOB Haiphong port
  • Split cinnamon: 2.800-2.900 USD/MT FOB Haiphong port
  • Broken cinnamon: 1.500-2.400 USD/MT FOB Haiphong port
  • Square cut: 3.800 -4.900 USD/MT FOB Haiphong port

CV Kerinci Argo (Indonesia)

Hengki Anggo Putra is the third generation manager of the family-owned CV Kerinci Agro – a split cinnamon wholesaler in Indonesia, which was founded in 1958. In 2006, the business released Cassia Vera (also known as “Cassia Vera Korintji”) onto the market.


CV Kerinci Argo (Indonesia)

As the first firm in Kerinci (Jambi Provinces) to process and export its products, CV Kerinci Agro has consistently refined and developed its reputation as the best split cinnamon wholesaler in Indonesia and is currently expanding into the European, American, and Asian markets.

Jining Sunagro Trad (China)

In China, Sunagro is a growing provider of fruits and vegetables, especially split cinnamon wholesaler. The company has grown over the last ten years from a small operation to one that grows, processes, and exports fresh vegetables.
The company’s safety program is based on Global Gap, which has been approved by SGS, ETI, and GRASP.
Apply these guidelines to every action, from farm fields to packing facilities to retailers.


Jining Sunagro Trad (China)

All of these give off an image of a split cinnamon wholesaler having premium quality and traceability. Standards for food safety, environmental protection, worker safety, and social responsibility are evaluated and audited.

Virgin Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

We are a reputable split cinnamon wholesaler situated in Sri Lanka. The organization is led by senior management that has years of expertise and professional qualifications in the export industry. Having worked for prestigious business companies both in Sri Lanka and abroad, each of them has a specialty in one or more areas of global trade.


Virgin Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

This split cinnamon wholesaler has benefited from having competent and experienced people because it has been able to better understand client demands, personalize products, forge enduring business connections, and most significantly, exceed customer expectations.

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