Split Cinnamon As A Versatile Spice


With the current fast growth rate and full potential to become one of the global leading exporting spices, split cinnamon has recently caught huge concerns of spice traders. Before reaching to various outstanding features of split cinnamon, it is vital to browse through its fundamental knowledge.

Getting to know split cinnamon

Processing procedure and product index are the 2 first important things to know if you want to approach the split cinnamon field.

Product index

In order to pass various processing steps and quality tests, split cinnamon needs to meet several requirements. Details of the list below are taken from standard split cinnamon of the top biggest split cinnamon providers in the world such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.


The product index

The cultivation of the product is mainly in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, the 3 biggest cinnamon exporters and manufacturers for years. Meanwhile, split cinnamon is widely consumed in India and the Middle East due to its lower price compared with other varieties. Indians and people in Middle East countries have cinnamon almost in every meal, which causes them to choose split cinnamon as an economical option. In addition, their national economics is not as developed as other nations in the West to purchase expensive cinnamon products in bulk.

Processing procedure

The detailed process of split cinnamon production includes those fundamental steps.

  • The manufacturing of split cinnamon begins with cinnamon bark as the only raw material. There are 2 sources of cinnamon bark. The first one comes directly from farmers, who remove the outer skin by their hands. The second one is from cinnamon companies or factories, which buy raw materials from farmers or even buy cinnamon fields from them for the purpose of manufacturing.
  • Cinnamon bark without the outer skin removal is well cleaned then cut into several splits. This very first step is mainly done by the hands of farmers.
  • These splits are dried either under the natural heat of the sun or by a heating machine. The ideal temperature used in the drying ranges from 70 – 75 Celsius. If the temperature is not high enough, spit cinnamon products might be attacked by fungus. In contrast, too hot temperatures can decrease the amount of essential oil, which negatively affects the price of cinnamon.
  • Finally, this yellow-brown colored product is packed into carton packages and sent to buyers. The size of the package is based on customers’ requirements, but in general, it is from 5, 10 or 20kg/cartoon. At this time, in the top biggest split cinnamon producers such as Indonesia, Vietnam, China, the packing step is mostly manually done.

Processing procedure

This is the most common method to produce split cinnamon at this time. The manufacturing procedure still has to depend largely on the hands of humans. But in the upcoming years, the split cinnamon field is expected to apply more technology and assembly lines in the production process.

Reasons for the popularity of split cinnamon

To gain current huge attention and reputation, split cinnamon has always “equipped” itself 2 main competitive features below.

Reasonable price

The current average price of split cinnamon in the international market ranges from $2500 – $3500/ton. The price, in general, varies from country to country due to the differences in domestic supply sources, logistics charges, and governmental policies.


Reasonable price

Besides, compared to other raw cinnamon products such as tube, stick, or cigarette cinnamon, this price is relatively lower because of 2 reasons:

  • Simpler processing procedure: While sticking and cigarette cinnamon need further steps to manufacture such as cutting into shorter pieces or rolled rate assurance, split cinnamon is simply produced just by splitting dried cinnamon bark, which decreases the expenses of split cinnamon production.
  • The lower level of essential oil: Essential oil plays a key role in deciding the price of a cinnamon product. On average, the value of essential oil in split cinnamon is from 1.5 – 2%, a bit lower than the tube, cigarette and stick one, whose essential oil values range from 2 – 4%.

A product having a good price but still remaining almost all of its remarkable features like split cinnamon has no reason to be ignored by customers.

A star in cooking and treatment

The medical uses of split cinnamon are strongly proved by a report of the leading retailers of vitamins and supplements in the UK: Holland & Barrett.

  • The report states that the density distributions of antioxidants in split cinnamon is its biggest credit.
  • With a suitable dose of split cinnamon intake, consumers are getting their heart health improved, their aging skin slowed and their excessive bad cholesterol reduced.

A star in cooking and treatment

So for lots of people, especially those who just intend to use split cinnamon to have better health, this product does feel like a type of herbal medicine, which “seemingly” carries an extremely bitter taste and smell.

But it is not. In fact, split cinnamon when used in cooking can give dishes and beverages a distinct spicy but warm and sweet flavor, “blending” with a comfortable herbal and aromatic scent. That, at the same time, successfully fulfills customers’ senses of smell and taste. That, also makes split cinnamon remain outstanding among not only other spices but also other herbs.

Vietnamese split cinnamon or Indonesian split cinnamon

Being the leading nations in cinnamon export, including split cinnamon for years with Cassia cinnamon as the main cinnamon variety manufactured, Vietnam and Indonesia often give buyers a hard time choosing one of them. Though the quality of split cinnamon in both countries is undeniably excellent, there are still some small differences between the product’s features.

  • Cultivating method: The majority of Indonesian split cinnamon are cultivated in an industrial process, which makes the cinnamon more stable in both production and quality.
  • Flavor and Scent: Split cinnamon in Indonesia is described to have a less spicy taste and aromatic smell than the Vietnamese one.
  • Essential oil: In general, Vietnamese split cinnamon contains more essential oil than Indonesian one.

The comparison

Due to the intense flavor and relatively reasonable price, Vietnamese split cinnamon is widely enjoyed in Asian markets such as India or Malaysia or in several Middle East nations, where the rich smell and flavor of spices play a key role in the meal. In contrast, the US and countries in the West prefer the milder taste of split cinnamon, which makes them the leading exporting destination of Indonesia. According to a report from WorldBank, the total trade value of Indonesia exporting cinnamon in 2019 is more than $78,229M, in which, the US accounts for more than 70%, with $54,966M in value. The rest are mainly European nations such as the Netherlands, Canada, France, Sweden, and Australia.

Split cinnamon: Top 5 most prestigious suppliers

If you are drowning in the information pool of split cinnamon suppliers on the Internet, the list below will solve that problem for you:

21 Food

Being a representative from Indonesia – the leading country in exporting cinnamon products for many years, 21 Food focuses on manufacturing organic Cassia cinnamon products such as split cinnamon, cinnamon powder and cinnamon oil.


With 25 years of specializing in trading agricultural products in Vietnam and to the world, K-agriculture guarantees to bring customers the best-quality split cinnamon at reasonable prices. Working with the company, buyers can feel free to customize their split cinnamon and its packaging. Besides, K-Agriculture received a tremendous number of clienteles’ trust and loyalty thanks to its generous and careful after-sales service. Being a giant in trading cinnamon products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest broken cinnamon, split cinnamon and cinnamon stick exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.



Contact us



Phone/Whatsapp: +84855 555 837


Another giant in exporting split cinnamon in Vietnam, Vinasamex is outstanding among others by its wide range of cinnamon products, including split cinnamon. If you are looking for a prestigious company with various high-quality cinnamon products besides the split type as well as experience in international trading, this is a wise choice for you.




Proud to be the leading Chinese split cinnamon supplier for more than 35 years, the warm and a bit pungent split cinnamon has gained tremendous trust and support from Asian retailers as well as wholesalers.

Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters

Having factories and headquarters in Sri Lanka, Lak Cinnamon ensures to offer customers the best Ceylon wholesale cinnamon sticks in the world.


Lak Cinnamon


Below is fundamental and defined knowledge about split cinnamon. After reading this article, we hope that every cinnamon trader will be confident in jumping into this field. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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