4 tips to choose perfect white rice every time

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Today, among the countless types of rice on the market with many different origins and qualities, it is extremely difficult for buyers to choose the perfect white rice. In addition, the practices of bleaching and flavoring for rice make us even more confused to identify safe rice for health. So how to choose the perfect white rice and how to recognize good rice? Let’s find out in the article below.

How to identify the perfect white rice

Today, the demand for clean food is increasing day by day. In addition to clean vegetables and clean meat, the demand for clean rice is also a matter of concern to many people. For Asian people in general and Vietnamese people in particular, the choice of rice is even more important as rice is the main food in Asian meals. So, we hope our 4 tips to identify the perfect white rice shared below will be helpful for you!

Perfect white rice must first be new and in season

If you want to choose perfect white rice, the first rule is to buy new rice in season. If you buy old rice that is left in storage for a long time, the rice will lose its taste and even change in quality, affecting health. Therefore, when buying rice, pay attention to the production date on the package, the newer the rice, the better.


New rice in season of K-Agriculture Factory

New rice when cooking rice will have fragrant, soft, flexible grains rich in nutrients, while old rice grains will no longer retain the characteristic aromas.


Old rice

In terms of sensory, when choosing rice, you can pick up a handful of rice to observe. If you see that the rice grains are even and have white embryos intact, the rice grains have few broken grains, few ivory grains, and a strong natural aroma, it is usually new rice.

Perfect white rice must have a natural aroma

If the rice has an unnatural aroma or has an unpleasant strong odor, it is usually stale or chemically soaked rice. To identify this type of rice you can observe the grain of rice after it is cooked. This type of rice will lose its smell when cooked or after a few days after purchase. A small tip for you to choose fresh and clean rice is to chew a few grains of raw rice. If you feel the natural sweetness and light stickiness in your mouth, then it is perfect white rice.


You should also buy white rice at reputable rice dealers as the rice in these places is tested for good quality for health and ensures high-quality products. K-Agriculture Factory from Vietnam is a reliable supplier of perfect white rice that you can not ignore.

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Perfect white rice must be round, even, and glossy

When buying rice, you should pay attention to the color of the rice grains to see if the rice is really delicious or not. Besides, observing the shape of rice grains can also reflect the deliciousness and cleanliness of rice.


Perfect white rice must be round, even, and glossy

Rice grains that look shiny, have white embryos, few yellow seeds, few broken grains, have a natural white color, then it is definitely new, naturally delicious rice. At the same time, you should not choose rice that is too white or has a strange smell as it may have been soaked in chemicals.

4 tips to choose the perfect white rice every time

When you go to the market and see the 4 types of rice below, it’s best not to buy it no matter how cheap it is as they have potential health risks and even cause cancer.

How to identify fake rice?

There are many studies showing that fake rice is made from recycled polymers, an extremely toxic chemical, used only to produce single-use plastic bottles and packaging. When recycled, or cooked under high heat, the compound becomes even more toxic. So, to choose the perfect white rice, you should pay attention to the following notes:

  • Put the pan on the stove and roast the rice over high heat. If the rice is cooked gradually and has a rice-like aroma, it is real rice. If the rice is melted and smells like plastic, it’s fake rice.
  • Real rice is 5% broken, so the rice grains will be uneven, about 5-6 mm in length. If the rice grain is uniform, about 10mm in length, transparent and free of bran, with no broken grains, the rice is fake.


    Fake rice

  • Real rice has a very thin bran layer on the outside of the rice grain, which contains very nutritious vitamin B1. When washing real rice, the water will turn white or ivory white because the bran layer is peeled off. If you wash the rice and the water doesn’t turn white, it’s fake rice.
  • Real rice when soaked in water will expand, while fake rice made from plastic will not bloom. In addition, real rice when placed in water will settle to the bottom of the pot, while fake rice will float to the surface of the water.perfect-white-rice-6.jpg
  • Real rice, or perfect white rice, has the aroma of rice, while fake rice has no smell or even a pungent smell.

How to identify rice with fungus and mold?

To choose the perfect white rice, you should avoid rice with fungus and mold. If left for a long time in a humid environment, rice is easy to mold. Ingestion of mycotoxins can lead to vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain seizures, coma, increase cancer risk, and weaken the immune system. At the same time, mold contamination in dried rice can also reduce the nutritional quality of rice.


Rice with fungus and mold

In particular, rice often grows the fungus Aspergillus flavus, which is a fungus containing the toxin aflatoxin. This toxin kills a large number of liver cells and causes liver damage, which develops into cirrhosis and then liver cancer. So when you go to the market, if you see green, black, or yellow moldy rice, no matter how cheap it is, you absolutely do not buy it to avoid harming your health.

How to identify old and new rice?

The new rice is harder than the old rice (the harder the rice, the higher the protein content and clarity). You can tell if it’s new rice or old rice by biting it when you buy it.
New rice is milky white or light yellow and glossy; old rice is gray or yellow, dull and opaque. The darker the color, the older it is. Rice grains that have a musty smell and are eaten by worms are clearly old rice.


Old rice

New rice, or perfect white rice, has a natural light aroma that is not offensive. The smell of old rice will be greatly reduced, even the musty smell. However, if the old rice has been processed, it is difficult to distinguish. At this time, you can put it in a sealed bag, about half an hour, you can clearly smell the old rice.
New rice still has a certain moisture, so when rubbed by hand, there will be a sticky feeling. On the other hand, old rice is much coarser and hard to clump but will be loose, and rougher to the touch.

How to identify chemically soaked rice?

There are two types of preservatives and flavorings commonly used in rice derived from plants and from synthetic chemicals. However, as the chemical is a much cheaper choice, most stores choose chemicals to soak rice. These chemicals do not react immediately after we eat them, but accumulate in the body, waiting for favorable conditions to explode into a specific disease, even cancer.


Normally, housewives often prefer pure white rice. But actually according to the experience of the rice farmers shared; rice grains with a lot of bran when cooked will be much sweeter and tastier than white milled rice. Therefore, do not rush to overestimate rice varieties that are too clean as they are both lacking in nutrients and unsafe.


As one of the most reputable suppliers of white rice in Vietnam, K-Agriculture Factory is committed to selling 100% perfect white rice at extremely competitive prices.

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Where to buy perfect white rice in bulk?

If you want to buy perfect white rice in bulk, then you should look for potential rice suppliers from these 3 countries.

India – the world’s largest rice exporter

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecast, India is the world’s largest rice exporter in 2021, accounting for more than 25% of the global market share. If you want to import perfect white rice at a cheap price, the Indian market is a reputable source of wholesale white rice for you.

Vietnam – top 3 largest rice exporting countries in the world

According to USDA, Vietnam continues to maintain the second position as the world’s largest rice exporter in 2021, accounting for about 15% of the total global rice production.


One of K-Agriculture’s rice-growing areas

As one of the countries that developed from the wet rice civilization, rice is both a main food source and a strategic export item. The quality of rice from this country is highly appreciated for its high nutritional content. Currently, Vietnamese white rice is present in more than 150 countries and territories.


K-Agriculture perfect white rice for export

Proud to be one of the leading reputable rice exporters in Vietnam, K-Agriculture Factory is committed to selling 100% perfect white rice at extremely competitive prices.

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Thailand – top 3 largest rice exporting countries in the world

Thailand is one of the prominent names among the world’s largest rice exporters. The main exporting countries of Thai rice are the United States, South Africa, Angola, China, and Japan. Thailand will be a huge potential supplier of perfect white rice for you.


Recently, in the World’s Best Rice Contest in 2021, Thai fragrant rice Hom Mali won the highest position. The contest also did not have any second and third-prize categories. This award has given Thailand more advantages in the international rice market.

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