Top 3 Best Places Where To Buy Star Anise You Should Know


Star anise is loved by many people because of its unique aroma and spicy taste. Where can you buy star anise? This article will give you a full answer with a lot of useful information.

What is star anise?

Before learning where to buy star anise, let’s explore what star anise is and its characteristics together.

Star anise, often referred to as anise flower, is the bloom of a plant that is indigenous to China and Vietnam’s northeast – they are Illicium verum. The trunk of this species is straight and smooth, with a gray-brown tint, and it has a very tiny shape, standing just 6 to 10 meters tall.


What is star anise?

A complete star anise typically has 6–8 swings that are grouped in a 2.5–3 cm diameter star shape. A little, smooth, egg-shaped seed is carried by each wing. Only a small portion of anise is converted into essential oil after harvesting; the majority is dried and used as dried flowers.

How many types of star anise are there?

There are now two varieties of star anise available wholesale on the global market: whole star anise and broken star anise.

Whole star anise

The whole star anise has the appearance of a tiny rust-colored star and is a remarkable spice. It normally has six to eight swings with a little seed at the center of each one, which is where the flavor is concentrated. The spice imparts a sweet, licorice-like flavor to food, just like clove and anise do.
They go through a thorough processing process after harvest to guarantee that the final product only contains lovely star anise and no stems or leaves.


How many types of star anise are there?

Considering how highly regarded star anise is as a spice, manufacturers take great care to preserve its shape in order to maximize profit. The majority of star anise on the market is therefore whole star anise. Only a small portion of the star anise is broken, according to the amount.

Broken star anise

The less expensive variety of star anise is broken star anise. They are star anises that either broke during production or didn’t fulfill standards for quality. Broken star anise will have varying prices based on the rate of breakage.

How to Use Star Anise

As common spice in many Chinese cuisines, star anise has a wide range of applications. It serves as the primary component of the spice mixtures garam masala and Chinese five-spice powder, both of which are popular in the United States. Teas and liqueurs like pastis, sambuca, and absinthe are flavored with it. Due to its licorice-like flavor, it is frequently used in baking recipes for pastries and other baked goods. Additionally, star anise is utilized in more flavorful dishes and soups, such as pho broth and biryani from Indian cuisine.

Which countries produce the most star anise?

South Eastern China is the original home of the star anise. It is notable that only China and Vietnam are capable of producing for the market.


More than 35,000 hectares of anise flower land are located in the Vietnamese province of Lang Son, which provides 70% of the raw materials needed to produce spice products in accordance with natural anise standards. The Lang Son province’s star anise market has gradually flourished since the Geographical Indication of Lang Son star anise was protected, confirming its popularity and prestige in the local and worldwide markets as well as the value of its products. Products are also rising, which helps anise growers and traders in Lang Son province operate economically effectively.



The Lang Son Department of Agriculture and Rural Development estimates that 13,000 tons of dried star anise will be harvested in 2022 alone, with a market worth over 1,500 billion VND. Prior to this, in 2021, the export value of Lang Son anise goods was 31 million USD, which is equal to the export output of roughly 3,500 tons of dried anise.


In Southern China, particularly in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan, star anise is widely farmed. China’s original and primary star anise manufacturing region is Guangxi. More than 85% of the world’s anise is produced in Guangxi. The largest star anise production region in China is a mountainous region in the province of Guangxi.



About 90,000–95,000 tons of anise are produced annually in China. Malaysia is one of China’s key markets and one of the leading anise exporters in the world. Chinese star anise typically costs less than Vietnamese star anise, but the quality is inconsistent and inferior.

Where to buy star anise in small quantities?

Whole star anise can be expensive to purchase in packages since it requires a lot of labor to gather and maintain its shape. The packets I typically purchase have both plenties of shattered fragments and some full pieces. I don’t feel awful about crushing the broken pieces from these packets (keep the whole ones for garnish! ), and they are more reasonably priced.
Your best chance is to purchase the broken star anise and grind the star anise yourself because ground star anise tends to lose flavor quickly (you can shave them on a Microplane grater like cinnamon too).
These days, you can typically purchase this spice at most supermarket stores. If yours doesn’t, try an Asian market or order popular star anise brands from Amazon online.


Where to buy star anise in small quantities?

Like all spices, star anise should be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dark location.

Where to buy star anise in large quantities? Top 3 suppliers with the best star anise

The two nations that produce the most star anise at the moment are China and Vietnam. So, if you want to import star anise in large quantities, you must pay attention to these 2 markets!

Xinghua Lianfu Food from China

Since star anise is a native plant to China, it makes sense that this country has a robust star anise market that exports at a low cost.
Xinghua Lianfu Food is a well-known company in China with years of experience manufacturing and distributing agricultural products, particularly star anise taste in bulk. Their products are willing to satisfy a variety of consumer demands since they use the most cutting-edge modern equipment and a talented work crew.

K-Agriculture from Vietnam

Established in 1996 and supported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, K-Agriculture Factory is now regarded as a trustworthy B2B partner for producing and exporting Vietnam’s agricultural products, such as rice, spices, and coffee, at the best price and highest quality. Being a giant in trading star anise products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest Vietnamese star anise exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.


K-Agriculture from Vietnam

One of the most noteworthy of these goods is star anise, which has a system of large processing facilities in Hung Yen and another one being built in the province of Lang Son. The enormous star anise bulk that K-Agriculture exports to important countries like India, China, and America are well known. Their star anise flavor is consistent of excellent quality and affordably priced!

If you want to find a reliable star anise supplier, feel free to contact K-Agriculture Factory via our:
Phone: +84855555094 (available on Whatsapp)

Everest Spices from India

Everest, a pioneer in the spice industry, is currently India’s top provider of agricultural spices. At Everest, quality is of the utmost importance.
For more than 50 years, Everest has been supplying Indian spices, including high-quality star anise flavor, and has expanded its market to 58 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Africa. Everest won’t let you down if you’re searching for an Indian source with an excellent star anise flavor.

How is a reliable star anise supplier?

Any good whole star anise supplier on the trading market typically possesses the following traits.
The top star anise suppliers have direct relationships with farmers: Good farms produce star anise of the highest quality. The contemporary approach to the agriculture business is to shorten the supply chain. To ensure steady input and quality, processors and suppliers of star anise work closely with farmers and farming cooperatives. A reliable wholesaler is frequently quite proud of their growing areas and eager to promote their internet profile.


How is a reliable star anise supplier?

Large cultivation regions and the ability to offer farm-to-port service are two qualities shared by many major top star anise suppliers. As a result, suppliers are better equipped to produce consistent inputs that have high sources of revenue for farmers as well as the best wholesale price for importers.
Reliable star anise exporter is widely certified: Star anise is frequently subjected to strict management because it is one of the main seasoning spices used in big quantities. Good wholesale star anise must therefore have the seal of approval from authorities in a variety of disciplines, including agriculture, trading, and health and food. To be able to sell this spice on the international market, a licensed whole star anise wholesale supplier must fulfill their requirements.
K-Agriculture’s whole star anise meets international quality standards such as FDA, HACCP, Global Gap, ISO, etc.
Reputable certifications are a sign of a reliable exporter of star anise: In order to ensure the safety and quality of this spice, which is one of the five basic seasonings used in food as well as a key component in many medicines, there are numerous regulations in place. By demonstrating their high-quality whole star anise and concern for people, suppliers with numerous associated certifications, such as ISO9001, IS022000, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL,…can gain the trust of importers. Additionally, a manufacturer of spices with an eye on export must demonstrate their ability to satisfy importers’ requirements, including USDA standards for the US market and JAS standards for the Japanese market.

K-Agriculture is proud to be a reliable star anise supplier in Vietnam. Please contact us for further information.

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