Top 5 best white rice brands in the world

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Are you wondering what the best white rice brands in the world are? Let’s discover right away the top of the world’s best and most popular rice in 2022 with K-Agriculture Factory!

Top 5 best white rice brands in the world

White rice is an important and indispensable food in the meals of most Asian families. Over the years, farmers have continuously experimented and brought to market a variety of delicious and nutritious rice than ever before. Among various types of rice that are favored by consumers, many varieties have won high awards for world quality for the best white rice, such as ST25 from Vietnam or Jasmine from Thailand.

ST25 rice – Vietnam: The world’s best white rice brands 2019

ST25 rice, also known as Soc Trang fragrant rice, is the result of 20 years of research by engineer Ho Quang Cua. From seed selection to planting, the farmers all adhere to the strict principles of the organic rice production process to produce the best white rice that is clean and safe for health.

ST25 rice’s characteristics

  • ST25 rice grain is a long-grain rice variety that is not white-belly. When cooked, the rice grains are fragrant, flexible and have a very attractive sweet taste along with the characteristic aroma of pandan leaves mixed with the aroma of young nuggets. When cooled, the rice grains do not dry out. ST25 rice grains are very fragrant even when the rice is raw. The water absorption of rice is very low (1 rice – 0.8 water).


    ST25 rice from Vietnam: The world’s best white rice brands 2019

  • The nutritional content of ST25 is also considered to be higher than that of conventional rice. The protein content in ST25 rice is 10 times higher than that of ordinary rice. In addition, they also contain high levels of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, fiber, etc. With many qualities that are classified as “premium”, ST25 rice is one of the world’s best white rice in 2019.

ST25 rice’s achievements

ST25 rice is considered a new generation of Vietnam white rice that follows the successful ST24 rice variety. This is a product honoring Vietnamese agriculture. In 2019, ST25 rice was recognized as the world’s best white rice after surpassing Thai and Cambodian rice at the 11th World’s Best Rice contest organized by The Rice Trader. By 2020, ST25 rice won the second prize at the “World’s Best Rice 2020” contest held in the US. This award has confirmed the premium quality of Vietnamese rice grains.

Malys Angkor rice – Campuchia: The world’s best white rice 2018

Cambodia is also one of the countries that are highly appreciated for rice and rice production. In particular, Malys Angkor rice is rated as the top 3 best white rice in the world thanks to its novel and delicious taste.

Malys Angkor rice’s characteristics

  • Malys Angkor is a specialty rice of the Cambodian land that is cultivated according to organic standards, absolutely no chemicals and chemical fertilizers are used during the cultivation process.


    Malys Angkor rice from Campuchia: The world’s best white rice 2018

  • Malys Angkor is highly appreciated by experts for its high nutritional content, which is good for health care and protection. Malys Angkor rice grains have a very beautiful round shape. When cooked, this rice grain is fragrant and has a very special sweet taste.

Malys Angkor rice’s achievements

Malys Angkor rice has been present in large, fastidious markets with strict quality requirements such as the US, EU, Japan, and Vietnam. In addition, it is also considered one of the best white rice in the world when it won the world’s best rice award “World’s Best Rice” in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2018.

Jasmine rice – Thailand: The world’s best white Rice 2017

Thai Jasmine rice also known as Thai fragrant rice or Thai Hom Mali rice is one of the world’s best white rice originating from the Northeastern provinces of Thailand. Jasmine rice can be harvested once a year every November.

Jasmine rice’s characteristics

  • Jasmine rice is known globally for its high quality. It contains many nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B2, iron, calcium, and phosphorus.


    Jasmine rice from Thailand: The world’s best white Rice 2017

  • The rice grains are long, round and glossy, with an aroma similar to sticky rice leaves. When cooked, Jasmine rice retains its white color and intact shape. It has a sweet, pliable taste and a faint natural aroma of rice bran.

Jasmine rice’s achievements

Thai Hom Mali rice won the World’s Best Rice global competition for 2 years from 2009 to 2020. In 2017, Thailand’s Hom Mali rice won the first prize.

ST24 rice – Vietnam: The world’s top 3 best white rice varieties 2017

AST24 fragrant rice belongs at the top of the world’s best white rice along with the ST25 one. This fragrant rice is also known as Soc Trang 24 rice as it is grown mainly in Soc Trang and researched by engineer Ho Quang Cua.

ST24 rice’s characteristics

  • ST24 rice is a long-grain rice that is not white-belly. When cooked, ST24 rice will have a natural aroma along with a sweet and sticky taste. In particular, the cooler the rice, the more delicious it will be.


    ST24 rice from Vietnam: The world’s top 3 best white rice 2017

  • The nutrient content like protein, lipid, glucose, etc. in ST24 rice is quite high, evaluated as higher than other types of rice. This contributes to the prevention of common diseases such as blood pressure, heart disease, etc.
  • The water absorption of rice is quite similar to that of ST25 rice (1 rice – 0.8 water). Therefore, when cooking rice, users should note that the water ratio is lower than that of regular rice.

ST24 rice’s achievements

ST24 is the second rice brand in Vietnam to be listed in the world’s top 3 best white rice varieties. This is an excellent opportunity for Vietnam to promote its rice brand in the future.


High-quality ST24 rice from K-Agriculture Factory

Price list of some types of rice of K-Agriculture Factory (Updated November 2022)

Types of rice Specification FOB Prices Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam
ST25 rice Broken: 5% max
Moisture: 14.0%max
Chalky (3/4): 2.0% max
Yellow: 0.3% max
Damaged: 0.2% max
Foreign matter: 0.01% max
Paddy: nil
Purity: 95% min
Polished, Color sorted Crop: Current 2022″
From $870/MT
Jasmine rice 5% broken From $542/MT
Japonica rice From $610/MT
DT8 rice From $515/MT

K-Agriculture factory guarantees to supply you with ST25, Jasmine, and ST24 rice products with the best quality and competitive price in the market. Our rice processing and production process meet the best quality standards according to ISO standards, ensuring food hygiene and safety quality. If you want to import white rice in bulk from Vietnam, please contact K-Agriculture.

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AGPPS 103 rice – Vietnam: The world’s top 3 best white rice varieties 2017

AGPPS 103 is a Southern specialty rice produced from seasonal rice varieties in the nutritious lands of An Giang, Soc Trang, and Can Tho, Vietnam. This type of rice is hunted by many foreign importers from Hong Kong, Canada, the Middle East, and the Philippines…

AGPPS 103 rice’s characteristics

  • AGPPS 103 rice is rich in minerals and vitamins of group B. It has stable quality, no mixing, no bleaching chemicals, no odor, etc.
  • The rice grain is long, slender, and white. When cooked, it is soft, pliable, naturally sweet, and aromatic.

AGPPS 103 rice’s achievements

AGPPS 103 rice meets 603 quality criteria of the Japanese market and has been exported to more than 30 countries around the world. Moreover,  it was recognized by the world rice research organization (The Rice Trader) as one of the top 3 best white rice in the world at a contest held within the framework of the world rice conference in Malaysia at the end of October 2015.

How to choose the best white rice?

There are many varieties of rice on the market to choose from. If you want to buy the best white rice quality, the first rule is to choose newly produced rice.


The second rule is to choose rice that is not thoroughly milled to retain its fiber, minerals, and vitamins. In contrast, well-milled, polished rice will no longer have fiber, vitamins, and minerals but only the rice core inside. That’s not to mention white rice is often seasoned with fragrance and preservatives.


The third rule is to always choose rice with round, even, and glossy grains, not crushed or broken. When buying, you can try chewing a few rice grains, if you feel a light sweet taste, it is good and quality rice. Do not choose rice that is too white or has a strange smell as it is possibly soaked in chemicals.

K-Agriculture Factory: Supplier of the best white rice quality in Vietnam

Established in 1996, K-Agriculture Factory has always been constantly improving and developing, bringing the best white rice products to consumers. In 2020, powered by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, our company became the National Project with the goal of bringing Vietnamese agricultural goods to the international market.

Our latest order: Export OM5451 rice to Ghana – July 2022

Our latest order:  Export Jasmine rice to Burkina Faso – August 2022


Jasmine rice for export to Burkina Faso – August 2022

With the ambition of becoming a leading company in the field of agricultural exports, we are constantly improving ourselves, building a modern facility to meet the market’s ever-increasing demands. So far, K-Agriculture has successfully been presented in fastidious markets over the world such as Africa, the USA, and Japan. Please contact us if you are looking for a reliable wholesale white rice supplier.

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