Jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam: Ways to develop

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Jasmine rice accounts for a big share in the volume of Vietnamese rice export. Therefore, jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam should find sensible ways to strongly grow.

An overview of jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

The main product of Vietnamese rice export is jasmine rice, which contributes significantly to the entire turnover. Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice has grown dramatically in recent years, reaching markets such as the EU and the US.

Products of jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

Jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam is providing jasmine rice produced from RVT rice variety. This is a rice variety that is grown mainly in the Mekong Delta and has a high yield. Jasmine rice is popular due to its medium plasticity, light aroma, easy cooking, and affordable price. Currently, jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam has two types of jasmine rice:

  • Milky Jasmine fragrant rice: This type of rice has a natural light sweet taste, is soft and fragrant, and the rice is still delicious after cooling. The ingredients in rice are protein and fiber.

Milky jasmine fragrant rice

  • Cambodian jasmine rice: is natural seasonal rice grown in Cambodia in an organic way. This type of rice has the characteristics of being easy to cook and cooking with any amount of water, the rice is still very difficult to viscid, the grain is long and very slim, the color is clear. When cooking this type of rice, the rice is medium and soft, and when eaten, it has a sweet taste and natural scent.

Cambodian jasmine rice

Main locations of jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

Jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam is mainly located in the Mekong Delta because it is the largest food production and export area in Vietnam, with a natural area of 4,092.2 thousand hectares. This delta is also one of the largest and most fertile plains in Southeast Asia. Therefore, jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam takes advantage of this region to produce and distribute jasmine rice. Right after the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union (EVFTA) officially took effect, An Giang – a province of the Mekong Delta exported 126 tons of Jasmine 85 rice to the European market. Besides, jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam is also located in the Red River Delta, Central Vietnam, and Northern midland and mountainous provinces, these areas contribute an insignificant share of jasmine rice annually, instead, they specialize in other fragrant rice like OM5451, IR504.


The Mekong Delta

Reasons for choosing jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

Thailand is Vietnam’s main competitor in the jasmine rice market. Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of jasmine rice, accounting for 30% of global fragrant rice commerce. Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice, on the other hand, maintains its position thanks to reasonable costs, transportation and diverse suppliers.

Reasonable wholesale price

Products of jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam are believed by many customers because it meets a majority of export standards like BRC – HACCP – ISO 22000, jasmine rice is also certified for export to the US FDA and Muslim countries KOSHER. It is undeniable that the quality of jasmine rice from Vietnam is not less than Thai jasmine rice or Cambodia jasmine rice. However, thanks to cost optimization, the price of jasmine rice from Vietnam is 454-534 USD/ton while the price of Thai jasmine rice is much higher (773-933 USD/ton) and Cambodia jasmine rice’s price is 662-782 USD/ton. Customers can buy Vietnamese jasmine rice at an affordable price.


Wholesale prices of jasmine rice

A variety of suppliers

Because rice is a key industry of Vietnam, every year the number of jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam which is established is huge. Importers have diverse choices when each supplier has the strength of a specific type of rice. To reach more and more customers, nowadays jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam is available on every channel like e-commerce platforms and social networking sites.


A variety of suppliers

Rapid transportation

In comparison to Thailand and India, jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam has a large delivery capacity with multiple means of transportation such as FCL, LCL, and air shipping, therefore freight is inexpensive and delivery times are quick (5-14 days). Furthermore, Vietnam has a geographical advantage in that rice travels swiftly from Ho Chi Minh City port to the Philippines port – one of the main rice importing countries of Vietnam, which Thailand and India cannot match. Transporting rice from Thailand to the Philippines costs around 31-32 USD/ton, whilst the shipping cost that the Philippines import rice from Vietnam is around 25 USD/ton.


Rapid transportation

Factors affecting the jasmine rice’s price of jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

Jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam has to alter the rice price according to ever-changing factors of the market such as production, demand, or the support of the government.

  • Jasmine rice production

Rice purchasing is at a standstill, purchasing output has decreased by 20-30%; processing capacity at many factories is low because it does not meet the requirement of “3 on the spot”; Rice inventories are high because they cannot be exported because of traffic problems at ports. In addition to the negative impact from Covid-19 causing many localities to implement social distancing, jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam is also facing a general decline in wholesale prices in the world market.


Jasmine rice production

  • Demand for jasmine rice

Demand for specialty fragrant rice such as jasmine rice has significantly grown in recent decades in the US. When imported rice currently accounts for more than a quarter of overall rice consumption in this nation, there is a huge opportunity for Vietnam’s jasmine rice to step into the market. Furthermore, nations such as Ghana (which accounts for 39% of the entire export turnover of Vietnamese fragrant rice and jasmine rice) and the Philippines have a constant need for Vietnamese jasmine rice. Jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam has the chance to increase the price of jasmine rice.


Demand for jasmine rice

  • Policies and agreements

The EVFTA is the key for Vietnam’s agricultural exports to be able to access a potential market like the EU with 27 member countries and more than 511 million people. Companies have effectively made the most of EVFTA to increase the value of rice exports to the EU, especially in the context of complicated epidemic developments, a sharp increase in sea freight rates to Europe and EU rice imports fell. The wholesale price of jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam exported to the EU market increased 17.5% compared to the first 11 months of 2020, reaching an average of 665 USD/ton.


Policies and agreements

  • Shipment

Very high shipping rates affect the export output of companies, so jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam must reduce the price of rice to share difficulties with partners. Many businesses have reflected on the situation of being charged by shipping lines “unbalanced container” (to offset the cost of transporting empty containers to places where there is a need to export goods) with very high fees. The price of Vietnam’s export rice decreased by 2-5 USD/ton because the freight rates for ships and containers were too high. In which, Jasmine rice, 5% broken and 25% broken rice reduced by 5 USD.



A list of reliable jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

Rice export is one of Vietnam’s most important industries. As a result, there are several reliable jasmine rice exporters in Vietnam.

Lotus Rice Company jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

Lotus Rice Co., Ltd has a long tradition in the field of agriculture. Hoa Sen rice factory is located in the fertile and rich fields of the Mekong Delta region suitable for jasmine rice production. Over 15 years, Lotus Rice Company has successfully built a wide distribution network on all continents, confidently exporting to more than 30 countries such as the US, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Philippines.


Lotus Rice Company

Song Hau Company – a jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

Jasmine Rice is the Best-Selling Clean Rice in Hau River. With high quality rice, soft rice, reasonable price, this is the best-selling rice by Song Hau Clean Rice with more than 5 tons/month. Currently, there are 3 types of jasmine rice: Clear grain Jasmine, Milky Jasmine Type I & II.


Song Hau Company

K-Agriculture Factory – a leading jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam

K-Agriculture Factory is a wonderful option for those looking to buy Vietnamese bulk jasmine rice. With over 25 years of experience, K-Agriculture Factory is a reliable exporter with clients in Dubai, China, the United States, and other countries. They are satisfied with the premium of Vietnamese jasmine rice and professional services from K-Agriculture. K-Agriculture Factory teamed up with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2020 to launch a nationwide initiative aimed at bringing the best Vietnamese agricultural goods to the worldwide market.
If you are interested in K-Agriculture’s products, feel free to contact us via:



WhatsApp: +84855555694


K-Agriculture Factory

Tan Long Company

Tan Long Company – a jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam – was established in 2000 in Hanoi. After nearly 20 years of operation and development, with a sustainable development strategy, Tan Long Group has actively cooperated with rice farmers, expanding the rice purchasing and purchasing area in large fields in Dong Nai. by the Mekong River. Currently, Tan Long is the largest Japonica rice producer and exporter in Vietnam and Asia. Jasmine rice is also a key product of Tan Long under the AAN brand name.


Tan Long Group

Loc Troi Group

In the 28 years since its foundation, the Loc Troi Group has established itself as a leading jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam. Many Loc Troi Group products, such as Vietnamese jasmine rice, are now available in over 40 countries. The company employed novel rice processing technology and interacts with farmers to promote rice-growing skills while also protecting the environment to improve rice quality.


Loc Troi Group

Jasmine rice manufacturer in Vietnam is facing many challenges in the market. However, they need to take advantage of their strengths to assert their position and export Vietnamese rice to many countries around the world.

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