Cinnamon powder bulk as a multi-million industry


With high economic potentials which are proved through statistics and growing indexes, the cinnamon powder bulk market has always received tremendous amounts of concern from wholesalers in the world.

Cinnamon powder bulk: The first thing to know

Getting fundamental knowledge about the product is a must to all cinnamon powder merchants, especially ones first stepping into this promising market.

A brief definition

The act of selling and buying a large quantity of cinnamon powder is called trading cinnamon powder bulk. The product is redistributed to either retailers or wholesale importers. Cinnamon powder bulk is produced from cinnamon bark as the first and only raw material. Cinnamon’s inner bark after being washed, dried and grounded has to go through a strict process to get rid of bits and admixture in order to minimize the grittiness of the product.


A brief information

Typical types of cinnamon powder bulk products

Currently in the market, Cassia and Ceylon powder are most prevalent in the cinnamon powder bulk market.

  • Cassia cinnamon powder is manufactured from Cinnamomum cassia evergreens. It has a darker color – often orange-brown or reddish-brown with an unique taste which is described to be intense and a bit pungent. The product is mostly produced and distributed in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and Indonesia. With a reasonable price range from $5,217 to $6,522 per ton as well as playful resources, Cassia cinnamon powder bulk is always a vibrant market.

Cassia cinnamon

  • Ceylon cinnamon powder originates from Cinnamomum verum trees, which are often cultivated in Sri Lanka. Different from its counterpart, Ceylon is described to have lighter color and milder taste. The source of this product is also scarcer than the Cassia due to its smaller growing areas – almost exclusively in Sri Lanka and prominent manual cultivating methods. That is the main reason leading to its much more “extravagant” price range, from $6,000 to $10,000 per ton.

Ceylon cinnamon

These remarkable differences between these two types of cinnamon, obviously, lead to the differences in prices, distributing locations, which require merchants to use different trading tactics.

Cinnamon powder bulk: Importing and exporting giants

Knowing the hotspots of trading cinnamon powder buk is crucial to any traders to reduce risks and maximize profits.

Main importers

In recent decades have witnessed a significant rise in the demand for cinnamon powder bulk. In the course of 10 years, from 2010 to 2019, the global cinnamon export values experienced an impressive rise from $258M to $748M. In 2019, the United States was recorded to be the biggest cinnamon importer, including cinnamon powder bulk with more than $124M in import value, making up for 16% of the global figure. It was followed by the country India with $90M.


Main importers

When it comes to cinnamon powder bulk, Cassia cinnamon powder is a more commercially traded product thanks to its abundant supply as well as competitive price. The main consumer markets for this product are India and countries in the Middle East, which put the product price as the first buying priority. Besides, in recent years, its counterpart – the Ceylon has also received a relatively good rise in demand from European customers.

Main exporters

Major exporters of cinnamon powder bulk are from Asia, such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia. These regions have advantages in natural conditions, including well-drained soil, high precipitation and the tropical climate.

  • Indonesia

In 2020, Indonesia exported 91,000 tons of cinnamon products, including bulk cinnamon powder, making it the largest cinnamon exporter in the world. Main consumer market of Indonesian cinnamon powder is the USA because of the long-standing trade relations between the two countries. Having such a giant consumer market really enhances the export value of Indonesia and also the reputation of the product.



  • China

The second-largest supplier of cinnamon powder bulk and many other cinnamon products in 2020 was China. In the same year, it yielded over 72,000 tons of cinnamon powder. However, due to the significant domestic demand, the export value of the product is quite humble, just less than 7% of the global figure in 2019.



Chinese cinnamon powder has a more bitter flavor, compared to that from Vietnamese and Indonesian. The main cultivation locations are Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Fujian.

  • Vietnam

With more than 31,000 tons of cinnamon production, including cinnamon powder bulk, Vietnam stood as the third-biggest cinnamon producer in 2020. Contrary to China, Vietnam is recognized as a highly competitive cinnamon exporter. According to OEC, Vietnam was the biggest cinnamon exporter in 2019, accounting for nearly a quarter of the global total cinnamon export value. That achievement is really impressive, proving the quality of Vietnamese cinnamon as well as the potential of this product.



Vietnamese cinnamon powder’s taste is distinct with intense flavor and aromatic smell. Compared to the Chinese, it tastes milder and less pungent.

Factors to decide the price of cinnamon powder bulk

Merchants need to notice remarkable elements factoring in the development and also prices of cinnamon powder bulk, so that they are able to predict the market trend and also reduce risks when trading.

  • Plentiful supply sources

From 2019 to 2020, the global export volume of cinnamon experienced a 35-percent year-on-year rise, which is significant to any other industry (according to World’s Top Exports). That is a firm guarantee for cinnamon powder bulk wholesalers in terms of the stability and developing potential of the product.


Plentiful sources of supply

  • Huge demand

The year 2019 witnessed a 30-percent rise in the global cinnamon import value, from $748M to $587M. With the remarkable growth rate, bulk cinnamon powder proved itself as a sustainable choice for buyers. It also signals huge amounts of profits retailers can gain from trading this product.

  • Governmental policies

Essential endorsement has been provided by governments to promote the growth of this promising market. That dozens of trade agreements and financial policies such as EVFTA (the EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement) are put into force each year really enhances the development of trading cinnamon powder bulk and also paves way for the product to penetrate into global markets.


Governmental policies

The fluctuations of cinnamon powder’s price is apparently worth noticing to reduce loss in the market.

List of recommended cinnamon powder bulk exporters

The list below will help bulk cinnamon powder traders to save time and effort searching for a reliable supplier.

Lak Cinnamon

Providing Ceylon cinnamon powder bulk to customers is one of the main activities of Lak Cinnamon. The company located in Sri Lanka is an excellent choice for any merchant looking for organic cinnamon products from cinnamon tube, cigarette cinnamon to cinnamon powder bulk.


This is a Cassia cinnamon exporting giant in Vietnam with more than 25 years of experience in trading cinnamon world-widely, including bulk cinnamon powder. K-Agriculture has manufacturing factories itself to guarantee the stability of both products’ quality and quality for wholesalers. The product range of the company is so diverse with 6 types of different cinnamon products such as cinnamon tube, stick cinnamon, broken cinnamon or cinnamon powder.



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Phone: +84855 555 837
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The Commerce

Located in Indonesia, The Commerce is one of the main cinnamon powder suppliers to the USA’s market. It brings high-quality Indonesian bulk cinnamon powder to the market with really affordable prices.


This article has delivered the most refined and fundamental knowledge about the cinnamon powder bulk industry. If you need more specific details of this market, please visit the website or phone number +84855 555 837 (Available on Whatsapp).

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