Jasmine rice suppliers: A useful guide to find them


The jasmine rice trade is one of the most developed business fields. However, it seems hard to connect with reliable jasmine rice suppliers when there is a high risk of scams. This article is useful instruction in searching for and working with jasmine rice suppliers.

An overview of jasmine rice

Jasmine rice belongs to fragrant rice, which grows mainly in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Its aroma is like pandan leaves, released when cooking. Cooked jasmine rice becomes slightly sticky and soft, providing niacin, calcium, and potassium for eaters.

Jasmine rice suppliers usually offer 2 popular types including white and brown jasmine rice.

            White jasmine rice         Brown jasmine rice
Characteristics Both the husk and the bran layers are removed Only the husk is removed
Price (USD/MT)                               $650                           $900

White Jasmine rice & Brown Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice suppliers usually prefer the white version rather than its counterpart due to 2 main reasons.

  • First, the price of white jasmine rice is lower than that of brown jasmine rice because brown jasmine rice requires more resources for storage.
  • Secondly, white jasmine rice can be stored for more than 2-3 years, while the shelf life of the brown version is only 6 months. As a result, white jasmine rice is more beneficial for suppliers and buyers than the brown version.

Jasmine rice suppliers – general information

Major jasmine rice suppliers are located in Southeast Asia – the famous region for agriculture. 

Location of jasmine rice suppliers

Southeast Asia is the homeland of jasmine rice so that there are many suppliers from this region. Particularly, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and the Philippines are the 5 major countries that have the most jasmine rice suppliers.


Southeast Asia is the homeland of jasmine rice

Jasmine rice exporters from Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam often are direct suppliers who have their own farms to produce jasmine rice due to large areas for rice cultivation. The reason is that Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are agricultural countries, having large areas for rice cultivation. 


Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia are major direct jasmine rice suppliers

On the other hand, jasmine rice suppliers in the Philippines and Singapore are intermediate suppliers. They import raw jasmine rice from Thailand and Vietnam. Then, the rice will be processed into final products for either exporting or domestic consumption. 


Singapore and the Philippines are intermediate jasmine rice suppliers

The price offered by direct jasmine rice suppliers will be better and often preferred by importers, but the product quality of intermediate jasmine rice suppliers can outperform the direct ones. 

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Features of reliable jasmine rice suppliers


Features of reliable jasmine rice suppliers

To estimate the reputation of jasmine rice suppliers, buyers can rely on the following criteria.

  • Clear address

A reputable jasmine rice supplier should provide a clear location of the office and the factories to boost customers’ trust. A professional website and a well-designed catalog are reliable signs proving the trustworthiness of jasmine rice suppliers.

  • Legal business license

Jasmine rice suppliers need the local authority’s permission to run their business. Therefore, a legal business license is a required document to prove that the jasmine rice supplier is reliable.

  • Certificate profile

Jasmine rice suppliers need to show necessary qualifications to prove the product quality such as HACCP, ISO 9001, or FSSC 22000. For rice export, the jasmine rice suppliers have to follow specific requirements of the import market such as Global GAP of EU, or USDA of the USA.

  • Past performance of the jasmine rice suppliers

Previous customers’ feedback can reflect the quality of jasmine rice suppliers. If the suppliers provide fine products, good services from packaging to shipment, they will receive positive responses from their customers. 

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Factors affecting the supply chains of jasmine rice suppliers


Factors affecting the supply chains of jasmine rice suppliers

To ensure stable product sources, jasmine rice suppliers care much about four direct factors.

  • Rice production volume

The amount of jasmine rice available for the suppliers to trade relies on the volume of the rice produced. A decrease in rice production will lead to a reduction in the supply chains of the jasmine rice suppliers.

  • Transportation 

Sea freight is a popular method for the delivery of agricultural products. In some cases, the cost of transportation becomes higher, resulting in certain changes in the price offered by the jasmine rice suppliers.

  • Weather

Since the weather has direct impacts on rice production and transportation, it is a crucial element of jasmine rice suppliers. Bad climatic conditions can lower rice productivity and prevent on-time shipment. 

  • Governmental policies

Agricultural regulations have intermediate influences on jasmine rice suppliers. For example, the amount of jasmine rice for export provided by the Vietnamese suppliers is restricted due to the restricted national export quota. 

Guide to work with jasmine rice suppliers

To be successful in working with jasmine rice suppliers, buyers should follow 4 steps

Find the best jasmine rice suppliers


Find the best jasmine rice suppliers

Buyers should spend time researching and finding reputable jasmine rice suppliers by searching on the Internet, joining rice forums, attending agricultural fairs, or working with rice brokers. 

One problem with this step is that buyers can meet scammers. To identify unreliable jasmine rice suppliers, buyers can rely on some characteristics. 

  • Unreliable jasmine rice suppliers offer a too low price. Buyers should make a comparison between the given price and the official one updated on the website of FAO.
  • Unreliable jasmine rice suppliers have an unprofessional website, in which they provide images sourced from the Internet and an unclear address.
  • Unreliable jasmine rice suppliers urge for early payment. 

Check the rice quality


Check the rice quality

The rice quality is one of the most crucial elements when working with jasmine rice suppliers. Buyers should ask for samples first to make sure that the rice satisfies their requirements. 

Negotiate price and decide a payment method


Negotiate price and decide a payment method

The price of wholesale jasmine rice fluctuates from time to time. Therefore, buyers should directly work with the jasmine rice suppliers for price negotiation. 

The next step is deciding on an appropriate payment method. Buyers should divide the payment into 2 times: before and after receiving products. By using this way, the risk of being scammed can be reduced.

Sign a contract


Sign a contract

The cooperation between the buyer and the jasmine rice supplier must be authorized by a legal contract. It is representative of the agreements of both parties on the rice quantity, the price, the package, and the delivery method. 

List of the best jasmine rice suppliers

The following list includes 5 jasmine rice suppliers from Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Singapore, which are useful for buyers.

Vinh Sanh jasmine rice supplier


Vinh Sanh jasmine rice supplier

Founded in the 1970s, Vinh Sanh Trading Corporation is well-known as the leading jasmine rice supplier. Products of the company, which are imported from Southeast Asia, are highly estimated due to the premium quality. 

K-Agriculture jasmine rice supplier


K-Agriculture Factory

One of the leading jasmine rice suppliers in Vietnam is K-Agriculture Factory, with 25-year experience in providing Vietnamese agricultural products to 80 countries around the world. The jasmine rice supplier is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. 

Jasmine rice of K-Agriculture supplier is certified by HACCP and ISO. In addition, the K-Agriculture jasmine rice supplier offers a reasonable price, professional packaging, and delivery services.

Pride of India jasmine rice supplier


Pride of India jasmine rice supplier

Pride of India is a direct jasmine rice supplier that has its own farms for input sources. Jasmine rice from Pride of India is organically grown for the best health improvement. 

Wonnapob jasmine rice supplier


Wonnapob jasmine rice supplier

Wonnapob Co., Ltd, is the representative of Thai jasmine rice suppliers because it is a pioneer in apply modern technology to produce rice. Wonnapob is famous for Thai Hom Mali rice, which is jasmine rice native to Thailand. 

Royal Umbrella jasmine rice supplier


Royal Umbrella jasmine rice supplier

One Singaporean jasmine rice supplier is Royal Umbrella. This supplier applies advanced techniques in rice production; therefore, its jasmine rice is genetically pure. Jasmine rice provided by Royal Umbrella won the first prize at the 2009 World Rice Conference.

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