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Pepper trading is a very large industry. Therefore, there might be various suppliers of this product all over the world. Thus, some people find it hard to decide which supplier to buy from. This post will help you to solve that problem by providing a list of reliable pepper brands, from which you might choose your own vendor.

The overview of pepper brands

There are several pepper brand names available right now due to the pepper’s rising popularity. First, we will research the definition, history and the market of these pepper brands.

Pepper brands: The history of pepper

Thousands of years ago, pepper was cultivated in India. The spice was used by the natives for both cooking and as the component of many medicines back then. 

There were 2 types of pepper in India at that time: Long pepper and black pepper. Both types were popular, and traded to many other parts of the world. The long pepper was used mostly by the people in Italy, especially in Rome, because of its strong flavor. Meanwhile, thanks to the ease of trading, black pepper gradually gained more and more popularity around the world, mostly in European nations.


The history of pepper

Nowadays, peppers are being grown in many countries. Vietnam, Brazil or Indonesia…are some of the most dominant exporting countries of this product with the best pepper brands. It is mostly used in cooking as a spice with many health benefits like blood sugar control, balancing cholesterol levels…

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The definition and types of pepper

As mentioned, originally there were 2 main types of pepper, black pepper and long pepper. However, since long pepper is not that widely-used nowadays, we would only focus on black pepper in this post. Black pepper is also the more traded type by pepper brands.

The word “pepper” is used to refer to hundreds of different types and kinds of pepper, which are available in a variety of colours, qualities, and grades. Even imitations of pepper that aren’t pepper are subject to it, such as bell pepper, or chili pepper. However, it mostly corresponds to the dried apricots of the Indian climbing plant Piper nigrum.

There are many types of pepper on the market, or in other words the different products that is made from the black pepper tree by pepper brands:

  • Black pepper: This kind of pepper is the most often utilized in large quantities by pepper brands worldwide, making up roughly 20% of the global spice trade’s total economic worth. This is also the most original product from the pepper brands tree. They are the fruits of the tree after they ripen and are dried in the sunlight. Usually, pepper brands can filter them through many mesh screens and sort them according to sizes and grades. Larger peppercorns have stronger, richer flavors, and the highest classifications are reserved for the biggest peppercorns. Black pepper is used in all cuisines and is widely consumed worldwide. Currently, the US consumes the most black pepper in the world, followed by China, India, and Vietnam…

Different types of pepper

  • White pepper: White pepper is a different well-known kind of pepper that is available in large quantities among pepper brands. White pepper, unlike its relative black pepper, is composed completely of the seeds of the pepper plant. The dark brown skin of the pepper fruit is taken off. It is often gathered through a process called retting. The pepper flesh melts and decomposes after being submerged in water for a week with fully ripe red berries. The outer pepper is separated from the seed by rubbing, leaving the seed alone to dry. White pepper has a taste that is very different from black peppercorns. However, they do have a delicate, more subtle yet powerful, fruity, aromatic spiciness with a feeling of fermentation as from the way they are processed. They are not as complicated as black pepper and don’t have the same punch. For pepper brands wondering where to sell white pepper, it is popular throughout parts of Asia and Europe.
  • Green pepper: This type of pepper is not very well-known in international trading by pepper brands. It is because it is actually raw pepper fruits. They are harvested before the pepper fruits ripen so that they can retain the freshness and flavor of the fruits. Usually, pepper brands will choose bunches that have not yet formed a pepper skull and are still soft and young to pick. Green pepper will have a mild spicy taste and moderate aroma. Eaters can eat and chew whole pepper very easily. Green peppers are used in cooking, especially in stir fry dishes like beef stir fry with green pepper…

Pepper brands: The market

This might be the most important aspect if you are looking for reliable pepper brands. In this post, we would discuss the supply, demand and the market price of pepper from pepper brands in the world.

Supply of pepper brands

The market for trading pepper internationally, both black and white, is very large. According to OEC, the Observatory of Economic Complexity, in 2020 the total market value of pepper trading was up to $4.1B. Among them, some of the biggest suppliers are:


Top exporting countries of pepper

  • India: India is the biggest exporter of pepper, according to OEC. In 2020, they supplied $1.16B worth of pepper to the world, accounting for over 28% of total world trade. Therefore, some of the best pepper brands are also located in India. India is the native country of pepper. It is easy to understand why they can supply that much pepper. The country possesses natural geographical and climatic conditions suitable for pepper cultivation such as a hot and humid environment… The pepper from India has a distinct flavor and aroma that only Indian pepper has, therefore it is also one of the most hunted peppers in the world.
  • Vietnam: As stated in the data and figures from OEC, Vietnam is the world’s second biggest supplier of pepper. The total amount of exported pepper from Vietnam in 2020 was $695M, about 17% of the market value. As a flourishing economy, Vietnam is the birthplace of many reliable and amazing pepper brands, such as K-Agriculture. Pepper from Vietnam has been exported to over 100 countries all over the world. They are also well-known for having a robust taste, high quality peppers at one of the cheapest prices. Currently, at the end of July 2022, the price of Vietnamese pepper is on the decline at a very high rate, so if you are looking to buy Vietnam pepper, both black and white, you should contact the suppliers immediately in order to not miss the opportunity.


  • China: With over $580M pepper exported in 2020, China is the next nation on the list. Already famous with other spices like cinnamon and star anise, China can be familiar to many businessmen when it comes to exporting spices. However, in China, there are not many pepper brands in spite of their huge population. This is because most Chinese peppers are consumed domestically. 

Demand for pepper

If you are a pepper brand that aims to supply pepper to the world, this should be a very important part for you. Here are the most promising markets for exporting pepper, also according to OEC:

  • United States: The biggest economy worldwide, the U.S is also the number one importer of pepper. In 2020, they imported $611M of pepper in total. Since it is not an appropriate country for pepper growing, most pepper brands in America are retailers. They would import pepper and process them to sell to end-buyers like households… It is also due to the rising demand for confectionery and pastry goods as well as the developing usage of pepper in cosmetics that makes the US demand for pepper so high.

Demand for pepper

  • China: It is ironic that China is both one of the biggest exporters and importers of pepper in bulk. Due to its enormous population as well as other exporting activities, China imports a significant amount of pepper in bulk. A significant amount of China’s bulk imports of pepper is also driven by domestic pepper brands for medicinal and culinary uses. China is one of the best markets for pepper brands.
  • Some other promising markets for exporting pepper are Germany, Thailand and Spain. These countries all show on the top 5 importers of pepper. 

Market price of pepper

The global market price of pepper brands is fluctuating everyday. Therefore, it is not appropriate to tell the exact price for a specific day because it can change very fast in the next few days. In this post, we will discuss the price trend of pepper from the best pepper supplying country in the world, Vietnam.

As mentioned, the price of Vietnamese pepper brands is on the trend of decreasing. The price at the end of July 2022 has been declined by a milling $200-300 per ton. Furthermore, the freight charge is currently very good since the world is starting to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is now the best time for importing Vietnamese pepper brands with the best price. 

For reference, this table shows the pepper price of K-Agriculture, the best pepper brands from Vietnam:

Product Price (thousand USD/MT)
Black pepper 500 GL 32xx
Black pepper 550GL 35xx
Black pepper 570GL 37xx
Black pepper 600GL 39xx
Pepper 5mm 40xx

Top 8 best pepper brands worldwide

Here are the 8 best pepper brands in the world for your reference. These suppliers all have many years of experience and high-quality products. Check them out for your benefit!

Ajinomoto Aji-Shio – One of the best pepper brands from Malaysia

Ajinomoto Malaysia pepper brand, which has its origins in Japan, just began producing MSG in 1961. However, with years of persistent work and advancements, it flourishes and is now regarded as one of Malaysia’s top pepper brands, offering premium white pepper.


Ajinomoto Aji-Shio

Most of the Asian nations including Thailand, India, and Cambodia get Ajinomoto white pepper exports.

Olam Food – Reliable pepper brand from Singapore

Olam International, as parent company of Olam Food Ingredients, shipped cashews for the first time to India from Nigeria in 1989. Olam was reorganized in 2020, and it was established with the intention of seeking a main listing on the premium section of the London Stock Exchange and a secondary placement in Singapore.


Olam Food International

Cocoa, dairy, coffee, nuts, and spices are among the raw materials and components offered by OFI pepper brand.

K-Agriculture Factory – The best pepper brands in Vietnam

One of the most renowned black and white pepper brands in Vietnam, K-Agriculture Factory, has exported its goods to more than 80 different nations. K-Agriculture Factory has been authorized as a national representative, supplying the greatest agricultural products to the international market, thanks to modern milling and polishing techniques and government backing (Ministry of Industry and Trade). The pepper brand offers a variety of peppers, including black pepper from Vietnam, white pepper, and pepper powder that complies with GAP, ISO, and HACCP requirements.


K-Agriculture is the best supplier of pepper

Contact them right now to get the best offers:



Whatsapp: +84855 555 794

One of the pepper brands in Vietnam – Baria Pepper 

Baria Pepper brand was established in 1985 with the intention of expanding its domestic and international client base by utilizing its in-depth knowledge about the products and the local market.


Baria Pepper

Bulk shipments of the Baria pepper brand have been made to the Middle East, the Usa, Europe, and other Asian nations. Due to its close relationships to regional farmers, the Baria pepper brand has a substantial advantage in regulating the quality and cost of the pepper.

Everest Spice – The oldest pepper brands in India

White pepper is one of the many spices and blends available under the most well-known pepper brand in India, Everest. With more than 50 years of industry experience, Everest upholds the greatest quality standards, flavor, and innovation in every pack.


Everest Spice

Everest’s excellent pure flavor is supported by technological advancements, research, and development.

Badia – Prominent pepper brands in the U.S

Jose Badia created Badia Spice Incorporated in 1967, and it is currently one of the largest family-owned Hispanic pepper brands in the United States. Black & white pepper, both whole and ground, and other types of peppers were distributed by the venerable Badia pepper industry to more than 70 countries throughout the world.



In addition to offering organic and gluten-free products, Badia Spices is committed to giving its customers the finest experience possible. The main export markets are Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East.

Hanfimex – Another prominent pepper brands from Vietnam

Another Vietnam’s significant supplier of foods and spices, such as cashew, cinnamon, pepper, coffee, and coconut, is Hanfimex. With more than 17 years of expertise and a distinguished clientele, Hanfimex is acknowledged as one of the greatest pepper brands in the world.



The Ministry of Industry and Trade has confidence in the business as a reliable client network.


A Dutch FDI pepper brand based in Vietnam. Their primary items are star anise, pepper from Vietnam, cinnamon, and other spices.

Where to get information of pepper brands

There are many ways for you to find pepper brands. Here are some suggestions:

  • Using search engines like Google is one of the fastest ways. Nowadays, almost every pepper brands has an online site or at least some kind of social media account. Therefore, it is really easy to find them out on online search engines. You can try keywords like “Where can I buy pepper?” or “Black pepper exporters in Vietnam”… 
  • An alternative for using search engines is that you can also use social media to find the pepper brands. You can try joining groups that contain pepper brands, and then just write a post like “I am looking for pepper brands in…”. Your suppliers shall contact you automatically.

Ways to find pepper brands

  • Another way for you to try is to participate in seminars on import and export agricultural products. There should be plenty of pepper brands at those seminars or workshops too. Get their contact information and work with them as soon as possible. This method has an advantage since you can meet the suppliers directly, which reduces the chance of scam.
  • You can also hire a broker and let them find the suppliers for you. This can be the most “lazy” way. But everything comes with a price. Hiring a broker might be very costly in some circumstances. It is appropriate for those who are too busy to find pepper brands and just want to spend some money instead.
  • And the final way we want to mention is to get the contact of pepper brands from your own network. If you are an experienced businessman in the field, you should have some, if not many relationships that can help you with this. Simply ask them if they know any pepper brands so that you can refer to them.

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