Cinnamon suppliers – secrets to find and work with reputable ones


Cinnamon suppliers play an important role in the work of a business selling products made of cinnamon. However, reliable cinnamon suppliers are sometimes hard to find and many business starters do not know how to work with them to bring the best benefits. This article will solve all of these problems.

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Cinnamon suppliers – Definition and distribution

If you are running a business about cinnamon,  cinnamon suppliers are considered one of the most crucial factors contributing to the smooth operation and success of your business. Therefore, to find a reliable cinnamon stick supplier to work with, you need to understand what it means by a cinnamon supplier and where the most cinnamon suppliers are located.

  • Definition of cinnamon suppliers

Cinnamon suppliers basically are companies or factories that supply and distribute cinnamon in different forms to both domestic and international markets. Cinnamon suppliers have a very preordering advantage over other suppliers because cinnamon is one of the most popular spices which has a good deal of benefits to humans in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Accordingly, cinnamon is a cost-effective food natural product that leads to making huge profits.


Definition of cinnamon suppliers

  • The main distribution of cinnamon suppliers

Cinnamon products are now produced the most in the following six countries: China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, and India. These are divided into 2 main groups:

– Countries with Ceylon Cinnamon products: Sri Lanka, Indian, Seychelles

– Countries with Cassia Cinnamon products: China, Vietnam, Indonesia


Main distribution of cinnamon suppliers

Popular cinnamon products offered by cinnamon suppliers

In case you might wonder what are several common types of cinnamon and typical cinnamon products that cinnamon suppliers usually offer, this part definitely helps.

Common cinnamon types of cinnamon suppliers

There are 2 common types of cinnamon on the markets that cinnamon suppliers provide, including Cassia and Ceylon.

  • Cinnamomum Cassia: It is mainly grown in Asia countries such as Vietnam, China, etc and is the most popular variety marketed in the United States and Canada.
  • Cinnamomum Ceylon: It mainly comes from Sri Lanka and is less popular than Cassia due to its higher price.

Common cinnamon types of cinnamon suppliers

Cinnamon suppliers are a general concept and that is the reason why you need to make sure to find cinnamon suppliers which supply the type of your needs. Normally, it is not quite hard to distinguish them because cinnamon suppliers often clarify it in their product information sections.

Typical cinnamon products of cinnamon suppliers

Cinnamon bark and its powder are 2 typical products that cinnamon suppliers tend to provide their partners with due to the easy mass production ability.

  • Cinnamon bark

Cinnamon bark

  • Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder

Whatever form of cinnamon is under, the health and other benefits of them, obviously, are basically the same. With the help of cinnamaldehyde – the most important active composition in cinnamon, many diseases in humans and even animals are recorded to be much more improved such as Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, HIV, cancer, teeth-related problems, etc.

The difference is in the usage of each product in order to make the best of it.

Cinnamon suppliers – The criteria to evaluate standard ones

There are many cinnamon suppliers in the global market, and you need to make wise decisions to get yourself the best source of supply chains. Here are some criteria for you to consider.

Cinnamon suppliers’ credibility

Long-term collaboration requires high mutual credibility. There are a few things to consider when determining whether a cinnamon supplier is trustworthy:


Cinnamon suppliers’ credibility

  • The business information

Make sure those cinnamon suppliers have a real geographical address, reachable contact details, and a reliable business license.

  • Cooperation transparency

Find out if the cinnamon suppliers guarantee supply of raw materials and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with their previous partners.

  • Legal issues

View legal procedures relating to past and current supplier contracts to ensure the cinnamon suppliers complied well with the law.

Cinnamon suppliers’ product quality

When it comes to selecting a good cinnamon supplier, the quality of the cinnamon is always the most crucial factor. Therefore, you definitely should consider the following factors for cinnamon product quality checking, including:


Cinnamon suppliers’ product quality

  • Standard cinnamon product parameters
  • Clear mode – warranty policy
  • Widely recognized quality certificates

Cinnamon suppliers’ performance

The business plan of your enterprise is directly affected by the supply performance of the cinnamon suppliers. In order to avoid or reduce the risks of unworthy damages, therefore, cinnamon suppliers need to guarantee to do well in the following factors:


Cinnamon suppliers’ performance

  • Order fulfillment time

The time from the beginning of order fulfillment to the supplier’s delivery.

  • Delivery Reliability

Guaranteed delivery time as agreed.

  • Delivery assured

Make sure it is the correct type of goods, quality, quantity according to the contract.

  • Exchanging information

Cinnamon suppliers must exchange information with you throughout the process.

Another way to check if the cinnamon suppliers performed well in the past is to check their previous partners’ feedback.

Cinnamon suppliers’ price policy

The price of the product and the fees involved during the order from those cinnamon suppliers are factors to consider when evaluating good ones. Specifically, if cinnamon suppliers can give the same goods with the same quality as other suppliers but at a lower cost, that will be a win for the buyers. Consider these items to bring your business the best benefits:


Cinnamon suppliers’ price policy

  • Competitive price

The price paid should be equivalent to products and services offered by other cinnamon suppliers. Businesses should obtain estimates from a range of suppliers to compare and evaluate them more effectively.

  • Price stability

Prices should be consistent or have just mild variations throughout time.

  • Price consistency

There should not be any difference between the price on the order and one on the invoice. Make sure to clarify it with the cinnamon suppliers you are working with to avoid unwanted extra fees.

  • Price change

When there is a price adjustment, the cinnamon suppliers must notify the customers in advance and adjust the contract with the agreement from both.

  • Payment transparency

Invoices from the cinnamon suppliers should be sent on time and be simple for customers to read and understand.

Cinnamon suppliers’ customer service

Cinnamon suppliers offer services that help support the supply chains, especially where problems arise, such as product defects, quality assurance, lack of orders. Therefore, we can not ignore these criteria in the evaluation and selection of cinnamon suppliers. When evaluating customer service of cinnamon suppliers, it is necessary to:


Cinnamon suppliers’ customer service

  • Gather opinions on the quality of support
  • Evaluate the suppliers’ attitude and response time to support requests
  • The qualifications of the support staff.

Reliable cinnamon suppliers and ways to find them

There are many ways to reach out to Cinnamon suppliers. Below listed the most useful ways to help you solve this easy problem.

Place to find cinnamon suppliers

  • Agricultural trade fairs

Cinnamon is a popular product at agricultural trade fairs. Therefore, cinnamon suppliers are likely to attend in order to promote their business and products as well.


Agricultural trade fairs


– Direct meeting and interaction with cinnamon suppliers

– On spot product quality testing


– Due to the restricted number of suppliers attending the fair, you may lose out on many superior cinnamon suppliers if you rush to make a decision.

  • Intermediary companies

These companies help you gather information about the cinnamon suppliers and help you connect with them.


Intermediary companies


– Customers can be secured by the good intermediary company’s reputation which helps you avoid scams


– It necessitates additional brokerage fees.

– It would be a waste of money in case you may not find the cinnamon suppliers that are most appropriate.

  •   Social networking sites

Some global popular social media you can use to find cinnamon suppliers information or profiles are facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.


– Active searching and research

– Easily compare potential suppliers.


– Impossible to verify a cinnamon suppliers’ reputation

– Easy to be scammed

  •    Face-to-face

You can go straight to the cinnamon suppliers you’re interested in to check out their operation and product quality.


– Work directly with suppliers to evaluate the suppliers’ reputation


– It takes a lot of time and money to practice.

Signs of scam cinnamon suppliers

Every time you decide to cooperate with another business, in this case, cinnamon suppliers, be aware of their scams which may result in many damages for your money.


Signs of scam cinnamon suppliers

Here are some suggested signs that you can based on to evaluate whether the cinnamon suppliers you are working with are scams one or not.

  • No or little company information provided
  • Payment is pushed by the cinnamon suppliers
  • Lack of knowledge and consultant about the product and its operation

Cinnamon suppliers and working steps with them

After successfully finding out a prestigious cinnamon supplier of your needs, you will begin working with them to ensure that you receive the cinnamon in the best possible condition. However, there are a great deal of business starters who do not know what or how they have to do to bring the best benefits for their enterprises. These following steps for working with cinnamon suppliers might help.


Cinnamon suppliers and working steps with them

  • Step 1: Research information about products and company

– Check the cinnamon supplier’s product knowledge by asking for thorough consultation.

– Check the cinnamon supplier’s reputation by viewing how they actually support you with their services

  • Step 2: Price negotiation & bargaining costs

– Ask the cinnamon suppliers if their current price is the product’s price only or if it includes other fees (shipping fees, packing fees, labor charges, etc.)

– You can negotiate the price once you have thorough knowledge about the costs involved with the goods by doing research on them or checking the price from other suppliers before the negotiation.

  • Step 3: Contract signing

In any business cooperation, a contract is a must-have and the most important document to protect the benefits and guarantee the responsibility from both parties.  As a result, you must thoroughly review the contract’s provisions before signing to avoid future issues. If there are any unclear provisions which you think can be harmful to your business in the future, make sure to propose adjustments before deciding to sign.

  • Step 4: Payment

The cinnamon suppliers will suggest a payment method based on the number of goods you order. To ensure that the cinnamon items supplied to your location have the quality you asked for, you should not pay the complete amount of the order in one go, but rather propose them for your business to divide it into two installments: before and after getting the goods contracting, negotiating, and finalizing.

  • Step 5: Receive and check the products

After the goods have been delivered to the location, double-check that the product fulfills the specifications and quality that you agreed to when you negotiated and signed the contract. If this is not the case, you should contact the cinnamon suppliers as soon as possible to find a solution. This is the time when the contract between your business and the cinnamon suppliers work.

  • Step 6: Giving feedback to suppliers

Giving feedback to the cinnamon suppliers after working with them for 3 main purposes:

– Help them improve their service

– Being a reference for other businesses like yours in the future

– Contributing to creating a healthy cinnamon suppliers network.

Top 5 cinnamon suppliers

In case it is still not easy for you to find out reliable cinnamon suppliers, here are the top 5 Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers for your reference


With almost two decades of expertise in the Vietnamese agriculture sector. K- AGRICULTURE FACTORY has established itself as a trustworthy cinnamon supplier.

They are proud of a closed manufacturing process that makes their products be highly-rated by both domestic consumers and abroad. In cooperation with VIETRADE – Trade Promotion Department, which stands for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, their credibility and authenticity are verified.



For more information, please contact

Phone:  +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)



G.C Food

GC Food – GC Food Joint Stock Company,  was established from 2007 to 2011 with the establishment of a factory in Ho Nai Industrial Park, it was changed to GC Food Joint Stock Company.


G.C Food


Established & developed in 1980, Vilaconic Joint Stock Company – The supplier and exporter of AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS in Vietnam to major markets such as China, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.




As one of the enterprises in the field of distribution and export of Vietnamese agricultural products, SUNRISE INS Co., Ltd. provides a large and unlimited quantity of agricultural products for the domestic market and export to Europe. , America, Africa, and neighboring Asian countries.




Visimex Joint Stock Company (Visimex., JSC) is a member of NIC Group with nearly  20 years of experience in the field of spices and industrial agricultural products.



Standards of different markets on cinnamon products

  • Premium quality importing countries

The target country groups who require high-quality products are Korea, the UK, the US, etc.

The highest current agricultural product standard is that it must be produced in accordance with Organic standards. However, it is important to note that each region’s or country’s organic standards differ, but not significantly. For example, Japan has its own standard version of certified Organic cinnamon goods, as do Korea, the United States, and the European Union.

Within the same block or between countries, some countries accept each other’s organic standards.

  • Medium quality importing countries

Those countries are: China and India which are two of the world’s most populous one.

Countries that do not have strict quality requirements are usually those that have a high demand. They loosen standards to meet market demand in order to keep the prices stable. In these countries, products must still meet certain product standards on: Pesticides, preservatives, and restricted drug content regulations, etc.

  • Low quality importing countries

Africa, the Middle East, etc are regions which do not really pay much attention to the quality of cinnamon products they import. This group of people is particularly concerned about price, thus they are given a selection of things that are reasonably priced.


Standards of different markets on cinnamon products

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