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Export Jasmine rice to Burkina Faso – August 2022

Rate the blog hereJasmine rice 5% broken produced by K-Agriculture is now appearing in Burkina Faso! Jasmine is a fragrant rice variety which is grown and developed in Vietnam. Jasmine...

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Export OM5451 rice to Ghana – July 2022

Rate the blog hereThis customer import 2 container 20ft of OM5451 rice 5% broken. The rice is packed into 22kg PP bag. The customer is satisfied with the rice quality. Here is his feedback: K-Agriculture...

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Preparing spices sample – June 2022

Rate the blog hereMany customers have asked for our product samples. We have a full range of product samples and we regularly send them to our customers so that they can check the quality...

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Export Jasmine rice to Burkina Faso – April 2022

Rate the blog hereA supermarket from Burkina Faso imported our Jasmine rice 5%. They have made a TVC to promote the rice. K-Agriculture is proud to be the one of the main rice suppliers...

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Export Jasmine rice to Canada – January 2022

Rate the blog hereA charity organization called Gaia Cares in Canada has bought Jasmine rice from K-Agriculture and deliver them to people in need in Canada. K-Agriculture is happy...

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