Export Jasmine rice to Burkina Faso – August 2022

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Jasmine rice 5% broken produced by K-Agriculture is now appearing in Burkina Faso!

Jasmine is a fragrant rice variety which is grown and developed in Vietnam. Jasmine rice has a mild fragrance like milk. Sticky rice, sweet taste, drained texture. Even until the end of the crop, Jasmine rice is still moist and delicious.

Here are some photos of our Jasmine rice to the customer in Burkina Faso:

Rice warehouse

Customer receive the rice container

K-Agriculture Factory was established in 1996 as a small merchant with the original goal to export rice, coffee beans, and nuts from Vietnam to China. In 2020, powered by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, our company became the National Project with the goal of bringing Vietnamese agricultural goods to the international market. We are proud to be the main supplier of hundreds of partners around the world!

K-Agriculture Factory is providing many rice varieties: Jasmine, DT8, ST25, KDM, OM5451, IR504, Japonica, etc.

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