Medium Grain Rice Vs Long Grain Rice: Which One Is Better?


Rice is now the popular food in the daily meals of many people. Among many famous rice varieties, long grain vs medium grain rice are two types that make rice consumers confused to distinguish.

Medium grain rice vs long grain rice: The differences

Medium grain and long grain are two of the most popular types of rice. Normally, distinguishing between medium grain rice vs long grain rice is not easy for rice consumers. However, there are fundamental differences to distinguish these two rice varieties.

  • Length: Medium grain rice refers to rice with grain length above 5.2 mm up to 6.0 mm while the average length of long grain rice is over 7mm.
  • Shape: Generally, medium grain rice is fairly round and about two to three times longer than its width. Meanwhile, the long grain rice varieties usually have long, slender and thin shapes.
  • Texture: Medium grain rice has a moist, tender, slightly chewy texture when cooked. Long grain rice is not only tender but also has a long-lasting scent.

Medium grain rice vs long grain rice: The differences

Medium grain rice vs long grain rice: Varieties

Medium grain vs long grain rice varieties are diverse. Hence, each type has unique features that appeal to different consumers.

Long grain rice types

Nowadays, along with the growing demand for long grain rice, many long grain rice varieties with appetizing flavor have become the choices of many consumers.

  • Basmati rice

Widely cultivated in India and Pakistan, Basmati rice is one of the most popular long grain rice varieties in the world. Basmati rice has a thin, long shape and a sweet, tender flavor. Exceptionally, Indian basmati rice has a unique and appetizing scent that cannot be found in other types. The average price of a 5 kilogram Basmati rice pack is 25 dollars.


Basmati rice

  • Jasmine rice

Jasmine is an aromatic rice type grown in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. When cooked, jasmine rice is sticky and tender, providing niacin, calcium, and potassium for eaters. These characteristics make jasmine rice popular in South Asia countries. The average price of each 5 kilogram Jasmine rice pack is 20 dollars.


Jasmine rice

  • ST line 

ST line is a long grain white rice from Vietnam created by Ho Quang Cua-a Vietnamese engineer. ST stands for “Soc Trang”- the birth place of this rice, located in the Mekong Delta. ST line includes ST05, ST20, ST21, ST24, ST25. ST line rice has a sweet, flavorful taste and a special pandan-leave fragrance when cooked. Exceptionally, in 2019, ST25 rice won the prize of the most delicious type of rice at the World’s Best Rice contest. Currently, the price of 5 kilogram ST line rice is around 20 dollars.


ST line

  • OM 5451 and IR 504

OM 5451 and IR 504 are two types of normal long grain rice. OM5451 is widely consumed in markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, and West Asia. Cooked OM5451 is tender, chewy. Meanwhile, IR504 rice is popular in Nigeria and Nepal. With a slim, delightful fragrance, this type of rice is the choice of many consumers. The average price to buy 5 kilograms of OM 5451 and IR504 is 18 dollars.


OM 5451 and IR 504

Medium grain rice types

Medium grain rice varieties are diverse and each type has distinctive features that appeal to different rice eaters. 

  • Arborio rice

Arborio is an Italian medium grain rice, originating from the town of Arborio, in the Po Valley of Italia. The seeds of Arborio rice are fairly round and translucent. When cooked, Arborio rice has a creamy and chewy flavor, hence suitable to make dishes like Risotto, rice pudding. The average price of a 5 kilogram Arborio rice pack is 60 dollars.


Arborio rice

  • Bomba rice

Bomba rice is a medium grain rice, widely cultivated in the eastern regions of Spain. The Bomba rice grain is round and pearly white. When cooked, Bomba rice is non-sticky and delightfully tender. Bomba rice is an important ingredient to make paella, a traditional Valencian cuisine. The average price of a 5 kilogram pack of Bomba rice is 55 dollars.


Bomba rice

Medium grain rice vs long grain rice: Health benefits

Although having different characteristics, most medium grain rice vs long grain rice share the same health benefits to the human body. 

Providing energy after vigorous activity

Medium grain rice and long grain rice provide a rich source of quickly accessible carbohydrate, which is crucial for the human body to replenish muscle glycogen after physical exertion. Hence, these two types of rice are included in the diets of many sportsmen around the world.


Providing energy after vigorous activity

Good for the nervous system

Vitamin B is an important nutrient for the nervous system because it generates neurotransmitters that regulate the biological processes. Medium grain rice and types of long grain rice carry a good source of Vitamin B which helps improve the nervous systems and mental health of everybody.


Good for the nervous system

Reducing the risk of Cancer

Medium grain rice and long grain rice contain a high level of fiber that supports digestion and lowers the blood pressure. The smooth digestion disposes the waste in the human body more quickly. Hence, it reduces the interaction of this waste with healthy cells, preventing intestinal and colorectal cancer.


Reducing the risk of Cancer

Medium grain rice vs long grain rice: Delicious dishes

Nowadays, many appetizing dishes are created with medium grain rice and long grain rice. These are some of the most popular ones.

Korean rice cake – Famous street food made from long grain rice

Korean rice cake or tteokbokki is one of the most popular Korean street foods. The main ingredient to cook tteokbokki is garaetteok, a type of cake made from long grain rice. Therefore, Korea is one of the major long grain rice importers, buying 450 million tons. The rice cake is then mixed and boiled with chili paste, fish cake, and cabbage to create an appetizing cuisine that anyone should try.


Korean rice cake

Dum Biryani – Indian cuisine made from Basmati rice

This is one of the most popular Indian dishes made from Basmati rice. The Basmati rice is slowly cooked, with meat which is usually chicken and vegetables. The slow cooking method along with a wide range of spices gives the rice an appetizing flavor that appeals to many people.


Dum Biryani

Risotto rice balls – Italian cuisine made from Arborio rice

Risotto rice balls, also known as Arancini is a special Italian dish made from Arborio, a famous medium grain rice. Arancini are rice balls coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried in hot oil. The filling of these rice balls is usually made of mozzarella cheese or minced pork mixed with tomato sauce.


Risotto rice balls

Com tam – A Vietnamese cuisine made from long grain rice

Com tam means broken rice in Vietnamese. The broken rice to make Com tam is usually long grain rice varieties like Jasmine rice, ST line. Com tam is usually served with grilled ribs, egg sausages, and vegetable pickles. Nowadays, Com Tam is one of the most famous street food in Vietnam that everyone should try.


Com tam

Medium grain rice vs long grain rice: Famous brand names

These are some famous brand names that you should consider buying medium grain rice vs long grain rice from. 

RiceSelect- Famous medium grain rice brand from America

Established in 1997, RiceSelect – one of the best wholesale rice distributors – is worldwide famous for its organic rice products.  The medium grain rice from RiceSelect is purely organic and high-quality. All the products from RiceSelect are milled, packed in the United States. The prominent rice products from RiceSelect are Texmati, Jasmati, Royal Blend, Arborio.


RiceSelect- Famous medium grain rice brand from America

Riso Gallo Arborio rice – Famous medium grain rice brand from Italy

Riso Gallo is one of the oldest rice brands in Italy. Established in 1856, with over 150 years of manufacturing rice, Riso Gallo guarantees supply customers with high-quality rice products at the most reasonable prices. Arborio rice from Riso Gallo nowadays can be found easily in many supermarkets and E-commerce platforms around the world. Product list of Riso Gallo Arborio includes Sustainable White rice, Speciality rice, My Risotto Perfetto, Grain Riserva.


Riso Gallo Arborio rice – Famous medium grain rice brand from Italy

K-Agriculture Factory – A popular Vietnamese long grain rice brand

With more than 25 years of development in the agricultural market, K-Agriculture Factory nowadays is one of the top brand names supplying long grain rice from Vietnam. With a network of more than 1000 employees and 100 experts in agricultural products from cashew, pepper, cinnamon, especially rice, K-Agriculture Factory is well-trusted by many traders and customers around the world. The long grain rice varieties from K-Agriculture Factory are OM 5451, ST line, Jasmine rice.

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K-Agriculture Factory – A popular Vietnamese long grain rice brand

Pride of India’s Basmati rice – Famous brand name from India

Pride of India is a family-owned company from India which is famous for supplying organic products. With the ambition to bring organic food and herbal products to the world, Pride of India is proud to supply organic Basmati rice to customers from over 40 countries around the world. The rice products from Pride of India are Extra long indian white basmati rice, Extra long indian brown basmati rice, Extra long indian golden basmati rice, Premium indian brown basmati rice, Premium indian white basmati rice.


Pride of India’s Basmati rice – Famous brand name from India

In conclusion though medium grain rice vs long grain rice  have different characteristics, either of them are appetizing and flavorful. Hence, everyone should give them a try to find out which one is most suitable to their preference. 

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