Broken cinnamon: A tiny-shaped spice with giant influences

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Broken cinnamon is considered to have one of the smallest shapes among cinnamon products such as tube cinnamon or split cinnamon. But that does not mean its benefits to health, roles in cuisines and economic potential are humble too.

A quick view about broken cinnamon

Grabbing general knowledge about broken cinnamon is a crucial step to fully take advantage of this spice in the field of economics, treatment, and cooking.

Uniform standards of quality

Below is a list of popular standards in terms of broken cinnamon quality, which is accepted by main cinnamon importers.


Uniform standards of quality

The essential oil in broken cinnamon varies based on where it is taken from. The broken product from the bark obtains 2 – 4% essential oil, much more than one from branches, whose oil level is around 1%. This information is worth noticing because it directly leads to the difference in the cinnamon’s prices.

Wholesale price

The wholesale price of broken cinnamon in the market currently ranges from $480 to $1,930 per ton. The huge gap between the lowest and highest price, having said that, is mainly caused by the unevenness of the oil contained. Besides, this price is much cheaper than that of other cinnamon counterparts. This is due to some reasons below:

  • Low amount of essential oil: The average level of essential oil in other types of cinnamon such as tube cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, or split cinnamon with 2 – 4% oil contained.
  • Simple production procedure: If other cinnamon varieties need to go through several strict processes such as cutting into equal pieces, dryness procedure to reach a particular rolled rate, steam distillation or grounding, broken cinnamon has to be merely taken during the cinnamon harvesting process. This means broken cinnamon traders are able to make profits from both cinnamon bark as a raw material to every cinnamon product and its scraps – broken cinnamon at the same time.

With this cinnamon wholesale price range, broken cinnamon always has its own markets, which aim at relatively good products with reasonable prices.


Wholesale price

Broken cinnamon: Importing and exporting giants

The broken cinnamon market, in general, is always active.

  • As reported by OEC, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China were the 3 biggest cinnamon exporters in 2019 with the exports value at $175M, $163M, and $156M, respectively. Those three countries are also the main supply sources of broken cinnamon, especially Cassia broken cinnamon – the most common cinnamon type in the world.
  • At the same time, India and the Middle East are reported to be 2 largest importers of this broken type. In 2019, India ranked 1st in the top list of cinnamon importers, including broken cinnamon, with the import value at $91.1M. The main reason lies in their preferences in terms of daily spices. In those countries, cinnamon products play a vital role in daily meals, so it is not economical and logical to buy expensive varieties such as cinnamon cigarettes or split cinnamon, especially when their economic conditions are not really strong. Fortunately, broken cinnamon is able to satisfy their most essential requirement, which is a medium-quality product with affordable prices.

Seeing that fact, traders who are planning to join this market can be confident in its promising future. All you have to do is to understand the preferences of different consumer markets and the main supply sources in the world.


Importing and exporting giants

Tremendous benefits of broken cinnamon

The benefits of broken cinnamon are uncountable, ranging from cooking, economics to treatment.

In traditional medicine

For people using traditional herbal medicine, broken cinnamon is no longer a strange product. In fact, it has been a popular ingredient in Chinese and Egyptian traditional medicine since ancient times. Cinnamon has been proved to contain a large number of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, and antipyretic, which promotes the tissue repair process. One of the most well-known broken-cinnamon-contained herbal remedies is cinnamon tea. This tea works wonders for the treatment of regular colds, gynecological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases. One study also found that cinnamon water extract increases insulin sensitivity, which helps to enhance glucose uptake. Moreover, that extract displays anticancer activity by blocking VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) signaling.
Concerning that, broken cinnamon has no reason to be ignored in this world. In contrast, it deserves all the credits, love, and trust that people give to it.

In cooking

One of the most popular spices worldwide, cinnamon lends its distinctive spicy-sweet kick to all manner of sweet and savory dishes. One huge problem when you use a bigger-shaped cinnamon-like tube or split one in cooking is that: You can never use up a 40-centimeter cinnamon tube or split cinnamon at once, you have to find ways to preserve the remaining parts or that cinnamon product. Coincidentally, that problem can be perfectly solved by tiny-sized broken cinnamon.


Tremendous benefits

Recommendation of prestigious broken cinnamon companies

A simple production method, relatively low price, and huge consumer markets have successfully multiplied the number of broken cinnamon companies. That is a two-edged sword because going along with an easier approach to a cinnamon supplier is the rise of scammers. In order to solve that problem, at the end of the article is a list of recommended trustworthy broken cinnamon companies.

CV. Pagota Sukses Makmur, Indonesia

Having cinnamon factories in Sumatra Island – globally known as the biggest plantation of Cassia Cinnamon in the world, buyers don’t have to worry about both the quality and quantity of the company’s products. Broken cinnamon products here are naturally and organically cultivated, which can satisfy the most difficult customers.

K-Agriculture, Vietnam

Being a giant in trading cinnamon products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest broken cinnamon, split cinnamon and cinnamon stick bulk exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.



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Being a Chinese representative in manufacturing cinnamon commodities, including broken cinnamon for about 35 years, the unique pungent but sweet flavor has got itself tremendous trust and love Asian cinnamon buyers.

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