Important Factors For Wholesale Rice Flour Assessment


Rice is a staple food worldwide, used every day and makes up a large part of the diet, especially in Asia. With the increasing demand, rice flour becomes popular and leads to the development of wholesale rice flour.

Overview of wholesale rice flour

Wholesale rice flour has experienced a significant growth for years due to its benefits in terms of commercial development.

Definition of rice flour

Rice flour is the main and indispensable ingredient in the processing of traditional dishes or some daily food. Created from the method of soaking and grinding rice grains to form rice flour. The rice flour is smoother and softer than wheat flour.

Rice flour is widely used, milled from many different types of rice. Therefore, rice flour is also classified into 3 different types: plain rice flour, glutinous rice flour, and whole grain rice flour

  • Plain rice flour: Plain rice flour is a type of flour milled from plain rice (the type of rice used mainly in daily meals), with a slightly opaque white color. People use rice flour to cook porridge or make traditional Vietnamese cakes such as: banh uot , banh beo, banh xeo…
  • Glutinous rice flour: Glutinous rice flour is a type of flour milled from glutinous rice (the type of rice used to cook sticky rice dishes). Glutinous rice flour (similar to characteristics of glutinous rice) is quite smooth, spongy, and often sticky to hands. Because of this feature, they are used to make cakes such as banh gai, banh khuc, Japanese mochi, Chinese cake…
  • Whole grain rice flour:  Whole grain rice flour is also known as brown rice flour. After the rice is harvested, it is sent to rice mills for hulling. In the process of separating the husk from the rice grain, the layers that cover the rice grain are also separated. These three layers fall from the rice grain in the form of a powder, so we call it whole grain rice flour.

Definition of Wholesale rice flour

Wholesale rice flour suppliers are understood to sell and supply a large volume of rice flour to retailers, business organizations, and other wholesalers. In other words, wholesale rice flour is selling rice flour to a wording that is not a single customer.


Wholesale rice flour suppliers

Wholesale rice flour suppliers usually have a large volume of trade (in bags and containers), operate on a wide range and scale.

There are wholesale rice flour suppliers in the following forms:

  • First, rice flour wholesalers are independently owned businesses, they actually buy and sell rice flour, directly source, distribute rice flour, and rice flour wholesalers are solely responsible for the business
  • Second, wholesale rice flour suppliers are brokers and agents. They do not own any rice flour or orders, but play an important role, as an intermediary to facilitate trading between rice flour suppliers and customers.
  • Third, rice flour wholesalers are branches or representative offices of manufacturers, run by the buyers or sellers themselves.

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Global distribution of wholesale rice flour

It can be said that rice is the staple food, which is used daily on an indispensable basis. According to the statistics of the top rice exporting countries, almost all of them are in the Asian region.

Asia is a sizable rice producer. The total rice production of these countries accounts for about 90% of the world’s rice production. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that Asia is the world’s largest rice bowl.

According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) calculations, worldwide rice production reached 508.4 million tons, an increase of 1.52% compared to 2019.

Today, most of the world’s rice is grown in Asia, and Asia is also where a lot of the world’s rice flour is produced and used. So far, rice flour has become one of the widely used products around the globe.

Reasons why Asian region becomes wording of wholesale rice flour suppliers

There are many reasons to prove that Asia is the bright spot of rice production. From there, it forms the basis for wholesale rice flour:

  • Historical and geographical situation: wet rice originates mainly in Southeast Asia, where the climate is favorable, tropical, dense with river systems and fertile alluvial plains.
  • Human factor: people have a long-standing wet rice civilization. A large number of the labor force participates in rice cultivation to serve the rice market. Asians are very industrious and hardworking
  • High science and technology: Scientists research and develop new varieties of rice for high yields, smarter responses to climate change, and high quality. Currently, the technology of milling, grinding.. rice to form rice flour is increasingly invested and modernized.
  • Socio-economic factors: Rice not only plays an important role in people’s daily activities, ensuring national food security but also makes an important contribution to the economic development of the country.

All of these contribute to an outstanding source of rice input for wholesale rice flour suppliers. Besides the above factors, the support of the Government is the driving force for the rice industry in general and the wholesale rice flour suppliers to have the opportunity to expand their business and develop strongly.

  • Vietnam can be mentioned, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is given priority and is taking advantage of certain opportunities to break through, surpassing Thailand in the No. 2 position in rice export (the bloc). The volume and value of rice exports in 2020 reached 6.15 million tons and 3.07 billion USD.

Exporting wholesale rice flour

  • Rice flour-related products increased significantly when exported to the EU thanks to Vietnam making good use of free trade agreements or EVFT agreements. Under the support and guarantee of the Government, Vietnam in particular has more opportunities to improve their competitiveness and attract foreign customers.

Ways find quality and reputable wholesale rice flour suppliers

In the context of technology and internet boom like today, finding information about quality wholesale rice flour suppliers has become more convenient and faster than ever. You can search in the following ways:

  • Search for information on wholesale rice flour suppliers on the internet

The internet is a powerful tool to help you find rice flour wholesalers that match your criteria. High-quality, reputable wholesale rice flour suppliers will be ranked first by the search system as soon as you search for information.

Besides, the internet can help you find many rice flour wholesalers around the world, you will have a comparison and make a decision.

  • E-commerce platforms

Major e-commerce sites in the world such as Amazon, Alibaba…will sell all products related to rice flour. All information about product description, company introduction, rice flour wholesaler is very detailed and clear

You can see feedback from previous buyers and get more consideration and reviews.

  • “Find supplier” service

There are now services to assist customers in finding wholesale rice flour. You can find an intermediary broker, search for suitable suppliers according to the criteria you require

  • Participate in rice and rice flour fairs

Trade fairs are a traditional way for you to reach corporate rice flour wholesalers. You have the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss products and businesses. In particular, you can directly observe the rice flour product.

This approach may be limited amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but we cannot deny its power in untangling the barrier between B2B and B2C.

  • Access to wholesale rice flour through forums, websites, online and offline groups

Besides, participating in online forums, professional websites is the best way to gather a great source of information about wholesale rice flour. You get more free and useful tips and reviews from others about wholesale rice flour. 

Through a professional website, you can also evaluate the rice flour wholesaler’s profile as well as trust and connection.

Ways to work with wholesale rice flour suppliers

After finding the basic information about wholesale rice flour, you need to understand the rules of working with rice flour wholesalers.

  • Check the rice flour wholesaler’s knowledge and check the rice flour wholesaler’s profile

You should check that the rice flour wholesaler is really knowledgeable about their product. When the wholesaler is clear and can answer your questions about your product, it shows that the wholesaler does a great job and cares about the rice flour product.

  • Price negotiation

You should learn and compare between the rice flour wholesalers on the market via the internet, commercial sites to understand the price before negotiating.

On the other hand, you should discount from 15% -20% to get the best price with wholesale customers. If you buy in bulk, the price may be lower than expected and there are more incentives.

  • Contracting

This can be considered as one of the most important stages of the negotiation process with rice flour wholesalers. Wholesale rice flour has certain standards to be placed on the commercial market. Therefore, you should ensure the requirements for business licenses and product safety certification in accordance with Vietnamese laws.

In addition, the two parties need to agree on the delivery date, weight, type of rice flour, or accompanying criteria (should have a sub-contract in the process of arising problems).

  • Payment

You should find out the payment methods of rice flour wholesalers through their own website, or you can talk directly to the rice flour wholesaler.

You can pay the rice flour wholesaler in advance. Payment in advance is an amount that the two parties have agreed to ensure for the next delivery.

  • Receive goods, test, and give feedback to rice flour wholesalers

Check the quantity of rice flour delivered and the quality of the rice flour product to give timely feedback to the rice flour wholesaler.

Your feedback will be an opportunity for us to become a long-term partner.


Ways to work with wholesale rice flour suppliers

Signs of a reliable wholesale rice flour supplier

Wholesale rice flour requires many requirements on product quality, in order to evaluate a rice flour wholesaler, it is necessary to consider the capacity profile of the rice flour wholesaler through some of the following criteria:

Wholesale rice flour suppliers must provide qualifications

The reputation and quality of wholesale rice flour suppliers are assessed on their portfolio. Wholesale rice flour suppliers must have a legal business registration license under the laws of the state.

An important and indispensable thing in the profile capacity of the rice flour wholesaler is to have a certificate of standard rice flour products.

Proving their license and track record is the most reliable way to enhance the position of rice flour supply in the market. These include export licenses and some important licenses such as: 

  • CFS (license for free sale)
  • FSSC22000 certified food safety management system for rice flour processing, packaging and transportation
  • HC (Health Certificate) is granted for food, food additives, processing aids; tools and materials for packaging and containing food when requested by organizations and individuals

Wholesale rice flour suppliers must provide qualifications

Besides, rice flour needs to prove the origin of the input materials (which type of rice is milled according to world standards) The quality of rice must be put on top, complying with strict regulations on hygiene standards, technical requirements ISO / DIS 7301.

Wholesale rice flour suppliers also have to ensure different requirements for chemical residues, pesticides, impurities, and handling and preservation to meet the needs of international rice exports.

Prestigious wholesale rice flour suppliers are evaluated by the partners they have cooperated with

Usually, the partners of wholesale rice flour are businesses and business partners that buy rice flour in large quantities.

Reputable rice flour wholesalers when they have cooperated to export/sell rice flour with major partners such as the world’s largest rice flour importing countries (Philippines, Africa, USA, Japan…)

Rice flour wholesalers can demonstrate their capacity through the partners they cooperate with to guide and set the selection criteria of the cooperation system, helping businesses to gain more profits.

The supplier’s information on wholesale rice flour should be clear and transparent

It is necessary to check if a supplier really exists such as wholesaler website address, contact method, business license, is the best way to measure the reputation of a wholesale rice flour supplier.

The supply of wholesale rice flour must be guaranteed. Does the supplier guarantee the supply of raw materials, maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with a partner or not; warehouse system, factory-like as well as shipping way.

Customer service of wholesale rice flour supplier

The service that the rice flour wholesaler provides you to help support the sources of goods, especially in cases where problems arise such as defective products, poor quality, missing orders, etc.

When evaluating a provider, it is necessary to gather opinions on the quality of support, the status of the provider and response time to support requests, staff support, and more.

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Top 3 wholesale rice flour suppliers around the world

If you are interested in the wholesale rice flour trade, working with the following three suppliers of rice flour will help you find a stable source.

K-Agriculture – Wholesale rice flour supplier from Vietnam

K-Agriculture is the leading agricultural factory guaranteed by the Department of Trade Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the global market.

During 20 years of development, K-Agriculture is the leading RICE – COFFEE – GENUINE – SPICE factory in Vietnam. In the coming time, the company is forecasted to be the leading agricultural company in Southeast Asia. The factory supplies high-quality rice such as Japonica, ST24, ST25, ST 21 rice, OM504 rice, OM5451 rice, and DT08 rice at reasonable prices.


K-Agriculture – Wholesale rice flour supplier from Vietnam

K-Agriculture creates a new and dynamic approach to rice flour industry by promoting digital marketing tools, social media, e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Ecplaza, EC21.

K – Agriculture has a modern factory system, large stockpile along with cooperation with big partners such as Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. 

There are also privileged certifications such as Global GAP, HACCP, FSSC22000.

Contact information:

WhatsApp: +84855555837 (Ms. Kris)




K-Agriculture – Wholesale rice flour supplier from Vietnam

Mahin Corporation – Wholesale rice flour supplier from India

Established in 2011, Mahin Corporation” is a leading organization engaged in Indian Manufacturing, Trading, Exporting and Supplying Quality Rice Flour Products.

Mahin Corporation’s rice flour production infrastructure spans a large area and is divided into various units such as purchasing, production, quality control, storage & packaging and sales & marketing. town.

In addition, Mahin Corporation  has installed modern machinery and equipment at the production unit to process products efficiently. We are currently exporting in the Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc.


K-Agriculture – Wholesale rice flour supplier from Vietnam

Rickmers Reismühle – Wholesale rice flour supplier from Germany

Rickmers Reismühle is a reliable B2B rice flour manufacturer and supplier in Europe. In addition, it also wholesales ready-to-eat foods to foreign markets under contracts. 

Operating on a large scale in Europe, currently responsible for supplying to more than 20 countries

Scale of operation: 100 employees

Number of products made per year: about 9.4 million (as of 2019)


Rickmers Reismühle – Wholesale rice flour supplier from Germany

In conclusion, this article provides you with the information you need to know about whole sale rice flour. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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