Cinnamon Oil Factory And Things You Need To Know


Cinnamon oil factory is a popular topic for individuals and entrepreneurs that care about cinnamon essential oil – a product made from cinnamon trees. Reading this somehow helps you know about basic information on a cinnamon factory and ways to find a good one.

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Cinnamon oil factory – The overview

Many people and organizations are interested in learning about cinnamon and its factory, including the cinnamon oil factory. First, you need to understand what is happening in a cinnamon oil factory and where lies the biggest number of cinnamon oil factories.

Definition and distribution of cinnamon oil factory

Reading this part might help you know what actually happens in a cinnamon oil factory to manufacture cinnamon essential oil as well as the places where the most cinnamon oil factory is located.

  • Definition of a cinnamon oil factory

A cinnamon oil factory is where the essential oil of cinnamon trees is extracted by the method of distillation the bark, branches, and leaves of cinnamon trees.


Definition of a cinnamon oil factory

  • Distribution of cinnamon oil factory

Cinnamon oil factory is mainly built in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc due to the high production of cinnamon. To explain, the cinnamon essential oil is extracted from almost all parts of cinnamon trees, there is a need for a cinnamon oil factory to be located near or within the cinnamon growing areas. This is to ensure the quality of the materials and the final produced cinnamon oil always be at their freshest and best conditions.

Cinnamon oil factory – process and manufacture requirements

  • Materials

– Use the materials (bark, branches, and leaves) from the local cinnamon cultivation areas. (near the cinnamon oil factory)

– Cinnamon trees lifespan: >= 8 years

– Cinnamon branches’ diameters are under 3 cm

– Cinnamon leaves have to be dry and flawless

– The standard humidity of the branches and the leaves have to be under 20%

NOTE: The materials after harvest must be incubated from 1,5 to 2 months in a warehouse to accumulate the most amount of oil possible before being carried to the cinnamon oil factory to be processed and manufactured.


Requirements of materials to make cinnamon oil

  • Packaging

– The produced cinnamon oil has to be packaged at its manufacturer, also known as its cinnamon oil factory.

Cinnamon oil factory – product characteristics

  • Definition of cinnamon oil

Cinnamon essential oil is a product made from a cinnamon oil factory. The oil is made of cinnamon bark, branches, leaves by being distilled. The product is in the form of liquid, has a typical strong cinnamon scent, a fawn color, a spicy flavor, and can cause a sense of slight burn when touching.

  • Main composition

Aldehyde cinnamic (also known as cinnamaldehyde)  is the main component of cinnamon essential oil. This chemical compound is the reason why cinnamon oil has the typical strong scent and spicy flavor. The high content of Aldehyde cinnamic is proportional to the strength of the scent and the flavor and vice versa.

  • Processing and manufacturing steps in a cinnamon oil factory

Step 1: Grinding the materials: grinding to the size from 5-10 cm.

Step 2: Add the materials to the distaliting machine.

Step 3: Adding water (can add NaCl 20%)

Step 4: Heating (distillation).

Step 5: Filtering.

Step 6: Cooling and distillating for more than 6 hours.

Step 7: Take the essential oil through a separation machine.

Step 8: Packaging the products.

  • Packaging

There are two popular choices of packaging the products in the cinnamon oil factory, including:

– A dark-colored glass jar with a paraffin-coated tight lid

– A colored plastic can or plastic drum

NOTE: The cinnamon oil factory has to ensure the materials for the packaging must be new, clean, and in good condition to ensure the best quality of the produced cinnamon essential oil.

  • Benefits

There is no doubt about the wonderful advantages that cinnamon oil made in a cinnamon oil factory could bring us in both healthcare and cosmetics industries. Here are some of the popular benefits:

– Removing bad odor in air-tight spaces (rooms in your house, the car, etc.)

– Banishing the insects (mosquitoes, cockroaches, bugs, etc.)

– Refreshing human’s minds is considered to save humans from bad energy.

– Treating flu, cold, coughing

– Ingredients in many oriental cures.

  • Uses

There are many ways in which you can get the best of the oil made in the cinnamon oil factory. Below are some of the most popular ways for you to refer:

Usage Benefits
Face steaming Improving face skin
Acupoints massaging Relieving diseases such as coughs and colds
Oil diffusing Deodorizing

Calming the mind

Helping people to stay focused

Gargling Treating tooth decay and bad breath
Drinking Improving the digestive system

NOTE: The amount of cinnamon oil varies among how you use it. However, almost all the mentioned usage only require from 1 to 2 drops of the oil. Higher amounts may bring you the feeling of being overwhelmed because of the typical strong scent and spicy flavor of cinnamon oil.

  • Warnings from cinnamon oil factory

– No direct exposure (or else get irritated in the exposed selection parts of the body, especially on sensitive ones such as eyes, nose, etc.)

– Get it to stay away from 6-year-old kids and smaller ones.

A good cinnamon oil factory and choosing steps for it

If you are having many difficulties being in search of a large and prestigious cinnamon oil factory yet do not know how, these following pieces of information on platforms to find a cinnamon oil factory, steps to choose a good cinnamon oil factory and signs of a scam cinnamon oil factory may help.

Places to find a cinnamon oil factory

  • Google
  • Yellow pages (online and offline)
  • Government office
  • E-commerce exchanges
  • Trade fairs (online and offline)
  • Intermediary companies

Many people who are starting their business or who are customers do not know where they can get information on companies or business. This is the same case for ones searching for a good cinnamon oil factory. In addition to Google – the most popular and common way for us to find knowledge on a brand new aspect, there actually are many different ways that are even more reliable and informative than just googling the word and getting invalid information. You can start searching for the cinnamon oil factory information on the mentioned places such as yellow pages, government’s office, E-commerce exchanges, trade fairs or intermediary companies with the key word “cinnamon oil factory”.

Choosing a good cinnamon oil factory is easy

After getting the information on some cinnamon oil factory following the previous part, you may need to check these following information to see whether it is a reliable one to apply or cooperate with:

  • The website (there existing the fake versions of cinnamon oil factory you are searching for on the internet)
  • Business/Company information (check if this information of the cinnamon oil factory that you are interested in whether it is reliable)
  • Materials growing areas (should be places near that cinnamon oil factory)
  • The quality of cinnamon oil (you may want the cinnamon oil factory to send you the samples)
  • Import and export certificate of business registration (*very important for a cinnamon oil factory to export their products)
  • Portfolio (a list of products that cinnamon oil factory manufactured and supplied the customers)
  • Partners (it is much better for that cinnamon oil factory to have big partners and check if the factory worked well with them)

A scam cinnamon oil factory and signs of it

  • Fake website

As mentioned, a bugus/ghost cinnamon oil factory can fake the prestigious websites. Check the information that you think you can make mistakes in distinguishing them (logo, display, name, etc.)

  • Too many beneficial discounts

It’s no good when suddenly receiving a lot of 50 (or over) % discounts from a company or a shop and the same thing is likely to happen to a fake cinnamon oil factory. Start thinking critically before making any decisions.

  • Unreachable contact information

People work both online and offline these days, that’s why keeping in touch with each other is a basic and essential thing. If the contact information of that cinnamon oil factory is too limited, unclear or unreachable

  • Urging

Urging clients to make immediate decisions of paying or signing the contract without clear and thorough consultation of the products and other related problems in the process of buying the oil from the cinnamon oil factory.

Overview of cinnamon oil markets

  • Largest cinnamon oil manufacturers

Sri Lanka, South India, Madagascar,Vietnam, China, Indonesia.

  • Major cinnamon oil consuming markets

USA, Thailand, Mexico, UK, France, Korea, Malaysia, etc.

  • Cinnamon oil import standards

– Countries requiring high-quality products are the USA, EU, UK, and Korea ( global GAP, organic)

– Countries requiring fewer and easier standards are African countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Top 3 cinnamon oil factory

If you have plenty of difficulties in finding a large and prestigious cinnamon oil factory, take a look at this brief list of Top 3 cinnamon oil factories in Asia.

K- AGRICULTURE cinnamon oil factory

K-agriculture is the largest and the most prestigious cinnamon supplier in Vietnam with many years of experience in processing & manufacturing high quality products made of cinnamon, in importing and exporting the best cinnamon-related products to a wide range of cinnamon consuming markets from the US, UK, Europe to African countries, India, etc. Being a giant in trading cinnamon products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest broken cinnamon, split cinnamon and cinnamon stick exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.


K- AGRICULTURE cinnamon oil factory

Here are some basic information of this prestigious Vietnamese cinnamon oil factory:

  • Place of origin: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Year of establishment: 2012
  • Huge area of ​​cinnamon oil factory and warehouse
  • Staff: 307, employing experts and skilled workers
  • Certificate of the product: Organic
  • Supporter: Vietnam Ministry of industry and trade

For more information, please contact

Phone: +84855555837 (Ms. Kris)

(Whatsapp Available)


Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd is a leading company and manufacturer in providing essential oil in China. The cinnamon oil factory is proud to have advanced production lines and technology to ensure the quality of the product.

  • Place of origin:  Jiangxi, China
  • This Chinese cinnamon oil factory is established in 2012
  • High production capacity
  • Number of staff: 51
  • Management System Certification: GMP

HDDES Extracts (Pvt) Ltd

HDDES – the famous cinnamon oil factory based in Sri Lanka claimed to be one of the few units that produces, manufactures and exports conventional and organic spices and essential oils as well.

  • Place of origin: Sri Lanka
  • Year of the establishment of this Sri Lanka cinnamon oil factory: 1982
  • Certifications and Standards: USDA- NOP, JAS,FSSC22000, ISO22000, Fairtrade,FDA.

In conclusion, this article provides you with the information you need to know about cinnamon oil factory. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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