Glutinous Rice Flour: The Staple Ingredient For Mouth-Watering Dishes


In the world of cakes, flour is the most important ingredient to create irresistible delicious cakes. Glutinous rice flour contributes to making the unique flavor of various cakes like Japanese mochi or Chinese pastry.

An overview of glutinous rice flour

Perhaps you have heard of flour called Glutinous rice flour or have seen them appear in baking recipes without knowing specifically. Here is some basic information about glutinous rice flour.

Definition of glutinous rice flour

Glutinous rice flour is refined from glutinous rice, containing a compound that creates adhesion, flexibility and toughness is amylopectin. Standard glutinous rice flour will be pure white, fragrant with a very pleasant rice smell. When touched, the powder will feel smooth and not contaminated with impurities such as dirt, mold. Through processing, the dough becomes slightly sticky, chewy, pliable, and has no swelling.


Definition of glutinous rice flour

Definition of glutinous rice flour

Main types of glutinous rice flour

In the market you currently can find many types of glutinous flour, but there are three main types of glutinous flour to make delicious cakes.

  • Cooked glutinous rice flour

This type of flour is also known as sticky glutinous rice flour or roasted glutinous rice flour. The difference between regular glutinous rice flour and cooked glutinous rice flour is that cooked glutinous rice flour is made by exploding glutinous rice into scalds, then grinding it and getting the finished product. Doing this way the dough will be lighter, odorless and whiter. The biggest advantage of cooked glutinous rice flour is natural, safe, no toxic substances and no preservatives.


Cooked glutinous rice flour

  • Thai glutinous rice flour

From the name, it can be known that this type of glutinous rice flour is made from Thai sticky rice grains. The characteristics of the powder are supple, natural white color and highly appreciated for its nutritional value.

  • Japanese glutinous rice flour

If you want to make cakes that are softer and chewier than usual, people will choose Japanese glutinous rice flour. Currently, there are many types of glutinous rice flour in Japan, but the most popular are Shiratamako and Mochiko – two very popular types for making traditional Japanese Mochi.


Japanese glutinous rice flour

Differences between glutinous rice flour and rice flour

Despite the fact that their uses occasionally overlap, the two types of rice flour have significant distinctions.


Rice flour is created from micronized rice grains that have not lost any of their important carbs or proteins. Glutinous Rice Flour is made from 2 types of sweet rice: long grain rice or short grain rice. The grains of sweet rice are usually solid white. Both flours are gluten-free, making them excellent wheat flour substitutes. Rather than possessing glutens, “glutinous” refers to the cooked flour’s sticky and gluey quality.


Texture, Taste and Weight

Rice Flour and Glutinous Rice Flour are white in color since they are derived from white rice. Both are powdered flours that have been finely ground. Before and after cooking, both Rice Flour and Glutinous Rice Flour have a neutral flavor. Despite the fact that Glutinous Rice Flour is commonly referred to as Sweet Rice Flour, it is not sweet at all. 1 cup Rice Flour and 1 cup Glutinous Rice Flour are almost the same weight (4.6 ounces) (130 grams).

glutinous-rice-flour-5.jpgTexture, taste and weight

Culinary Uses

In Asian cooking, rice flour and glutinous rice flour are both common components. Additionally, with the advent of gluten-free diets, these flours have grown increasingly popular. Types of rice flour are commonly used in the preparation of sweet and savory cakes, pastries, and noodle dishes. When cooked, glutinous rice flour becomes extremely sticky and has a peculiar chewy feel. As a result, it’s a staple in dumplings and many Asian delicacies. Glutinous Rice Flour also works well as a sauce and gravy thickening.


Culinary uses

Economic values of glutinous rice flour

Rice flour including glutinous rice is one of the most profitable segments of the worldwide confectionery industry. Since the last decade, the Food & Beverage business has represented a multibillion-dollar Rice Flour market, which is likely to reach new peaks in the coming years. Rice flour was worth 713 million USD in 2019 and is expected to grow to 1002 million USD in the period of 2021-2026. In terms of income, the market in the Asia Pacific now holds the record for the highest offer in the worldwide rice flour market.

Health benefits of glutinous rice flour

Not only does it make dishes attractive, but glutinous rice flour also contains many nutrients that are good for health.

Strengthen the immune system

Glutinous rice flour contains an abundant amount of zinc, which helps promote body functions as well as treat a number of health problems. According to research, products containing zinc can help reduce the duration of colds and strengthen the immune system. So, start consuming glutinous rice flour daily to have a healthy immune system and prevent diseases.

glutinous-rice-flour-7.jpgStrengthen the immune system

Promote digestion

Surprisingly, glutinous rice flour provides enough fiber to meet the body’s daily fiber needs. Therefore, consuming glutinous rice flour can help promote gut health and prevent constipation. In addition, this flour has prebiotics to promote a strong immune system.

Treatment of inflammation

One of the great health benefits of glutinous rice flour is that it prevents inflammation due to its copper, zinc and vitamin B content. These nutrients work well in the body to create a healthy immune system. Therefore, adding glutinous rice flour to your diet is a good idea to prevent inflammation and infection.

glutinous-rice-flour-8.jpgTreatment of inflammation

Promote a healthy liver

Glutinous rice flour can definitely promote healthy liver function. Because the choline content in most rice flour will help transport cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver. A study published in the International Journal of Experimental Pathology found that a diet low in choline and high in fat accelerated liver fibrosis in mice.

Good for people with diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be treated by balancing blood sugar and improving insulin in the body. Fortunately, the fiber in glutinous rice flour has the ability to balance insulin and glucose levels in the body. Therefore, people with diabetes consume glutinous rice flour to improve their health.


Good for people with diabetes

Where to buy glutinous rice flour and its prices?

Belonging to the group of all-purpose flour, you can find glutinous rice flour at bakeries, supermarkets, markets and e-commerce platforms. In 2020-2021, the price of 1 kg glutinous rice flour fluctuates from 8 USD to 12 USD.
A small note for you when buying glutinous rice flour is to carefully look at the origin and expiry date of the product. You should only buy flour at reputable places to avoid buying poor-quality products that affect your health.


Where to buy glutinous rice flour

Reputable glutinous rice flour brands

Glutinous rice flour is a very simple material to create these days. To get the most flavor out of the meal, you will need to know where to get the best glutinous rice flour from a list of reputable rice flour suppliers, as well as the quality and how to select the flour.

Blue Star Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour

The starch content of Blue Star Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour is practically pure amylopectin, making it unique among all glutinous rice flour kinds. This property makes it extremely viscous, making it an excellent gluten-free thickening agent. This flour made from California is pure, unadulterated short grain sweet rice that has been processed on our farm since the 1940s. There are no additives of any type.

glutinous-rice-flour-11.jpgBlue star mochiko sweet rice flour

Bob’s Red Mill Sweet White Rice Flour

This glutinous rice flour is created from special sticky rice with high starch content. It is made entirely of stone and is generally ground on a slow-moving quartz milestone. It is great for making Japanese-style mochi. This product will provide you with the exact binding characteristics that your dough requires if you no longer utilize wheat. It is gluten-free for those who are concerned about their health. You may use it as a thickening agent, in oriental cookery, and in most other delicacies in addition to producing mochi.

glutinous-rice-flour-12.jpgBob’s red mill sweet white rice flour

Sweet Rice Flour, ChapSsal GaRu

This is a Korean product that is used to make the kimchi seasoning flour basis. It may also be used to make different doughs and sweets. It imitates the elastic and chewy texture of most glutinous rice flour. It is gluten-free since the sole ingredient used in its manufacturing is sweet rice.

glutinous-rice-flour-13.jpgSweet Rice Flour, ChapSsal GaRu

McCabe Organic Sweet Rice Flour

It is a California-grown and harvested sticky rice product from the United States. It functions as a thickener in the same way that other products do. The product is USDA certified organic and 100% organic. It is also gluten-free, as it was manufactured and packaged at a gluten-free facility.

glutinous-rice-flour-14.jpgMcCabe Organic Sweet Rice Flour

Erawan brand glutinous rice flour

Thai glutinous rice flour is made from Thai rice grains, which is a kind of sticky rice with high nutritional value, making the cakes delicious and pure. Thai sticky rice flour has soft and chewy properties, suitable for processing cakes and specializes in sticky rice.


Erawan brand glutinous rice flour

In conclusion, To make a delicious and eye-catching cake, besides careful and meticulous hands, glutinous rice flour is part and parcel of every cake. As you all know, glutinous rice flour is formed by glutinous rice, so if you would like to buy glutinous rice in bulk, K-Agriculture is a sensible option for you because we have 25-year experience in exporting rice products to over 80 countries in the world. The factory supplies high-quality rice such as Japonica, ST24, ST25, ST 21 rice, OM504 rice, OM5451 rice, and DT08 rice at reasonable prices.

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