How To Store Cinnamon Sticks With 4 Super Tips


There are no differences between storing cinnamon sticks and storing other types of spices. That means to store cinnamon sticks, you should keep them in a cool, dry and dark warehouse or container.

How to store cinnamon sticks: Overview

If you have a few packages of cinnamon in your spice cabinet, you might be curious about how long it will last and how to store cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon doesn’t actually go bad as other spices do, but it does gradually lose its flavor and smell.


How to store cinnamon sticks: overview

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum), which is made from the dried inner bark of an evergreen tree in the laurel family, is frequently used in baked goods, curries, and sweet drinks. In addition to adding warmth and sweetness to food, cinnamon has a wealth of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.

So to spice up your bowl of steaming porridge, add a touch of cinnamon. Make your morning coffee more interesting. Also, use a lot of the food you make. We’ll discuss how long cinnamon lasts, how to store it properly to maximize shelf life, how to determine if cinnamon is genuinely “bad,” how to revitalize expired cinnamon and suggestions for what to do with somewhat expired cinnamon.

The shelf life of cinnamon sticks

The shelf life of cinnamon sticks is affected by a variety of different circumstances. This pertains to both the method of storage and whether the cinnamon is whole or ground.
In general, the shelf life of ground spices is lower than that of whole spices. This is due to the fact that they have a bigger surface area that is exposed to environmental factors including moisture, heat, and light. Remember that what one person might deem “stale” may be just acceptable to another. Every six months or so, some people like to replace the spices in their spice cabinet with new ones, while others are okay with keeping them for years.
The USDA provides the following general guidelines for cinnamon’s shelf life when kept at room temperature:

Form Storage Time
Packaged ground cinnamon 2-3 years (best used within 6-12 months)
Whole cinnamon sticks 2-4 years

How to properly store cinnamon sticks to extend shelf life?

When air and light interact to degrade the quality of food, including herbs and spices, photodegradation takes place. By carefully storing your cinnamon and other herbs and spices, you may avoid photodegradation. Here are some pointers:

Keep it cool

Spices and herbs shouldn’t be kept in cabinets over the stove or close to appliances like the dishwasher or oven that produce heat. Instead, try to store things in a cool pantry or cupboard. If you buy cinnamon sticks in bulk, you can store them in a cool warehouse.

Keep it dry

Herbs and spices hate moisture because it can lead to the growth of mold. Maintaining cinnamon in a temperature-stable environment will help prevent moisture from condensation, which happens when temperatures change from hot to cold (or vice versa).

Protect from light

Despite the fact that many people keep a spice rack on the counter, this does not shield it from light. Keep herbs and spices in a dark place.

Store in airtight containers

While plastic containers could be suitable for short-term usage, utilizing glass, ceramic, or metal containers will increase the shelf life of cinnamon (such as food-grade stainless steel). Long-term use is better suited for these materials. They don’t collect scents as plastic does, and they not only offer a superior airtight seal. Additional light-blocking glass containers come in an amber color.


How to properly store cinnamon to extend shelf life

Follow the aforementioned tips to extend the shelf life of cinnamon sticks.

Can Cinnamon Sticks Go Bad?

Cinnamon can technically spoil if it is kept for a long time. You can find the expiry date on every cinnamon pack you buy. This date does not, however, imply a period of time after which cinnamon will not be safe to consume, unlike dates for other food products. Usually, I advise throwing it away by the expiry date.

Your cinnamon will still be safe to eat even after this time has passed, but the flavor and aroma will gradually wane. This means that even if you’ll still achieve your goals, you might need to use more than normal depending on how much time has gone by since the date.


Can Cinnamon Sticks Go Bad?

Before the cinnamon starts to lose its flavor, its quality will remain constant for a year. Depending on its form, cinnamon takes a different amount of time to taste pleasant. Cinnamon that has been ground will keep for up to a year. It is anticipated that the quills will last up to two years.

If you have cinnamon quills, chop one up or take some cinnamon powder and rub it between your fingers. You can assess the intensity by tasting or smelling the powder after warming it between your fingertips.

Follow your nose and eyes if you don’t want to taste the cinnamon. You should replace it if the color has faded or if the smell has lost its effectiveness or is no longer strong.

When they are polluted with other foods, spices can also become bad. The cinnamon itself will become contaminated and unfit for use if bits of other food gets inside the jar and spoil. The likelihood of this occurring is substantially larger because other foods have a lot lower ability to spoil than spices do.

Your cinnamon’s shelf life will vary depending on the variety you purchase and how it was made. Cinnamon that has been ground up tends to lose its distinctive flavor and aroma more quickly since the powder form is more susceptible to environmental influences. For those who use cinnamon frequently, ground cinnamon is preferable.

Buying cinnamon sticks or quills is a good idea if you want something that will last for a while. The flavor is locked inside the quills because of the way they are made, making them last longer. You can grind some cinnamon into your dish each time you need to use it to get the same robust flavor.

How to tell if cinnamon is bad?

You shouldn’t be concerned about getting sick from swallowing slightly stale cinnamon unless your packaged cinnamon exhibits evidence of mildew, moisture, or other sorts of degradation.

The USDA states that goods that are shelf-stable and have passed their “best before” date, including herbs and spices, are still safe to consume and cinnamon health benefits are decreased. This “best by” date is merely a manufacturer’s best guess as to when the food will be at its freshest.


How to tell if cinnamon is bad?

Freshly ground or whole cinnamon sticks have an unmistakable aroma and flavor that is sweet with a hint of spice and everything nice. The volatile oils that give cinnamon its distinctive flavor gradually disappear over time.

The outcomes? Cinnamon is a poor replica of what it once was. You may still use it in baking and cooking, just use a little bit more than the recipe calls for.
Cinnamon isn’t as temperamental as certain spices, like ground pepper, which notably changes flavor when it becomes stale. Even if it’s a little weaker and has less aroma than you might prefer, the flavor is largely unaltered.

Tip: Gently press a handful of cinnamon between your fingers. Is the aroma still present? Try a little of it. Does the flavor still exist? Believe in your own judgment. If there are indications of moisture, or mold, or if the flavor and/or aroma have diminished, replace your stock of cinnamon.

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