Cinnamon Cigarette Is An Excellent Product For Wholesaling


Consumers around the world love cinnamon cigarettes for their warm aroma and various associated benefits. Many traders see this as a golden opportunity.

Introducing cinnamon cigarette

There are several traits that help traders distinguish cinnamon cigarettes from other products. They should also know where this product is harvested and processed.

Definition and basic traits

Cinnamon cigarettes, or cinnamon stick, are made from the cinnamon tree’s inner bark. Farmers will remove the rough outer layer and cut the inner bark into smaller parts. These parts’ length is from 8 to 10 centimeters. Cinnamon barks will then be dried, either by the sun or in a mechanical dryer. Drying helps the barks curl into their cigarette shape. The standard moisture of a cinnamon cigarette is 12% to ensure it is not damaged by pests and fungus. Its thickness is from 1.5mm to 2mm with 2 to 4% of essential oil content.


Definition and basic traits

The color and flavor of cinnamon cigarettes depend on what variety it belongs to – Cassia or Ceylon. Cassia product is reddish-brown or dark brown with a rough, thick texture. Its taste is bitter, spicy, and strong. Ceylon cinnamon is characterized by its tan-brown color and thin, papery texture. It also has a milder, sweeter cinnamon taste.

Common location of cinnamon cigarette

Cinnamon cigarettes are largely provided by Asian countries. They are ideal for growing cinnamon trees thanks to their large areas of rich, moist land and humid tropical weather. Therefore, traders will most likely find manufacturers, factories, and exporters of cinnamon cigarettes in Asia.


Common location of cinnamon cigarette

Major importers and exporters of cinnamon cigarette

Cinnamon cigarettes are a favorite imported product of various countries. The product mostly comes from Asian countries due to the continent’s ideal land and weather.

Biggest importers of cinnamon cigarette

The United States, India, and Mexico were the largest importers of cinnamon cigarettes and other cinnamon products in 2019, according to the OEC. The three countries represented almost 40% of the global import value, at approximately $248M in value.

The US and India import mostly Cassia cinnamon due to its commercial popularity and reasonable cinnamon wholesale prices. Meanwhile, most of the cinnamon products sold to Mexico belong to the Ceylon variety.


Biggest importers of cinnamon cigarette

Main cinnamon cigarette providers

In terms of export values, the four largest exporters of cinnamon cigarettes in 2019 were Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. They are also the countries with the highest cinnamon yields in 2020, as pointed out by FAOStat.

  • Indonesia

Indonesia produced the largest cinnamon volume in 2020, at over 91,200 tonnes. However, the country’s yield has been declining since 2007. In 2020, its yield only came second, at 8234 hectograms per hectare.

One notable advantage of Indonesia’s cinnamon exports is the country’s close trade relations with the US – one of its biggest clients. Due to the US’ strong economic capability and robust cinnamon demand, Indonesian cinnamon cigarettes have experienced steady growth in export value.


Main cinnamon cigarette providers: Indonesia

  • China

China came second in terms of cinnamon production, generating more than 72,500 tonnes. Its crops are the most fruitful among the four countries – each hectare of land equals almost 18,000 tonnes of cinnamon.

Despite having a large production capacity, Chinese cinnamon cigarettes and other products are largely reserved for domestic use. This explains why its export value only came third in 2019.


Main cinnamon cigarette providers: China

  • Vietnam

Vietnam had the third-biggest cinnamon output at more than 31,000 tonnes. However, since the country places a great emphasis on exporting, its export value was the highest in 2019. Vietnam alone represented almost a quarter of the world’s total value.

High-quality Vietnamese cinnamon cigarettes belong to the Cassia variety, similar to Indonesian and Chinese products. It is chosen by various consumers due to its strong and unique cinnamon aroma, created by the product’s higher essential oil content.


Main cinnamon cigarette providers: Vietnam

  • Sri Lanka

Unlike the other three countries, Sri Lanka is known as the main supplier of Ceylon cinnamon cigarettes. Its production capacity is rather limited, at nearly 23,000 tonnes. The largely manual nature of the manufacturing process and Sri Lanka’s scattered growing regions are the main attributes of this relatively low number.

Factors influencing the price of cinnamon cigarette

Currently, cinnamon cigarettes are sold at around $5,200 per tonne. However, traders may notice changes in this figure, which is caused typically by the following elements.


Factors influencing the price of cinnamon cigarette


Annually, during harvesting seasons (from February to March and from August to December), cinnamon supply will surge and be at its highest abundance. Therefore, cinnamon cigarette prices may be slightly lower, while being at their finest quality as well.


Cinnamon cigarettes are added to various dishes to complement their flavor – from beverages to desserts and savory foods. Therefore, during holidays and festivals, the demand for it is likely to increase significantly. Additionally, cinnamon cigarettes are believed to be extremely useful in treating various medical conditions, ranging from headaches, common cold, flu to high blood pressure, upset stomach, and anxiety. Consequently, in the cold season, when people’s health is vulnerable, they may wish to buy more cinnamon cigarettes to use.



Governmental policies and endorsement

Cinnamon cigarettes, especially in exports, enjoy a considerable benefit when being backed by the government. To be more specific, exporters of this product can do business with fewer legal barriers and decreased taxes. For instance, when Vietnam signed the European-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, 99% of tariffs were removed. Therefore, batches of cinnamon cigarettes from Vietnam were sold into the EU at a lower price than before.


Governmental policies and endorsement

Top 3 providers of cinnamon cigarette

Traders who are keen on buying and reselling cinnamon cigarettes should work with reliable exporters to access the finest supplies at the most reasonable price. We recommend the 3 exporters of cinnamon stick below who are well-known in their field of expertise.


K-Agriculture is a Vietnam prestigious cinnamon factory. The company has been a pioneer in selling high-quality cinnamon cigarettes and other products to various regions, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the USA. It takes pride in its fine supplies and competitive pricing policy. Being a giant in trading cinnamon products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest broken cinnamon, split cinnamon and cinnamon stick exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.



Additionally, K-Agriculture is valued by its foreign clients for its amazing team of supporting staff. They are led by visionary and experienced managers.

K-Agriculture is a loyal vendor of thousands of B2B partners all over the world.

Contact K-Agriculture today and schedule an appointment with them:


WhatsApp+84855555837 (Ms. Kris)


Jining Sunagro Trade Co., Ltd.

Jining Sunagro has developed from a small local business into a large company specializing in growing, manufacturing, and exporting fresh Chinese agricultural products, including cinnamon cigarettes. The company’s safety program is Global GAP-based. It has received certificates from famous agencies such as ETI, GRASP, SGS.


Jining Sunagro Trade Co., Ltd.

Vietlife Corporation

Vietlife is another famous name in Vietnam as an exporter of cinnamon in bulk. In the field, Vietlife is regarded highly for its excellent and dedicated customer service. Its consultants are also ready to help foreign clients by advising and offering a diverse range of products.


A cinnamon cigarette is now the top choice of consumers in various countries. Therefore, it is understandable that interest in this product among traders and businesses is also growing strongly.

Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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