Finding a prestigious cinnamon factory is just a piece of cake

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Cinnamon has been popular for a long time all over the world due to its significant contribution to different industries. That is the reason why many people search for cinnamon and cinnamon factory with different purposes. This article is the right place helping you answer what, where and how-related questions to a cinnamon factory.

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Basics of cinnamon factory

This part helps you know what cinnamon factory does and where lies the big number of cinnamon factory.

Definition of a cinnamon factory

Cinnamon factory is where modern processing and production lines are applied to process the useful raw parts of cinnamon trees which, afterwards, are produced into final products serving different purposes.


Cinnamon factory and its definition

Distribution of cinnamon factory

Cinnamon factory is primarily located near or within the cinnamon cultivation areas in order to process the cinnamon on spot, which helps ensure not only the quality of the products but the materials sources for the factories to smoothly operate. That is the reason why a big number of cinnamon factory was built in Asia where the areas of cinnamon cultivation are huge and have existed for a very long time so far.


Asia – Main distribution area of cinnamon factory

Asian countries that have a great deal of cinnamon factory are Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka, etc. If you have the intention of searching for good cinnamon factories for any purpose, pay attention to the mentioned Asean countries due to their high amount of production in the last 15 years.

Typical cinnamon products and their process in a cinnamon factory

There are a great deal of products made from cinnamon in a cinnamon factory, however, let’s learn about the most typical and popular ones and how they are processed in the factory.


Typical cinnamon products and their process in a cinnamon factory

Steps a cinnamon factory processes cinnamon bark

Because of product diversification made of cinnamon bark, the process for each type varies. However, here is what shares the common in all the steps of how a cinnamon factory processes and manufacture things from the bark


Steps a cinnamon factory processes cinnamon bark

Rinsing the harvested bark => Peeling the outer layer of cinnamon bark (optional, depends on each type of products) => Cleaning again (optional, depends on each type of products) => Sorting => Drying => Packing => Storing.

Steps a cinnamon factory manufactures cinnamon powder

Let’s see how workers in a cinnamon factory make cinnamon powder through the following process


Steps a cinnamon factory manufactures cinnamon powder

Peeling the outer cinnamon bark layer => Drying => Grinding => Packing => Storing.

Steps a cinnamon factory makes cinnamon oil

Quite a more sophisticated process than those of the bark, this is how cinnamon oil comes out from a cinnamon factory


Steps a cinnamon factory makes cinnamon oil

=> Among the 3 mentioned typical cinnamon products, cinnamon bark and cinnamon powder are considered the 2 major export cinnamon products and are also the ones that a cinnamon factory of this spice manufactures the most.

How to choose a good cinnamon factory

A great deal of people, including employees, wholesalers, retailers or even customers wonder how they can find out about a prestigious cinnamon factory.

Places to find a cinnamon factory

  • Google

Google is not a novel notion to people in the 4.0 industry anymore, especially for B2B & B2C businesses. You can easily search for a cinnamon factory on google and there would be an endless list of websites containing the information of the one you need.

However, make sure the website you visit is authentic and the information in it is valid. Pay attention to the contact, you may want to try contacting them to find out if they do not ghost factories or not.

  • Yellow pages (online and offline)

According to the Oxford dictionary, yellow pages is defined as “a book with yellow pages that gives a list of companies and organizations and their phone numbers, arranged according to the type of services they offered”.

Years ago, when the internet wasn’t as popular as it is now, there was only the existence of printed yellow pages. Nowadays, you can easily search for information about cinnamon factory or any businesses in yellow pages online.


How to choose a good cinnamon factory

  • E-commerce exchanges

These days recorded the blooming of marketplaces such as Alibaba, Amazon, Taobao, etc.

It is that fact which reduces the distance between sellers/suppliers and buyers or even between sellers only. These marketplaces sell almost everything you need in the world and cinnamon is not an exception. Search for the products and you will get more information on the sellers which in high percent could be prestigious or at least reliable cinnamon factories.

  • Trade fairs

If you are a start-up or trying to promote your business, then trade fairs are what you must have heard at least once before. Basically, trade fairs are an event in which companies/businesses have the chance to show or even sell their commercial products or services.

This is highly recommended for customers/businesses who want to directly check the product design, packaging and quality as well from a specific company. Of course, you can also be face-to-face consulted and provided with valid information sources. Now, search for the up-coming trade fairs on cinnamon to see if you can approach any of your desired cinnamon factory.

  • Intermediary companies

This business is to support and improve the difficulties in the access or identification of mutual information between the company and the customers. Therefore, it can be a good choice for you to find a cinnamon factory of your desire. Make sure to find a good intermediary company which offers different contact options and interaction platforms to ensure your access to the other half works well.

The advances in the 4.0 industry turns all of these ways into online versions for distant customers/businesses to connect better. You can have information on only yellow pages, come to online trade fairs, find intermediary companies, etc using just your mobile phones only.

Tips for a good choice of a prestigious cinnamon factory

Before deciding on a cinnamon factory to apply or cooperate with, you may need to check these following information to see whether it is a reliable one or not:


Tips for a good choice of a prestigious cinnamon factory

  • The website (check whether it is a fake version of the one of the cinnamon factory you are searching for )
  • Business/Company information (check if they are valid)
  • Places that cinnamon factory take raw cinnamon from to process
  • Products quality (you may want them to send you products samples to check the product quality of that cinnamon factory  whether it is up to your expectation)
  • Certificate of business registration for import and export of cinnamon in source countries (*this is quite important for a cinnamon factory to export their products)
  • Portfolio (this is the list of products that cinnamon factory  exported and supplied their customers)
  • Partners (check this information to make sure that cinnamon factory  cooperate well with other businesses)

Signs of a bugus/ghost cinnamon factory

  • Fake website: the copycats may mimic logos, display of the large and prestigious cinnamon factory websites so that careless or distracted buyers and partners easily make mistakes.

Signs of a bugus_ghost cinnamon factory

  • Too many discounts from that cinnamon factory which exceeds over 55-60%.
  • Limited/ too general/unclear address/contact information of the cinnamon factory
  • Mainly trading by cash, not through banks because of fear of law and regulations violation.
  • Always urge clients to send money or sign the unclear contract without clear and thorough consultation of the products and other related problems in the process of buying the products

Top 3 cinnamon factory

If you have plenty of difficulties in finding a cinnamon factory of your desire, take a look at this brief list of top 3 cinnamon factories in Asia.



K-Agriculture Factory

– Place of origin: Hanoi, Vietnam

– Products range: tube, cigarette, broken, split cinnamon, cinnamon oil and cinnamon powder

– Huge area of ​​warehouse and factory: > 10,000 m2

– High output: ~2,000 tons/year

– Number of staff: 307

– Certificates: organic

– Supporter: Vietnam Ministry of industry and trade

Contact information:

Phone:  +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)



Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

– Place of origin:  Jiangxi, China

– This Chinese cinnamon oil factory is established in 2012

– High production capacity

– Number of staff: 51

– Management System Certification: GMP




– Place of origin: North Sumatra, Indonesia

– Products range: stick cinnamon, broken cinnamon, ground cinnamon.

– Has a cinnamon factory:

– Huge area of ​​the factory

– Experienced staff team.

– Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, GMP

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