Brown jasmine rice: The rice that you should try once in your life


With the growing concern about health conditions and maintaining weight, many rice consumers are now eating whole grain brown rice. One of the most popular types of whole grain rice nowadays is brown jasmine rice.

Brown Jasmine rice: An overview

Jasmine rice is a variety of aromatic rice that is usually cultivated in Thailand, Vietnam, and some Southeast Asia countries. Nowadays, Jasmine rice for wholesale is exported by many countries around the world.

Along with the growing health concern, many people switch from eating their normal white jasmine rice to brown jasmine rice. This fact results from the belief that brown jasmine rice with the intact germ and bran layer contains more nutrients than the white one.


Brown Jasmine rice

The brown jasmine rice has some distinctive features that appeal to any consumer.

  • Shape: Like white jasmine rice, the brown jasmine rice is long, slender and 6,8mm in length.
  • Colour: Brown jasmine rice is fairly light brown grains.
  • Aroma: This type of rice has a gentle and long-lasting scent.
  • Taste: Brown jasmine rice when cooked is delightfully chewy, puffy, and has a sweet flavor. However, due to the remaining bran layer, it is less sweet than the white jasmine rice.

With delicious flavor, appetizing aroma, and a wide variety of nutritions, brown jasmine rice can cater to the vast majority of customers.

Nutrition facts of brown jasmine rice

One of the factors contributing to the popularity of brown jasmine rice is the wide variety of nutritions it contains. These nutritions are vital to the human body.


Nutrition facts in one 1/4 cup of brown jasmine rice

In comparison with white jasmine rice, brown jasmine rice with the intact bran layer has more vitamin B1, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and manganese. Additionally, brown jasmine rice contains gamma oryzanol which helps decrease cholesterol in the blood.

Health benefits of brown jasmine rice

Not only is brown jasmine rice a leading product in the wholesale brown rice business,  but brown jasmine rice also has many health benefits to our bodies thanks to its great source of nutrition.

Improving digestive system

Brown jasmine rice has a higher fiber content than white jasmine rice because of its intact bran layer. This dietary fiber normalizes bowel movements and helps maintain your digestive health.


Improving digestive system

Improving immune system

Many varieties of jasmine rice, including brown jasmine rice, are packed with phytonutrients. Phytonutrients help protect your body’s cells, improving your immune system and overall health.


Improving immune system

Promoting healthy pregnancy

Brown jasmine rice contains folic acid. Folic acid has been linked to promoting healthy pregnancies, especially before pregnancy and within the first trimester. Regular folic acid intake is believed to reduce levels of birth defects and neural tube defects. This makes brown jasmine rice a healthy choice during pregnancy.


Promoting healthy pregnancy

How to cook brown jasmine rice

With just a few simple steps, you can cook brown jasmine rice quickly to enjoy this delicious food.

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How to cook brown jasmine rice

  • Step 1: Rinse brown jasmine rice grains with cold water
  • Step 2: Place 1 cup of rice in a rice cooker bowl and add 2 cups of water
    Start cooking and wait until your brown jasmine rice is done. Note that the instruction may vary according to the rice cooker that you use.
  • Step 3: Serve your cooked brown jasmine rice in a bowl or a dish. You can enjoy brown jasmine rice with chicken, pork, beef or any other types of prefered vegetables.

Brown jasmine rice brands to buy

Below are some brown jasmine rice brands with the most reasonable price to purchase.

Dynasty brown jasmine rice

Dynasty brings the finest brown jasmine brown rice from Japan. Dynasty brown jasmine rice with its unique flavor, texture, and balanced pandan-leaf fragrance could be a great pick for you.


Dynasty brown jasmine rice

Three Ladies brown jasmine rice

With its nutty and pandan-like flavor, Three Ladies brown jasmine rice is now provided in many e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and many Asian markets.


Three ladies brown jasmine rice

Organic California brown jasmine rice

With a light, herbaceous scent and sweet, buttery flavor, California brown jasmine rice is practically irresistible. This type of rice when cooked isn’t sticky so you can serve it in Thai curries, pilafs, and desserts that call for distinct kernels and a fluffy texture.


Organic California brown jasmine rice

Lotus Foods Organic brown jasmine rice

This brown jasmine rice brand has a unique fragrance, pandan-leaves aroma, buttery taste, and a soft and sticky texture. The producers just use rice grown on Thai or Cambodian rice fields that conserve water and raise farmers’ incomes.


Lotus Foods Organic brown jasmine rice

In conclusion, jasmine rice and brown jasmine rice, with appetizing flavor and many health benefits, is preferred by many premium markets like the US and UK. If you want to purchase brown jasmine rice and jasmine rice, contact K-Agriculture Factory – the best wholesale rice factory in Vietnam to get the best price.

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